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korean restaurant / Banana Kitchen in Sinnonhyeon – 533

Please visit My Life Restaurant, Banana Kitchen .

An experience that made me happy with just one meal. Have you been there at least once? When I'm hungry enough to purr, even if I'm as sharp as a cat with the fur on my back, I often feel very happy when I eat a bite of really tasty food or get the best service.

These days, our lives are just as messy as hard, rough cookies. Exams, employment, marriage, parenting, and more! In the midst of countless choices and conflicts, I am getting more and more exhausted. It's like the movie Kill Bill. What are the bosses that come out endlessly, awake and awake… (black and black)

At times like this, I feel like taking a break from the tempo at a restaurant that combines delicious food with a small, relaxing scent. The pleasant noises created by the sound of boiling water boiling, the “cheek-sipping” sound of putting ingredients on a hot frying pan, and the sound of a plate crashing against each other make the mind feel at ease.

Today's menu at Hyeja Gourmet Road! If you're in the mood for freshly baked pizza, warm pasta, and hearty grilled dishes, a glass of wine too! Wouldn't it be a icing on the cake if the price was good here? The place I'm going to introduce today is “Please don't disclose it (?) It's a place that has been visited by “regular customers.” Let's go eat together at “Banana Kitchen” located at Sinnonhyeon Station.

1446542324190444 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

A small shop located on the first basement floor.

1446542330870446 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

There are only two chefs! Sometimes the male boss takes on all the roles of cooking+server+cashier alone…

1446542402431448 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

menu! Good price~ They can also deduct 1,000 won for lunch.

1446542409904450 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

Snacks are also at a good price~

The kitchen takes up the biggest space in a store of about 10 square meters. No matter where you sit at a table in the restaurant, you can watch the busy cooking in the kitchen. I was really amazed to see the male boss here at work. I often take on the role of cook, server, or cashier by myself. (It's impossible for me to cook ramen and bake gyoza at the same time.)

Furthermore, the dishes are prepared with great care. The large refrigerator that occupies one side of the store is filled with a variety of fresh ingredients, such as pre-marinated abalone, shrimp, tomatoes, and cleanly trimmed scallops. When an order comes in for pizza, I make the dough by removing a block of pre-aged dough and pressing it firmly.

Thanks to this kind of dedication, you can meet people who have wine parties quite often here. I was also able to meet customers having a wine party when Hyeja Road Team went there. They say that cocky is also free here, so the boss's kindness is endless.

Well, let's start eating in earnest.

1446542446161451 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

The food you ordered came out~

1446542473490454 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

Salad that you can eat crunchy before the dish is served (service)

1446542463801453 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

Pasta with plenty of sweet pumpkin (8,500 won)

1446542508131456 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

Chewy texture~

1446542517657457 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

Highly recommended! Tomato pizza (11,000 won)

1446542525561458 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

The chewy dough contains plenty of tomatoes and arugula

1446542450189452 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

Sweet pumpkin curry! (But there are no sweet pumpkins..) 6,500 won

1446542644632460 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

Chine is the truth

The menu is simple, but if you think the taste is the same, no no no no. The first salad you serve is “I didn't order this?” The amount of points is so high that people ask! Lettuce mixed well with the sauce, nuts, and croutons go well together.

Don't miss Banana Kitchen's most famous dishes, “Cream Spaghetti” and “Tomato Pizza”! The creamy spaghetti here is a bit unique. The characteristic is that sweet pumpkin is ground and mixed with cream sauce to give it a yellowish tinge. When you take a bite, the savory cream flavor is followed by the subtle sweetness of sweet pumpkin. If you take a bite, you'll say, “Wow! It's delicious! ' It comes back and forth, but apparently it's a cream sauce, so if you keep eating it, you can feel it a little bit.

In this case, tomato pizza is what you need. Fresh cheese, arugula, tomatoes, balsamic-marinated onions and cheese were placed on the chewy dough. The tomatoes were not raw tomatoes, but pre-pickled, so they were easy to eat and delicious. I think I'm putting a little bit of homemade ricotta cheese on top of the tomato. What was unique was that they used balsamic-marinated onions like pickles to capture the flavor of pizza. At first, I didn't even know this onion existed, so it blends well with the overall flavor without appearing.

The last menu is curry. The menu says sweet pumpkin curry, but where… where is the sweet pumpkin… where… The boss coolly says, “Oh, I changed the recipe.” ^^; Curry is a simple ingredient that contains onions, carrots, tomatoes, and chicken. I like the addictive spiciness that becomes tingling the more you eat.

1446542881738465 Korean Food September 18th, 2023

A hearty dessert until the end!

When you finish the menu and get ready to go, you can hear the boss shouting in a hurry. “Let's go eat dessert.” Are you going to eat like people who starved for 3 days because we gave them a lot of poison today… Did she seem so pitiful… A word from the boss when I was in disappointment. “I'm giving it all to you ^^” hehe!

The dessert is an affogato. Top the cookie crumble-flavored ice cream with cinnamon powder and cacao powder and sprinkle with coffee. It also contains some of the croutons I tasted in the salad. The feeling of being treated to food full of sincerity until the last dessert~ Full of happy feeling~ A place where you can have a satisfying meal no matter when you visit. Please come and visit Banana Kitchen, the restaurant of your life~

[Store Information]

â‘  Address: 455 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Seocho-dong, Gangnam Taeyoung Desiang Louve B1F)

â‘¡ Menu: Cream spaghetti 8,500 won, tomato pizza 11,000 won (1,000 won discount each at lunchtime)

â‘¢ Business hours: 11:30 to 22:00 (open at 12:00 on Saturdays/ break time from 16:00 to 17:00 every day)

â‘£ One-line evaluation of Shikigami: Life Restaurant that fills the heart

⑤ Hyeja Index: 9 points!



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