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korean restaurant / Beautiful cafe in Jeju, the poet’s house – 492

After traveling without a destination in a car, I arrived at Jocheon.

The place I went to was really full of locals, and I didn't see a single traveler.

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So oh, here it is! Also, I watched the dance of a fish jumping on a very quiet beach with my friends

I also observed the movement of the black blue crab.

There was no sand, but I sat on a black stone and dipped my feet in the water

I also got a slight tan in the warm sun.

ah! But actually, I tasted the water in this place, and the water wasn't salty at all!

I'm guessing it's a place where the sea and mountain water meet:)

While I was playing for so long, I heard a human voice in the distance.

When I looked around there, I saw people drinking coffee while watching the wonderful view of the ocean!

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That's why I went:)

I thought I had to go all the way to Hamdeok to have a cafe, but I wish Jocheon could have such a great cafe!

As written on the board, I was really impressed by the fact that it was a cafe steeped in the ocean, poetry, music, and precious relationships.

I'll explain it below:)

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This is the first thing you see when you open the door!

It's a player, and things like classical and opera music keep coming out of here🙂

Usually, in cafes, pop singers play songs or jazz, but this place plays operas! It was amazing:)

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And the interior is so nicely decorated.

The interior also feels like a hanok. Also, like a poet's house

There were so many books, and there were poems on the wall!

And most importantly!

If you go through the inside, there's a terrace, and the view is really nice:)

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1444698563928188 jpg Korean Food March 26th, 2023

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The window is so wide open that you can enjoy the blue sky and the wonderful sea!

Another good thing is that you can't hear music on the terrace, so you can hear the sounds of nature.

The sound of the sea, the sound of the wind, the sound of dogs, and even the sound of cicadas:) It was very healing.

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There are various menus. The price was a bit high.

Warm Americano 5,000 won

Cool Americano 6,000 won

Cheesecake slice 5,000 won

Toast 5,000 won

However, they said that beans are a very good thing! I don't really remember where it came from, though ^^;

There were various types of lattes.

Even ginseng lattes.

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I tasted the coffee, and my friend and I both admired it.

Neither of us can tell the difference between the flavors of regular Americano

I know very tasty coffee!

hahaha:) they both took a sip and repeated Wow hahaha

When you pour over the coffee, it is very soft, and you can feel the slight sourness and bitterness together.

However, none of them had a strong flavor.

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1444698749818197 jpg Korean Food March 26th, 2023

Whoa.. This cheesecake..

I'm really curious to know where it came from.

I like cold cheesecake, but it also had a slightly frozen part of the inside.

However, I felt the cheese very deeply in my mouth, and the taste was so good!

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1444698779418199 jpg Korean Food March 26th, 2023

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Then there's toast.

When I saw it on the menu, white bread was like making it at home because it was toast

I thought I'd put it in a toaster and spread the jam on top of it.

But it was totally different.

Although it was white bread, there was warm Hallabong jam inside the bread, and the bread's

The outer part was tightly closed to prevent the jam from flowing out🙂

1444698824481201 jpg Korean Food March 26th, 2023

The poet said it was very hot and cut it himself🙂

On the contrary, it was much more delicious than eating warm bread topped with room temperature or cold jam.

The bread was savory and chewy, and the jam inside was sweet and sour, with a slight bitterness.

The part with a lot of jam had a little bit of sweetness, so I took it off and ate it.

The poet first asked me where I would go after the cafe.

They also kindly recommended places to go.

When I went home, she came out the door and greeted me, asking me to be careful ^^ I looked like a mom!

It was a place where I could feel the sea, poetry, music, and precious relationships:)


Taste: The coffee, cheesecake, and toast were all delicious without leaving anything out.

Although the price is a bit higher ^^; but I had a nice view and delicious food

It wasn't a waste of money at all.

Atmosphere: Very quiet. In particular, there is no music on the terrace, so the sea is right

You can feel it. I highly recommend sitting on the terrace.

Of course, it might be a bit noisy when there are lots of customers ^^;

Kindness level: We have a very quiet beach

I asked if they knew, and they kindly let me know.

They also worried me by asking me to drive carefully ^^

Accessibility: It's right next to the sea, but the entrance has to be in an alley.

If you turn on the navigation system, you can find it easily.

There is a parking lot right next door.

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Address: 27 Jocheon 3-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si

Phone number: 064-784-1002



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