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korean restaurant / Flower viewing and after-dinner views, Yeouido underground restaurants / bbq – 160

1425885334130653 jpg Korean BBQ | Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Yeouido is a forest. A building full of buildings instead of trees. Ding. forest. The construction of Lotte World Tower, 123 floors above ground, is in full swing in Jamsil, Songpa-gu, but Yeouido is still home to 63 tallest buildings in Korea.

It's a forest, but it's not a forest. That is Yeouido Building Forest. Among them, 500,000 people climb and climb again and again throughout the day. As the space expands upward, there is no choice but to climb. However, when it's time to eat, the direction of life shifts downward at work. Down to the bottom. After passing through the lobby on the first floor, go down B1, B2, and back into the ground. This is because most of the restaurants that quench your hunger are located in underground spaces.

There are so many ironic things in the world. One of them is the layout of a restaurant space in a high-rise building. As the building gets taller, the location of the restaurant must also rise, but the restaurant falls below ground. The same is true in urban centers where redevelopment projects are active. It is often seen that the number of floors changed to B1 and B2 after the renovation of a bustling single-story restaurant was included in the redevelopment. In other words, the reason most popular restaurants in Yeouido are underground is because Yeouido is a forest of buildings.

Furthermore, Yeouido is an island. An island in the middle of Seoul. It's hard to imagine what it looks like today, with Mapo Bridge and Seowol Bridge, but 50 years ago, when the water of the Han River freezes in the middle of winter, it's an island where people walked aimlessly across the island without a boat. It was such an island where when there was a big flood in the middle of summer, the fine white sand beaches around the island would disappear.

The island's food has its own characteristics. In a country with a small land such as Korea, it is difficult to clearly distinguish between island and land, but there are times when island food is unique. Yeouido, an island that's an island but not an island, is like that. There is a difference between Yeongdeungpo in the south and Maporang in the north, which crosses the Han River. If the food in Yeongdeungpo and Mapo has a strong image of common people and tradition, then high-end and modern food is popular in Yeouido. In fact, many people in Yeouido say they go to restaurants on the Mapo or Yeongdeungpo side when they miss their native mother's taste.

Even within the island of Yeouido, food is mixed. This is due to the “East (East) Finance and West (West) Politics” situation centered around Yeouido Park (Yeoui-daero) with a stock exchange on the east side and the National Assembly Hall on the west side. In a nutshell, the west side with lots of “words” has many tasteless restaurants, and the east side, where there is a lot of “money,” has many delicious restaurants. With the addition of the three broadcasters and media companies that are famous for their popularity, whether it's Japanese or alcohol, Haejang Gukjip is also scattered all over the island.

Spring is coming soon. Spring in Seoul is at its peak in Yeouido. White cherry blossoms bloom profusely along Yeouido's outer roads for about half a day from the beginning of April. At this time, the main character of Yeouido is not the National Assembly Hall, the Stock Exchange, or the 63 Building. It's just cherry blossoms. Here are some restaurants in Yeouido where you can enjoy a cherry blossom outing and up to Ikuho River, mainly in the underground space.

Written by Ji Ji Sang (food columnist), photo by Ji Ji Sang, Park Eun-gyeong

1. Nertham

“Nooseom” is an old place in Yeouido, a deserted island with nothing but sand, so “Are you an island too?” That's what it means. It is a local restaurant whose main specialty is cheonggukjang, the taste of the hometown. When you open the door and walk in, the savory smell makes you happy right from the tip of your nose. There are plenty of rustic-style side dishes such as steamed egg custard, sundubu, radish kimchi, and bracken herbs. These are great things to eat with cheonggukjang. In particular, the fishcake side dish, where the expression “stir-fried tempura” resonates even more, is the taste of a rural grandmother. There are two types of cheonggukjang on the menu: gongibbap cheonggukjang (6,000 won) and stone-grilled rice cheonggukjang (8,000 won), and if you want freshly cooked hot rice, rice crackers, and even sunnyeom, stone-grilled rice would be an excellent choice. There are unlimited refills for side dishes. For regular customers, there is no shortage of fried egg service at this place. 1st basement floor of Geumsan Building, 750 Gukhoe-daero. 02-761-4428

2. On the border

1425885344508654 jpg Korean BBQ | Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

This is a Mexican food specialty restaurant with lots of unfamiliar menus on the menu. Actually, it's a Mexican-style restaurant chain that started in the US and currently has 160 stores in all 6 countries.

