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Is your daughter-in-law coming back to eat eel after leaving the house?

Welcome to Han Wai! Changes in Korean Fall Food Tastes Seen by Shikigami Big Data

â–  Kookmin Gourmet App Shikishin Hot Place analyzes fall food preferences of 1.5 million users

â–  Unconditionally prawns and gourd in the fall? The broken box office formula proven by big data

■ Health and leisure-related restaurants such as health food and camping are becoming “popular”

The foodie season has just arrived.

Sweet ripe sunfruits and shiny grains. Also, from plump prawns to gourd gourds that “the daughter-in-law who left the house also comes back,” fall, which is full of five-grain encyclopedias, can truly be called the season of flavors. If so, what is the most popular menu among various fall foods?

We looked at the changing tastes of Korean fall food through the “Shikshin Hot Place (CEO Ahn Byeong-ik,” service, which recommends restaurants based on user reviews. Shikigami Hot Place is a service that contains information on 25,000 restaurants nationwide, reflecting the visit statistics of 1.5 million users. In this survey, 1.1 million search terms that occurred from September 1 to 20 were analyzed for the same period of the previous year.

â—‡ Prawns, rice crackers, health food, and camping restaurants pop up

Looking at the previous year's data, prawns (5.2%), blue crab (4.0%), and gourd (3.3%), which are seafood that come to mind when it comes to fall food, each ranked at the top, proving the popularity of seasonal seafood, and there were many searches for words related to holiday food (3.4%) due to the somewhat early Chuseok period.

However, this year, health food (5.5%) rose to the first place, surpassing prawns (5.1%), which are popular every year. Also, while blue crab (3.0%) and gizzard (1.7%) showed a decline compared to last year, it is also notable that search terms related to leisure, such as camping restaurants (3.9%), showed significant growth.

◇ Relieve stress with “food” that you can enjoy nearby

The above results are also linked to local searches (search terms that include area name+menu). Contrary to a 10.9% decrease in searches and click-through rates for Taean and Seosan, which are representative fall seafood festivals, compared to the previous year, Seoul and Gyeonggi increased by 4.2% and 7.6%, respectively, showing a desire to “enjoy healing with delicious food nearby.”

CEO Ahn Byeong-ik of Cion said, “As the form of consumption gradually changes from 'fashion' to 'me', I think the number of people who are looking for small happiness in life is increasing, such as' health food 'for themselves like eel or abalone, and 'camping restaurants' where they can make you feel like you've been in a nearby place. Everyone has different tastes, so even if there is a 'trend' according to the season, there is no 'orthodoxy',” he said. “Shikishin Hot Place not only recommended restaurants by region, but it is easy to find restaurants that suit the user's preferences through magazines with the Korea Tourism Organization and famous bloggers from various regions. I also recommend visiting your own restaurant and having a healing time during the Chuseok holiday.”

In addition, Shikigin Hot Place will host an event to present a Shinsegae Gift Certificate of 100,000 won, Outback Garlic Rib Eye and Toowoomba pasta set, Paris Baguette Mont Blanc cake, and CGV advance tickets to users who leave reviews of restaurants they visited on the occasion of Chuseok, a national holiday. Shikigami Hotspot can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store, and is also available on the website.

[Reference image 1] Shikigami hot spot statistics results infographic

1443662327462178 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

[Reference image 2] Shikigami hot spot Chuseok event

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