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korean restaurant / A restaurant where you can enjoy the beautiful winter sea of the South Sea – 647

As the temperature gradually drops, fewer and fewer people visit the sea. The cold winter sea is therefore more relaxed and romantic. There is another reason why the sea is fun in winter. Because fresh seafood with the taste of the sea is waiting for you. Since the weather is perfect for enjoying seafood where maintaining freshness is essential, this week's SNS Food Appraisal Group will introduce famous tourist spots in Namhae and restaurants that enjoy the flavors of the winter sea. Plan your own healing course on a short schedule.

1. Namhae German Village Gourmet, 'Namhae Meal'

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“Namhae Meal”, located at the entrance of Namhae German Village, has more than half of the customers wearing hiking suits. Hikers visited the nearby Boriam, which is a popular restaurant even among these hikers. You can easily find information on various social media about anchovy sambap, which is a characteristic food of Namhae. This place offers a variety of anchovy dishes using only fine anchovies, and the sharp anchovy stew with soft beef and plenty of anchovies warms the cold winter months. Also, if you order an anchovy course meal, you can enjoy everything from the savory anchovy tempura to the sweet and sour anchovy sauce made with garlic, a specialty of the South Sea, at a reasonable price. By the way, if you put anchovy sashimi sauce on rice and grate it, you can also enjoy it as an anchovy sashimi bowl. If you want to enjoy authentic Namhae cuisine, I recommend it.

2. “Samdado Seafood Restaurant” is a good restaurant you can find at Venice's Mijo Port on the south coast

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“Mijo Port” located at the southeast end of Namhae Island is one of the popular tourist destinations in the South Sea these days. This place is called the “Venice of the South Sea” and has a spectacular view, and if you visit this place, the place you should stop by at least once is Samdado Seafood Restaurant located nearby. It is a good restaurant that has also appeared on TV, and you can find ingredients brought in by the owner's wife, a haenyeo. The signature menu, abalone porridge, contains 1 natural abalone per serving. The abalone meat, soaked rice, sesame oil, and salt, which was aged with entrails a day ago, has a subtle light green color, and has a very savory flavor. At peak times, you can prepare a large amount of porridge in advance to get it quickly, but the downside is that if you get the timing wrong, you have to wait about 40 minutes to eat it. They close when they run out of ingredients, but there are also customers who want to enjoy this taste while staying nearby for a day.

3. Horticultural Art Village Restaurant, 'Namhae Dawon Restaurant'

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“Namhae Dawon Restaurant” is a restaurant that specializes in anchovies and yellowtail, and is a popular restaurant among locals. It is located near Jijok Village, where the most delicious seafood in the South Sea is caught, which adds to the anticipation of delicious ingredients. The main menu here includes simmered seaweed, grilled sea bream, anchovy sambap, and anchovy sashimi. Grilled skewers are served on a hot iron plate, and the delicacy of spreading vegetables to prevent the meat from sticking to the bottom is very nice. Since freshness is important, the anchovy sashimi, which is difficult to taste only locally, is mixed with homemade makgeolli vinegar to remove the fishy smell. When you finish eating, they serve rice crackers, which are great for keeping your mouth fresh.

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1452233858310598 Korean Food March 5th, 2024

▲Shikigami msgnonono's review: This is a restaurant recommended by a local. I ate anchovies the day before, so I ate them with a sea buckthorn

Seaweed sashimi simmered in a row was delicious lol I recommend it just like a local!!

▲Business hours: 09:00 ~ 22:00 ▲Location: 282-2, Jijok-ri, Samdong-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do ▲Price range: 15,000 to 30,000 won

4. “Rural Halmae Yuzu Leaf Makgeolli” located in a tuna village

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“Rural Halmae Yuzu Leaf Makgeolli”, located in Gachon Tuna Village, boasts a spectacular view of tuna rice paddies, a terraced rice field created by clearing a mountainside, and the Namdo Sea at a glance. When the weather is nice, it's a good idea to sit outside on the terrace and enjoy a meal while taking in the great views. The meal menu includes a variety of dishes, such as seafood miso set meal and seafood kale noodles, but the seafood chijimi with makgeolli is the most popular. Makgeolli, naturally aged with yuzu leaves, is a functional makgeolli with a subtle yuzu scent and a soft texture that you can enjoy casually. After going up the steep road, I definitely recommend trying a honey-flavored meal with makgeolli.

5. “Sangju Sea Sashimi Restaurant” with a panoramic view of Sangju Silver Sand Beach

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“Sangju Sea Sashimi Restaurant”, which was selected as one of 19 restaurants selected by Namhae-gun, is located right next to the Sangju Beach cruise pier. From the store, you can see Sangju Silver Sand Beach at a glance, so couples, families, etc. continue to visit even in the winter months. The aquarium at the entrance circulates with seawater, making it possible to provide a fresh sashimi as if it had been freshly caught. In addition to seasonal sashimi, flounder, rockfish, and perch, wild croaker, sea bass, etc. are also prepared. In particular, the dome is cut into thick slices so you can enjoy the chewy texture. The hot seafood soup, which contains plenty of octopus, abalone, and clams, is also a great way to warm up a body frozen in the winter sea breeze.

1452233951182599 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1452233961550600 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

▲Shikigami Oh.Jjing2 review: It was so nice to have a cup of soju at the sea with my boyfriend to enjoy a cup of soju!

▲Business hours: 10:00-22:00 ▲Location: 543-2 Sangju-ri, Sangju-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do ▲Price range: 30,000 won to 80,000 won



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