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korean restaurant / Double the fun of the new semester! Beginner’s Guide to Recommended Restaurants – 144

The cold winter has passed and March, full of excitement, has arrived. The beginning of the new year is January 1, but the full year begins in March, when the university district begins. For new semester students, the next most important information after course registration is restaurants! If you want to get to know old friends, go to a restaurant and have a fun lunch. Be sure to take note of the college district restaurants recommended by seniors in the SNS Taste Appraisal Group today!

1. Fresh mussels at a reasonable price! “Seoul National University Red Oro” The main street in Daehak-dong, where Koshi Village in Sillim-dong near
Seoul National University is located, is also known as “Nok Doo Street,” and it comes from the name of a store called Mung
Doo Jip, which was popular among poor students by selling Dongdongju in the 1980s. There are many cheap and tasty restaurants on Nok Doo Street that take into account the circumstances of students, and the Indian specialty restaurant “Ganges”, the sushi restaurant “Niwa,” and “Hong Oro,” which I will introduce today, have been famous for a long time. Red Auro offers a variety of mussel-themed dishes such as champon and steamed meat. Recently, they have continued to launch new menus tailored to the tastes of students, such as samdong (5,500 won), a rice bowl topped with grilled pork belly, and octopus champon (8500 won) with a large octopus topped with a whole octopus.

1425431317622152 1 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

1425431322308153 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

[Image: An onion ring addict who has eaten]

▲Shikigami Onion Ring Poisoning Review: Mussels are piled up like a tower lol I recommend it to those who like cool food ^_^

▲Business hours: 11:00 to 24:00

▲Price range: 5,500 won to 8,500 won

▲Location: 1535-1 Daehak-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul

2. One, two, three sets out for the fire! “Konkuk University Ant House” The
ant house is located at the back gate of Konkuk University and is famous as an unrivaled restaurant in this town. There are 3 stores huddled nearby, from Ant House One to Two to Three. The main menu is “Bulnak,” where yakiniku and octopus are stir-fried in a spicy way. The appearance of putting all kinds of ingredients such as octopus, meat, cabbage, zucchini, and mochi together with coarse-grained chili pepper powder and sautéing it in a rustic way is lovely. If cabbage piled up like a mountain is properly out of breath, you can quickly eat octopus, which is easy to get tired. Once you've picked up all the ingredients until you see the remaining broth, you can finish by adding rice and stir-frying. Prices range from 37,000 won for the special size/27,000 won for the medium/20,000 won for small ones, depending on the size.

3. Since 1996 'Sinchon Christer Chicken', the taste of youth, Christer Chicken, located near H Department Store near
Sinchon Station, is a chicken house that has served as a hideout for Sinchon University students since 1996. Although it was recently transformed into a fresh image through remodeling, I still feel like I should respond to youth everywhere. Mileage cards made by students from nearby Yonsei University and Ewha Womans University are scattered all over the counter, which secretly stimulates competition. The chicken here is wearing a slightly spicy crispy batter, but you can't be so happy if you take a bite of freshly made, warm chicken. Hot chicken 15,000 won, soy sauce garlic chicken 16,000 won

1425431426946159 1 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

1425431432128160 jpg Korean Food November 28th, 2023

[Image: Christer Chicken's official blog]

▲The Wind Blows review: I have vivid memories of eating and eating loud conversations ~ LOL, a place I went to two or three times a week

▲Business hours: 13:00 to 04:00

▲Price range: 15,000 won to 17,000 won

▲Location: 53-19 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

4. “Korea University Ancient Anchovy Noodle Soup” An ancient anchovy noodle
located at the intersection of ancient times introduced by diners is a noodle shop that became famous when it was introduced by Vanyoung Mann's comic diners. It creates an excellent feast noodle that combines the deep-flavored broth made with anchovies and depori (dried bandang) from Namhae Ansan (dried bandang) and custom-made noodles. If you're looking at the pictures of TV appearances all over the store's walls, noodles will come out right away. The seaweed, green onions, and tofu that went up as garnishes are simple. If you whisk with chopsticks and enjoy well-boiled noodles, they have a nice chewy texture. Business hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m., and the doors are open until late, so it has been loved by ancient students for a long time as a late-night snack. Feast noodles are 4,000 won.

5. The tteokbokki flavor that guarded the main gate of Kyung Hee University, 'Kyung Hee University Poyu Tteokbokki' is the most popular menu for
hungry students. Fuyu Tteokbokki has been offering delicious tteokbokki at a reasonable price to hungry students for 24 years now. Although the location of the store has changed and the owner has changed, it is a place loved by Kyung Hee University students and nearby customers for its consistent taste. They sell instant tteokbokki, but they are served half-cooked, so you can enjoy them right away. Tteokbokki contains plenty of ingredients, such as old-style long mochi, oden, chewy noodles, ramen, eggs, and fried dumplings, so it's fun to pick and eat. Follow the advice of seniors that the best way is to eat tteokbokki and soup on the front plate, then soak the egg yolk in the soup and enjoy it savory.

1425431634043166 1 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

1425431639460168 1 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

[Image: Foryu Tteokbokki's official blog]

▲Shikigami Lulu ^^ review: A familiar taste that comes to mind for a long time. Reminds me even now~

▲Business hours: 11:00-20:30

▲Price range: 4,500 won to 11,000 won

▲Location: B1F, 3-79 Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul



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