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korean restaurant / Chang stability – 270

Knight Diner Road

Episode 18

<가족 외식하기 좋은 기사식당, 장안정>

Nanta is a performance where professional chefs use a knife to cut vegetables and musically express the sounds they make when frying food. The audience is thrilled with various performances, such as knocking on a cutting board with a knife like a percussion instrument, flying vegetables, and a fire show. I roll my eyes happily according to the exciting rhythm of the percussion instruments and the actors' gestures, and by the end of the performance, the stress that had been lingering for so long evaporates.

Tuck tak-tak! Sizzling!

When I visit the knight restaurant and hear the happy sound while waiting for a meal, I think of a scene from the Nanta performance I saw the other day. The epicenter of sound is the kitchen. Knock on the pork cutlets to be sold that day with a special hammer. The well-spread pork will soon reach my table after taking a shower in the oil cooker, wearing a batter. Imagination is added to the cheerful sound, and the waiting time is fun. A knight restaurant with cheerful sounds. Here's an introduction to the famous knight restaurant “Jangjeong An” in Jangan-dong.

Jang Jung-an is a knight restaurant that sells hamburger steak, pork cutlet, and seolleungtang. A long-established store that has been in business for 36 years. When it opened, it started a little away from its current location, but it moved to its current location about 20 years ago to welcome customers.

Once you visit the store, you are amazed by the huge parking lot. There is enough parking for people in their 30s, so you don't have to worry about parking whenever you visit this place. If you just look at the exterior of the store, it's as serious as if you were selling marinated pork ribs (?) There are, but they have menus that are suitable for eating out with the family, even if they are not ribs. The large menus written in a serious font on the glass window make it possible to get a rough idea of this place's work.

1433841322338479 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

50/Exterior of Jang An Jeong

1433841351212481 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

4. Nostalgic interior. You can also see a briquette stove.

1433841367544482 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

There is also a seat where you can sit in your room and have a meal.

1433841380052485 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

| Menu

1433841394880487 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

Spacious kitchen

1433841407206488 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

Parking lot. I took only half of the picture, and it's about twice the size of this one.

The menu that made Jang Anjeong as famous as it is today is the hamburger steak called “hambox tech.” The hamburger steak originated in the Hamburg region of Germany and got its name. (There is also a theory that it originated in Mongolia. A long time ago, the Mongolian Genghis Khan cavalry roamed the prairie while grinding lamb or horse meat and putting it in a horse saddle, and that's the beginning of hamburger steak) This steak is now a dish loved by people all over the world, such as eating it simply grilled or eating a hamburger with cheese or bread.
This kind of hamburger steak came to Korea through Japan and became the representative menu of Korean food restaurants in the 1970s and 80s. What used to be is now a friendly delicacy that can also be eaten at food stalls. Since the minced meat was soft, it was perfect for children to eat, so it was perfect for a family meal. Family guests with young children were also often seen in Jangan An. Children who use steak in a familiar manner may feel as if they can't even hold out a business card.
Today, I ordered a set meal where I could enjoy every menu here little by little, and it comes with hamburger, pork cutlet, and fish gas. I was eating a few bites of pepper on the warm soup that came out while cooking the food, and the menu came out quickly.
Old-fashioned pork cutlets that occupy the largest area, hamburger with a soft-boiled egg on top of the head, fish gas covered with yellow sauce to express its presence, macaroni mixed well with mayonnaise, cocktail fruits, salad with sliced cabbage, canned beans, and even spaghetti with a variety of colors… It's just like a memorable ceremony.
Pour plenty of sauce into the well-fried ingredients. When I cut it well and tasted it bite by bite, it had the flavor I expected. A plain, simple taste that is neither too much nor less. At the moment, I was wondering if they were using ready-made products, and when I asked them, they said they make everything from one to ten by hand. I think the taste was completed after a long period of time to match the tastes of many customers. As I forked one by one as if I were eating memories, I could see a clean bottom of the plate.
[Tips for making Hamboxstek in Jang An Jeong]
1) A hamburger steak usually uses beef, but a mixture of pork gives it a milder flavor.
2) Use pork back thighs that are low in fat to make the dough.
3) When bread crumbs are mixed with meat dough, the viscosity improves and the meat does not crack.
4) If you beat the oil a few times before cooking, the viscosity will improve.

1433841436567490 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

| Set meal where you can eat pork cutlet, fish gas, and hamburger (10,000 won)

1433841446697491 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

| Just like the Japanese style of putting sauce on the tempura

1433841462307492 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

| One piece of pork cutlet

1433841508367494 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

| Hambak is on the thick side

1433841517640496 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

| Fish gas is also soft

Another dish on the menu here is Seolleungtang called “Seolnongtang.”
The kimchi and kakuteki that were served in round containers at every table were probably meant for this menu. (They say they soak
all kimchi themselves
) Seolleungtang, which we put the broth in an earthenware pot for a long time, is boiled once before it
comes out
. When I rummaged around, I saw plenty of meat ingredients and noodles.

Seolleungtang is a food that must be carefully cooked over a long period of time, so it takes
a lot of effort
. Unlike gomguk soup, the point is that it is less greasy and makes the most of its light flavor. Some restaurants also add chemical additives for the white and rich soup of Seolleungtang, and when I take a bite of Seolleungtang here, I immediately think, “I
the soup as it is.”
A companion who was with me also gave this seolleungtang a much higher score than hamburger steak or pork cutlet.

This restaurant's Seolleungtang has a refreshing first flavor and a unique sweetness
imbued with the soup.
It's a natural flavor that's not artificial, and
makes you keep spooning
. Roll the rice into the soup and eat the ripe kakuteki one by one with a spoon. You don't need chopsticks; you can have a satisfying meal with just one spoon.

1433841531415501 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

Jangan-jeong Seolleungtang (7,000 won)

1433841542988502 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

You can choose between Seolleungtang, which contains head meat, or something other than Seolleungtang.

1433841563886503 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

| Plenty of meat

1433841574310504 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

Somen should be eaten quickly before it blows.

1433841585010505 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

Put it up to kakuteki, yum yum!

After running the restaurant for 36 years, my son is now in charge of what my parents used to do. Every morning, my son takes out the soup of Seolleungtang to be sold that day and works to mince the meat dough. From the main menu to the shape of putting rice on a plate, it's just the way my parents did.
The boss says he is most proud to see not only the taxi driver but also the family visiting and enjoying a happy meal together. Family guests usually eat seolleungtang for dads and pork cutlets and hamburger steaks for children. Just as we remember slicing hamburger steak and catching foam in a Japanese style house in the past, I wonder if this will remain a place of memories for children who eat hamburger steak here now. Although it's a knight restaurant, it's a perfect place to go for a family meal.
Tips for eating
• Address: 334-3 Jangan-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
• Menu: Seolnongtang, hambox steak, and pork cutlet are all 7,000 won /set meal, special soup, and pork cutlet are all 10,000 won/
Fish cutlet 8,000 won /Hamkyung cold noodles 5,000 won
• Opening hours: 09:00 to 22:00 (closed only on Chuseok and New Year's Day)
• Add rice: free
• Vending machine coffee: 100 won
• Parking space: 30 cars



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