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Cheonggyecheon’s Budget-Friendly Kalguksu – 126

Cheonggyecheon Gourmet Kuwak Kalguksu Maesaengi Kalguksu 5,500 won

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1423808317952176 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

Location and exterior of Kuwak Kalguksu

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Kuwak Kalguksu is located on the Bangsan Market side, a location that can be seen as a true Cheonggyecheon restaurant.

It is close to exit 3 of Euljiro 4-ga Station and is within walking distance of Jongno 5-ga Station.

Even though it's located in a small alley, it's already gone viral, so it's a place known to everyone who knows it.

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I forgot and couldn't take many pictures of the room, so only one was left.

The interior had a total of about 20 seats, and although it was a bit small, it had a strong sense of spaciousness.

It was a nice feeling because it was cleaner and better organized compared to other restaurants in the area.

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Kuwak Kal Noodle Price/ Menu

Even if I buy kishimen noodles at Gwangjang Market, which is located close by, I get 5,000 won

The fact that the signature dish, kishimen noodles, costs 5,000 won is really cool.

Also, most of the other menus didn't have a menu over 6,000 won,

All of the above menus are those that serve as a snack for alcohol and also serve steamed egg custard.

The price is definitely less burdensome for the surrounding merchants!

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The noodles are provided in a small dock on each table

You don't need to be greedy; you only need to eat as little by little as you can eat.

It was a perfect match for my taste because it made good use of the sharp and crunchy flavor.

I also really like the fact that I used red pepper seeds as they are.

1423808415192186 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

1423808425022189 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

Maesaeng Kalguksu 5,500

The guy who wanted to order regular kishimen noodles was curious about what they would look like and what they would taste like.

First of all, I was able to feel the warm attitude of the young boss from filling them with plenty of soup.

Compared to the kishimen noodles that came out later, I think it would be better if there was a suitable garnish to put it on slightly.

1423808440608190 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

1423808448282192 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

Kalguksu 5,000

Kalguksu, which is based on beef bones, is very affordable.

The garnish that was put up nicely looked delicious, and there were quite a lot of portions.

Unlike what you eat in a market bin, the point is that it was prepared in a clean and delicious way!

1423808469798193 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

Ah, it's nice that the young boss here is really sensible.

I also like the fact that I used crunchy Chinese cabbage as a garnish.

The cotton is a style that feels firm to a certain extent, so it goes in without feeling like it has spread.

1423808696447201 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

At the price of 5,500 won, Maesaengi came in plenty

I think this Maesaengi Kalguksu is really good value for money,

The slightly sharp soup balances the overall flavor without getting bored.

Cheonggyecheon Wanso restaurant with an addictive flavor.

1423808720028202 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

1423808731435203 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

Plate dumplings 5,000

What is a plate gyoza that comes out of 5 large dumplings

A perfect menu that is easy to order both in terms of price and quantity.

The visual appearance of Morak Morak seaweed was even more appetizing.

1423808750972205 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

Everyone else does it too, so why don't I split up, gyoza?

Ingredients used in a uniform size to achieve the right texture.

It has a unique flavor that is different from other dumplings, so I asked them to add bacon.

They say they also make their own dumpling sticks.

1423808774487207 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

Kuwak Kalguksu also offers free rice.

A place where you can fully fill your stomach with kishimen noodles alone.

1423808787403208 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

1423808797621210 jpg Korean Food June 2nd, 2023

When I eat all the noodles, this sharp soup is left

If you add the rice as it is and eat it with a side dish, it tastes like honey!

Because I used a mixture of seafood broth such as anchovies and drumfish

A very tasty soup that combines the deep flavor of the beef bone broth base with the richness of the flavor!

Kishimen noodles with a very high degree of perfection for the price.

After all, Cheonggyecheon's restaurant is koowak kal noodles.



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