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korean restaurant / cheesecake – 328

Episode 8: #치즈케이크 Worthy of Being Called Chin-nim

1436431846419319 Korean Food September 26th, 2023

1436431855989321 Korean Food September 26th, 2023

1436431862909322 Korean Food September 26th, 2023

1436431870279325 Korean Food September 26th, 2023

1436431873072326 Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Do you remember the cheese sandwich that the main character Carl Casper made for his son in the movie American Chef? If you split half of a sandwich baked in a pan and saw the cheese dripping in your mouthWhen I saw ricotta cheese made at home without any special ingredients or methods, I thought, “Shall
I try it too?
” What if I thought about it at least once…? You're already a
. (Forced Appointment)

Above all, cheesecake is a favorite food of all ages. The
deep, rich flavor and sweet flavor of milk
make you feel happy even after taking just one bite
. Imagine sitting
on a cafe terrace and enjoying a slice of cheesecake and Americano when the sun is nice, around 2 to
3 p.m.

For your happy break, the Shikishin Hot Place Dessert Road Team will introduce you to the hottest cheesecake restaurants in Seoul right now . Have a blissful time with a delicious cheesecake.
Certified shot in a place with good lighting
. You'll definitely leave it to me ~ I'll take a picture! Cheese~!

1. Welcome to cheesecake heaven, Garosu-gil Rutao

Le Tao is a cheesecake expert who recently appeared in Garosu-dori Alley. Re Tao
from Hokkaido, Japan is extremely hot, selling 2.5 million pieces a year in Japan alone
It's one place
~ That Rutao has landed in Korea.

The Le Tao store in Sinsa-dong has a total of 3 floors . The first floor is a takeout space, and you can enjoy cheesecake on the 2nd and 3rd floors . Cheesecake and various
dessert models are displayed on the first floor
. The dessert models piled up in the display case make you feel like “is this place heaven?” @@

If you go up to the second floor through a staircase made of concrete and wood to enjoy the cake, the entire
wall is open through a window, and the store feels cool
The luxurious and clean interior makes you feel better ~ When you sit down, the staff comes to pick up
your order even if you don't have to go order separately. Today I ordered Le Tao's signature dish, Double Fromage.

1436431916341330 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Le Tao's cheesecake that looks like it was drawn on drawing paper (4,800 won)

1436431929705331 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Even if you look at it up close, it's a pretty color

1436431946241332 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

The rich cheese rustles in my mouth~~

1436431953319334 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Chocolate , green tea and cheese flavors! You can feel the softness just by looking at it, right?

1436432021008338 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

They also sell champagne that goes well with cakes

1436432053100340 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

I was amazed as soon as I walked in… (1st floor)

1436432062363341 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

There are panoramic windows and lots of tables available ~ (2nd floor)

1436432075293342 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

A huge cake shop in a three-story building! Re. Hit. Oh!

1436432087995344 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Welcome. Cheesecake lovers ~

A small piece of cheesecake came out that looked soft and fluffy just by looking at it. The
cake isn't big, so it's perfect for those who don't feel comfortable eating it for dessert
. The youngest member of
our team, who boasts a huge stomach capacity
, complained a bit, saying “it's too small”… ^^;;

However, the taste of the cake is really excellent. Double Fromage, which uses savory and
rich cream made from fresh milk from Hokkaido
, adds Australian cream cheese and Italian mascarpone cream cheese for a deeper flavor
. When I just looked at the ingredients, I was a little worried that I might feel it. That
's not the case at all
! I really liked the flavor that blended well with each ingredient and spread smoothly.

The taste of cheesecake that anyone can eat without being burdensome! Furthermore, soft soboru powder was applied to the outside
of the unsweetened, savory cheesecake
to add that flavor
. Rutao Double Fromage has a
softer texture than any other cheesecake
. Recommended!

[Store Information ]

Store Location: 567-1 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Recommended menu : Double Fromage (whole) 23,500 won /piece: 4,800 won

Business hours : 11:00 to 23:00

2. Good Night and Good Luck, Garosu-gil, which is bustling on social media these days

If you use social media a
lot, Good Night and Good Luck's cheesecake is the first thing you
want (?) Probably not ~ This cake shop, located in front of Shingu Elementary School in
, is a lifestyle
cafe run by
the editorial store
MSK Shop and is famous for its delicious cheesecake and beautiful plating. The simple and modern exterior is impressive with its gray signboard and

The store is on the small side, but the terrace is open, so it's cool and open, so it looks bigger than it looks.
Once inside, you'll notice unusual light bulbs and design props
. Using black and white
as a base, I created a good balance between a modern and cute feel

Despite the fact that the tables in the room have a different appearance, they don't look cluttered and have a clean feel. There are lots of interesting props on display , such as postcards, cups, and bags, so it's fun
to watch while eating

1436432266840354 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

The cake was so beautiful that it was a waste to eat it!

