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korean restaurant / A sweet treat for Halloween! – 936

TREAT OR TRICK! Have you ever seen a scene in a movie where children dress up as monsters, witches, or ghosts and go looking for neighboring houses and shouting for candy, chocolate, etc. Unlike before, “Halloween,” a festival representing the United States, has become a global festival. It is said that various festivals are held in Seoul, so let's show off your sense with unique sweets (sweets) instead of plain candy.

1. 'Banana Table', a unique cake shop

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“Banana Table,” which makes cakes with animal cream and healthy ingredients, is a newly opened cake shop in Sangsu. A slightly different cake is prepared every day, and you can check it out on the official Instagram. Special cakes are served on anniversaries, and Pumpkin Mood, which commemorates Halloween, is one of them. You can enjoy the savory flavor of cheese and the savory flavor of pumpkin by putting soft cream made by putting homemade organic pumpkin powder on top of the cheese muffin. Merry merry, which combines night cream and mocha cream, is also popular. Please note that the whole cakes that can be ordered each month change.

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â–²Location: Sangsu Villa, 8-17, Dokmak-ro 19-gil, Mapo-gu â–²Opening hours: 13:00-21:00, closed on Mondays â–²Price: Americano 3,500 won, vintage melon 6,000 won, banana Monday 5,500 won â–²Review (Shikigin Curry Anpanman): Enjoy a relaxing cake in a quiet atmosphere with the friendly boss's sister. The taste of the cake, which is not burdensome, is nice.

2. Handmade chocolate made by hand, “Kakao Dada”

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“Kakao Dada” is a handmade chocolate workshop in Mangwon-dong where chocolate desserts are made by roasting and processing their own cacao. Using cacao beans from the three countries of Peru, Ghana, and Dominaka, you can enjoy unique flavors that you have never experienced before. At the store, you can enjoy tugong brownies with plenty of dark chocolate, rich chocolate cake without flour, cacao drinks, coffee, etc., and cookies and chocolate are packaged, making them great to buy as gifts. Please note that cacao blocks used for baking and cacao nibs crushed by roasting cacao before processing are also sold by production area.

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▲Location: No. 102, Daelim 1st Apartment, 15, Huiujeong-ro 10-gil, Mapo-gu ▲Opening hours: Thursday-Sat 12:00-20:00, Monday-Wednesday baking day, closed on Sundays ▲Price: Drinking cacao 5,000 won, dugong brownies 5,000 won ▲Review (Shikigin Eun Saeming ♥): The day I saw a variety of chocolate that I had never seen before ~ ~ It's not just chocolate, there are many amazing Kakao products!!!!!!! If you love chocolate, this is a place you should go to at least once!

3. Handmade cake & cookie shop, “Montpetit”

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“Montpetit” is the shrine branch of the handmade dessert shop “Chalon de Jay.” Cakes and icing cookies with the desired design are made to order, and you can enjoy coffee and afternoon tea in the cafe. In October, they are offering chocolate cake with cherries marinated in brandy and cinnamon apple cake decorated with ghosts and pumpkins for Halloween. There are also many different sweets decorated with a Halloween concept, such as finger-shaped cookies, ghosts, and eyeball-shaped cake pops. Please note that whole cakes are ordered in advance due to high demand.

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â–²Location: Dongran Bldg., 11, Nonhyeon-ro 155-gil, Gangnam-gu â–²Opening hours: 10:30 – 20:30 â–²Price: Americano 3,000 won, iced tea 5,500 won, cupcake 6,600 won, witch finger cookies 2,200 won â–²Review (Noblesse, Shikigami): A place where you feel drawn in! The cake and cookies are so pretty! I think I've taken a million photos…

4. 'Bai Jae Jae', a macaroon with colorful characters

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“Bae Jae-jae” is a macaroon specialty store in Seongnae-dong famous for its original and cute character shaped macaroons. You can find macaroons of various shapes and flavors, such as bears, rabbits, and hamsters, but the most popular macaroons are hamburger macaroons. You can enjoy both sweet and salty flavors by adding three types of cheese, bacon, and olives. Recently, new macaroons have been released to cheer for Halloween and SAT, so be sure to check them out when you visit. Macaroons are only available for takeout.

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â–²Location: 27, Pungseong-ro 53-gil, Gangdong-gu â–²Business hours: Thursday-Saturday 11:00-21:00 â–²Price range: Macaroon bar: 3,500 won, macaroon 2,000 won, meringue cookies 4,500 won â–²Review (Shikigami Ho-san): I was surprised at the hamburger macaroon, but it tastes similar to a real hamburger lol I'll go buy something else.

5. The horror monster on a sweet cupcake, 'Monster Cupcake'

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“Monster Cupcake” is popular on Gyeongridan-gil for its unique atmosphere and concept. It is decorated with ghosts and monsters throughout the year, so you can feel the Halloween atmosphere no matter when you visit. The cupcakes are decorated in a unique way, from cute monsters holding cookies to fearsome decorations such as graves, eyeballs, and cut fingers. Depending on the frosting, different flavors such as vanilla, red velvet, peanut butter, mint, and lemon are available, and Monster Aid, which looks like a ringer, is also popular. The store is small, so takeout is recommended.

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â–²Location: Hoenamu 11, Yongsan-gu â–²Business hours: 12:00-22:00 â–²Price range: Cupcake: 4,000 won to 5,000 won, Monster Aid 5,500 won â–²Review (food fan): Very cute!! I'm stunned to see the cropped finger-shaped decoration lol I've only tried Red Velvet, and it's delicious! I want to try other things too~



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