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Family menu and pasta to enjoy in a unique atmosphere

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Family menu and pasta to enjoy in a unique atmosphere

May is Family Month. Children's Day (5th), which is the red day on the calendar, aside from Mother's Day (8th) and Teacher's Day (15th), is a series of days full of love and gratitude, from the usual unfamiliar Coming-of-Age Day (18th) and Couple Day (21st). Furthermore, since it's Monday until Buddha's birthday (25th) this year, there are three-day vacations, including weekends, so eating out is bound to be frequent.

When it comes to family dining menus, ribs are the first thing that comes to mind. However, beef ribs are a heavy financial burden, and pork ribs are difficult to stop at first glance because of the smoke and smell. However, the same menu every time, such as jajangmyeon and sweet and suyuk, is not only moved, but also likely to listen to the family's thoughts. If so, how about entertaining the family with a slightly unusual menu? The main character is noodles and pasta that are rolled up and eaten while holding a spoon in the left hand and a fork in the right hand.

Written by Yu Ji Sang, photo Yu Ji Sang, Park Eun-gyeong

Pasta is a noodle dish familiar to us as “spaghetti.” The birthplace is Italy, the country of pizza. It was made by cutting and baking the dough to make it easier to eat. Dried pasta (dried pasta) appeared in southern Naples and spread throughout Italy. Then, when a pasta compression molding machine was invented in the early 17th century, mass production became possible, and now it has developed into a food that can be easily enjoyed by anyone in the world.

Many people ask about the difference between spaghetti and pasta, but spaghetti is a type of pasta. You can understand that kishimen noodles are among the noodles in Korea. In other words, all noodles made by kneading flour in the Italian style are called pasta. It includes things that resemble our makguksu, sujebi, and even gyoza.

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However, the flour used for pasta is slightly different from the flour used to make bread or noodles. Pasta uses a flour called “semolina,” and durum wheat, which has a high gluten content, is coarsely ground. Most pasta is golden because semolina has a yellow color.
The names of local Italian pasta vary depending on the size or shape of the noodles, but it's so complicated that there are hundreds of pieces of pasta alone. However, there are around 10 things I like to eat in Korea. If you know just a few names, you can go to an Italian restaurant and act like a foodie who eats pasta.

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Spaghetti, the representative pasta of pasta, is a long pasta with long noodles. It refers to things with a diameter of 1.6 to 2.2 mm; those that are thinner than this are called “spaghetti,” those that flatten the round cross section of spaghetti are called “linguini,” and those that are wider are called “lasagna.”
There is also short pasta, which is the opposite of long pasta. These include “penne,” which looks like the tip of a pen, “macaroni” with a hole cut like a straw, “fusilli” made in a spiral shape, and “farpalais” shaped like a butterfly. What looks like a seashell is called a “conchiglie.” Short pastas include “gnocchi,” which is reminiscent of homemade rice, and “ravioli” in the style of dumplings. Short pasta is widely used for dishes with rich sauces, as an ingredient in soups, and to laugh at salads.

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Pasta is even more appealing because you can enjoy completely different flavors depending on the sauce, even if it's the same side. Using spaghetti as an example, it is basically flavored by combining four different sauces. Red tomato sauce, white cream sauce, clear olive sauce, and yellow-green pesto sauce.
The signature dish of pasta with cream sauce is carbonara, which contains egg yolk and fresh cream. Olive sauce pasta is representative of allio olio, which is flavored with garlic and olive oil, and pesto sauce pasta is basil pesto pasta mixed with basil herb in olive oil.

A place that tastes good at pasta

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An Italian restaurant run by Korean food stylist Oh Jeong-mi and Japanese chef Susumu Yonaguni. A collaboration between Korea and Japan creates Italian food to suit our tastes, and among them, eggplant pasta with fried eggplant topped with spicy tomato sauce is gaining popularity among young people. A lunch set menu with a choice of eggplant pasta is 24,000 won. Located within the K Twin Tower in Gwanghwamun. 02-722-6420

Serendipity Happiness Store

This restaurant is located a little away from the center of Seorae Village and represents Italian home-cooked food. Rejecting instant flavors, tomato sauce uses biological tomatoes as a puree, and shellfish broth is also flavored by simmering clams. Beef and mushroom tomato pasta topped by grilling sirloin separately is 20,000 won. Mushroom cream pasta costs 20,000 won. It is next to Banpo 4-dong Community Center and is closed on Sundays. 070-4119-6056


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An Italian restaurant in Seorae Village. The mutual expression combined with “eat (eat) +Italy (Italy)” is interesting. The pastel-toned atmosphere with gardens and flowers is often visited by couples. Taleatele pasta seasoned with grilled tenderloin and bolognese sauce is so hearty that it's too much for a woman to eat alone. 26,000 won. 02-595-8181

8 steps

A bistro pasta restaurant where eating something tasty is healing in itself. The lunch pasta set menu (29,000 won) includes 6 types of pasta to choose from, as well as soup, appetizer, salad, and main dish. Among pastas, saffron flavored oil sauce pasta containing zucchini and shrimp is very popular. The à la carte shrimp pasta costs 18,000 won. Located near Seongbuk Police Station in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul. 02-766-5838

Trattoria Malto

A small restaurant with 6 tables run by the owner-chef. Basil pesto pasta made with plenty of ground basil allows you to feel the aroma of basil as strongly as the dark green color, and the Sicilian-style aglio olio topped with mackerel allows you to see the taste of high-quality olive oil deep in your stomach. The lunch pasta set (23,000 won, salad and coffee provided) is the most affordable menu. 21, Nonhyeon-ro 159-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 02-511-0906

Wine book cafe

It is a wine cafe directly managed by a publishing company that publishes wine-related books. The price of wine. The price of food and the value of the atmosphere are all affordable, which is attractive. In particular, Chunjang made from our wheat and jajang pasta made from squid ink (25,000 won) is a patented product that does not use any condiments. Near Gangnam Eulji Hospital, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. 02-549-0490

Le Pannier Blue

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A French restaurant meaning “blue basket.” It is run by owner Chef Kwon Ki-moon, who is in his mid-forties, who has honed his skills in Paris, France. I cook based on unflattering French home-cooked meals. Among the menus, “Osoboko,” which is made by cooking veal shank meat in tomato sauce, is famous, and it is served with taleatele pasta, so you can enjoy a different flavor. The lunch course menu starts at 28,000 won on weekdays and 32,000 won on weekends. Located between Konkuk University Subway Station and Children's Grand Park Station




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