1436432284376355 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Cherries all over the cheesecake !

1436432301355356 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

After a long time of admiration, now it's time to taste!

1436432314380357 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

You can enjoy the rich and soft flavor of 80% cheese!

1436432331370360 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

There are 3 types of cake~

1436432394988363 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

You can even buy cute props~

1436432416228364 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

The mirrored interior made the store look bigger ~

1436432432800366 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

The open space makes you feel better ! The atmosphere is really great !

1436432452467369 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

A shop with a relaxed, garden-like feel!

Good Night and Good Luck seems to give you good luck just by hearing the name !

When I placed an
order and looked at the props, a beautifully plated cheesecake came out
. Red cherries are nicely placed
on top of an orange cheesecake placed on a blue plate
. On the front of the plate, the word “good luck” written with sugar powder makes you feel better even before you eat it.

The fresh colors of blue , red, yellow, and white are beautiful even when you look at them. I'm drooling from the dripping cherry
I want to take a certified shot soon and try it~

Good Night and Good Luck's cheesecake boasts a cheese content of 80%. As a result, you can enjoy a very chewy, rich cheese flavor. You may get tired of it because of the rich
cheese flavor, but when that happens, if you eat cherries one by one, the sweetness and aroma of the cheese will give you a fantastic taste

There's a reason this place is famous! Once with your eyes,
with your mouth! Recommended as a cheesecake to enjoy twice!

[Store Information ]

Store Location: 1st floor,
Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Recommended menu: Cheesecake 8,000 won

Business hours: 12:00 to 22:00

3. Kakadyu Cheesecake Factory at Sinnonhyeon Station

Kakadu is a complex cultural cafe located near Sinnonhyeon Station! In addition to being able to
enjoy cheesecakes from the famous Cheesecake Factory
, they also collaborate with celebrities every season
to provide attractions
. A collaboration with the famous pop artist “Charles Chang” was underway this season. Customers visiting the store can enjoy the works of “Charles Chang” firsthand at any time.

The super cute cup holder, which can only be seen during the project period, is also very attractive. It is said that during this period, which runs until July 31, consumers will also add fun elements such as participating in art auctions themselves, so if you are interested, I think it would be a good idea to check it out!

At Kakadu, you can enjoy cheesecake from the famous Cheesecake Factory bakery in the US. Cheesecake Factory's
cake is said to be called the world's best original cheesecake
, the real cheesecake. The many types of cheesecakes fascinate our eyes and mouths. Admire
the artist's work and eat delicious cheesecake in one space

1436432556347372 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Cheesecake and Drizzle are like one work

1436432571959373 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

The frozen cheesecake can be eaten after about 5 minutes.

1436432592235374 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

It's great to be able to enjoy a really rich cheese flavor~

1436432604468377 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Ice cream bursts in your mouth as if it were melting ~

1436432622500379 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Cakes at Cheesecake Factory ~

1436432638414381 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

The coffee on the cake is the best ^^

1436432651200382 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

There are clean tables on the second floor!

1436432662349383 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Cute picture frames (it says if you touch them, you have to buy them ^^;)

1436432744208389 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Kakadu is convenient because you can also park your car !

I tried plain cheesecake, which is the most basic cake among many cakes. It
comes out frozen, so
you have to wait about 5 minutes before eating it. I felt like the 5 minute wait was really long! 5 minutes have finally passed! I was so excited to take a bite of the plain cheesecake that melts in my mouth that was so appealing. I was able to enjoy the cake in a cool way until I finished eating it because I kept it frozen.

The cake is beautifully plated even if you order one piece. If you cut the cake with a fork and eat it
piece by piece, then dip it in the chocolate syrup sprinkled on the plate and eat it together, the sweetness is added, creating a different feeling
. I heard that you can enjoy two different flavors with just
one cake
! It's a really happy thing, isn't it ^^?

I would really recommend this cake to cheese lovers.

[Store Information ]

Store Location: 811-7 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Recommended menu: Plain cheesecake 8,800 won

Business hours : 11:00 to 23:00



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