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korean restaurant / Chairin in Samseong-dong, different from the previous lunch – 298

Samseong-dong Gourmet Chailin

(It's different from previous lunches)

If I were to ask a thirty-year-old for lunch

Only items that are more familiar with meals than cooking

In a short and short time of stubbornly searching

I was more familiar with Tteokgalbi than Nanjawans

I liked pig's feet over five-spice pork

More than a broad experience of diverse cuisines

Choose between jajangmyeon or champon

It's Chinese food, but on our Korean Peninsula

I loved the Korean style of food

Once again, if I were to ask for lunch at thirty

Break away from the familiar menu and go with yakitori

Lamb ribs, hot pot, etc. are slightly different from before

Food from the continent has become part of our lives

The restaurant I'd like to introduce today is the owner

Continuously traveling to the mainland with the chef

From unfamiliarity to familiarity, it's still too far

Fully enjoy the hidden charms of Chinese food

I want to say it's a restaurant that shows off

Scroll stop

After a stormy article deadline

Now that the project I was concerned about has been cut short

How much free time in front of a computer

I'm sitting more or less lol lol

Places I should have posted earlier

It's piled up, but even now, be diligent

I'll post them one by one

I also have to communicate and live, but haha

If that's the case, let's just follow Bobby Chung, it's rare~^

1435219455697100 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Today's menus

1435219473484101 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Chai Lin, a restaurant in Samseong-dong…

Take Exit 3 of Samseong Central Station (Line 9)

If you invest 5 minutes faster than others

You can see a store with a clean exterior

Aiming for modern Chinese cuisine

This is traditional cuisine and still

Of a new dish I've never experienced

Ensembles are known to be fine

I wish my body was good ~ ^

1435219518804102 scaled Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Here's the menu

After all, places that do it right

Fresh ingredients, same-day cooking

I'm putting it up, but this place is also hehe

1435219574762107 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Calmly refine your mind

I'll welcome you first with pickled radish 🙂

Tell me if I've committed a lot of sins

My face turned yellow, hahaha ^^

On this day, with the brothers who visited together

To enjoy a variety of foods

Regular size or a little less

I made a menu and shared it

Since there are a lot of photos, there are also posts

Even if it's simple, I'll do it one more time

1435219636956120 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Tsingtao draft beer (8,000)

The diligent Bobby arrived in first place

When I was looking for a bottle cap, I came alive

1435219659642123 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Reminds me of drinking beer

Soon Huh… will go to Jeju Island on Friday

Next month, Thailand ahahahahaha

I don't think I'll get fired from the company because of this..

Of course I'm always benchmarking

It has great significance ^^

But deep-fried peppers and peanuts

It's very attractive, but it's a complaint

Stop it with Alsahae beer snacks

1435219952074166 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Chinese-style vermicelli platter cold dish (28,000)

Good Chinese restaurants, starting with the spelling

A group, not a platter, is the standard word.

Sumta worked hard because she was sick

When I add KakaTalk, “Give birth to a cold soon”

And then until I actually gave birth to a child

I won't be able to get a girlfriend hahahaha

Thoughts of Daredevil (what is this)

1435220001332168 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

A bird praised by the National Institute of Korean Language

We're not Jeon Ga-bok, this guy

I was tasting yum yum hehe

A refreshing taste that goes well with appetizers

When I saw eggs and ham, Hiyashi Chuka

You can also see shrimp, squid, and seaweed

Above all else, who is a very handsome master

It brought out the scent without overdoing it

If you look closely, you have to make good use of coriander

Said to be a true master of food…

1435220055079170 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Sanratang (R 24,000)

There are R and L sizes here

Why is Sanratang so small

If you ask, several people will go together

Don't forget that it was shared in advance

1435220078408172 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Goodbye, the shadow of Yanggong

The unique acidity of a meal is the first thing you eat

I don't really enjoy being a bastard, but

They said they really enjoyed the Sanratang on this day…

Above all else, the fresh ingredients are BB

1435220105615174 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Flavors (26,000) +Taishan Goliang Liquor (23,000)

= 49,000 (X) -> 40,000 (O)

Did I write it too complicated?

Do up to high-volume sake at once, 4 manons

I often enjoyed eggplant dishes with beer

Today I chose high-volume liquor

1435220095515173 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Even so, the brothers who were with me

They say Mount Taishan is tall, but it's under the sky lol

After all, they shouted that lunch is a high-volume drink.

Some people even tried to eat

1435220211167180 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Dongpayuk (3pcs 47,000)

A menu that Pork Dukhu can't go past

This place is proud of Dongpayuk <차이린>

What is eaten grilled or boiled in Korea

Samgyeopsal is called kakuni in Japan

In the US, to a crispy folk valley

In China, it's used as counterfeiting.

1435220263223181 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

What about the signature dish, dongpa-yuk

10 hours or more at <차이린>

It is the product of the hard work of steaming and stewing

Gently steamed with suitable oil

The texture is attractive ^^

It's a bit sweet, but just the texture

More than any other samgyeopsal dish

It was nice that it was soft and

It was nice that they didn't get caught at all…

It's good to add moist bok choy

1435220321226184 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Fried tomato and egg served as a service

What should I say? This visual..

I'm sleeping at home

My girlfriend came to play secretly

Sweetie said “Ah~” and asked her to try it

This guy who seems to have made it

Juicy juice and soft eggs

It's like a link between you and me

Just like the dragonfly you used to catch during summer vacation

A menu that is a continuation of excitement and shim kung

Is it the same? (Drunk in beer for a while and delusional)

“Are humans also delusional animals?”

1435220385861190 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Zizonmochi (37,000)

Before I knew it, it was the last menu

They were struggling like people who lost their country.

Turns out, hadden caused by eating haddock


Still, if you don't finish properly

Wouldn't it be as sad as Oh Seung Hwan losing his glass?

Then we have to get a chance at the game

Like Yoonah hehe

1435220487628199 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

The broth that had a good pulling flavor
After all, it looks like it's chicken based
What's more, crunchy jellyfish
There was also long meat, sea cucumbers, etc…
I liked the sweet and refreshing flavor
Above all, I was full of diversity
I like it because it's a feast of texture
Why is it a pity to see Seo Hyun rather than Yoonah
If you find Sunny rather than Seo Hyun
Still, I wash glass (? (Heh heh)
I want to have breakfast at Tiffany's
Hi Taeyeon-yang? Can you hear it? ♪♬♩
Hahahahahahahaha I'm just kidding hehe

1435220540315203 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Even if you don't have caramel, use orange
Let's finish and open it again~^

1435220587503206 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Eun located in Samseong-dong <차이린>

It's not just a place that serves local food

From localized Chinese cuisine on the Korean Peninsula

I'm still unfamiliar, but the people in my country

Even Chinese food that goes well with the palate

It's a place to live and breathe together 🙂

Especially with the passion of the boss and chef

Visit China every year for research and development

It was even more meaningful if they said they didn't take a break…

I don't have much experience with lunch yet

It was a fun meeting for me too

I'm looking forward to the future, made of gold

It was a pleasant restaurant

We'll be talking about beef starting tomorrow

The sushi I've eaten all next week

I wonder if I should solve it

It's always a fidgety statement

Let's shout together, good luck?

Conquering restaurants is my goal

I can't spread the wings of a false character


Opening hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm

Phone number: 02-543-2847

Address: 71-24 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

1435220673845209 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023



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