There are many young people who enjoy exotic flavors, so it's basic to wait 30 minutes on weekdays and 1 hour on weekends to try the food here. When you sit down, nachos, nachos, and salsa sauce are first served on the table, and you can refill as much as you want. “Ultimate Fajita (33,500 won)”, where you can enjoy plenty of shrimp, steak, and chicken breast, has established itself as a staple seller. It is characterized by the fact that the charcoal flavor is soaked directly into steak, chicken breast, and shrimp in an authentic Mexican way to create a deep flavor. If you're too busy choosing a menu, ask an employee for help. They even kindly explained how to eat it. There is also a set menu where 3 to 4 people can eat together, and the price starts at 66,000 won. Free parking is available at IFC Mall. 3rd basement floor of IFC Mall, 10 Gukegeumyung-ro. 02-6137-5682


1425885350818655 jpg Korean BBQ | Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

It's not a place where you can properly fill a meal, but a place where you can enjoy a hamburger with food. It is run by Korean food stylist Oh Jeong-mi and Japanese global chef Susumu Yonaguni. It is a patty made from minced brisket of beef that is low in fat, and has a rich chewy flavor. We present ham burgers with a variety of flavors using sauces and ingredients experienced while traveling around the world. In the case of a BBQ burger, it's a hamburger that is topped with lettuce, tomato, and patty, and finished with deep-fried onion chips and stacked as tall as a tower. Before eating, cheers burst out for the unimaginable amount and height. The patty is baked medium well so that the center of the patty is bright red, and the flavor is moist without being crunchy. The french fries that go with this are added with truffle (truffle) oil to enhance the flavor, leaving a lingering aftertaste even when you go home after eating them. It's a great place to relieve the tiredness of the day with a glass of beer in the evening with a vermouth (burger+beer). From 7,000 won for hamburgers and 4,000 won for pork skin popcorn. Dongyang Securities Building B1F, 32 Gukegeumyung-ro 2-gil. 02-761-6420

4. Pyeongan-do dumpling shop

1425885356572656 jpg Korean BBQ | Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

An Korean-style gyoza specialty store with a boring taste. It is a place famous for its excellent flavors of fishcake trays, biji stew, and bedae-mochi. In the case of a fishcake tray, only Chinese cabbage kimchi, kimchi, and radish sprouts are served as side dishes, but the flavor of the fish bok tray on this menu is so strong that it can soothe your fears. Along with Hwangbaekjidan, the appearance of cabbage, mugwort, and mushrooms wrapped in a clean manner is pleasing to the eye. Take a bite starting with the dumpling in the center. The dumpling skin isn't thick, and the flavor of the dumpling paste isn't strong, so it's easy to get over your throat. The flavor of the soup is particularly pleasant, and the feeling of putting it in your mouth is just as enjoyable as putting it in your mouth. Dumpling soup and soybean stew, which are popular lunch menus among nearby office workers, are 7,000 won each. Refreshing kimchi noodles cost 5,000 won. 1st basement floor of Donghwa Building, 71 Yeouinaru-ro. 02-782-6592

5. Pearl house

A place standing in the center of Yeouido where one of its bean noodles went viral. At first, it was a favorite of securities market professionals, but now people from outside the “island” also come here on purpose. Bean noodles are chewy noodles with a yellowish tinge in a thick soup made by grinding plenty of soybeans. It's made cold and is very popular in my summer. The price is 9500 won, which is quite expensive than bean noodles from other restaurants. Chicken knuckle noodles with gyoza (7,000 won) are full of garnishes covered with chicken meat. The spicy and rich bibimguksu (8,000 won) is a delicacy hard to find in Seoul.

Since there are so many customers, it's easier not to expect service from employees. Oh, I am from 10 o'clock to 8 p.m. Closed on public holidays. Yeouido Department Store B1F, 33 Gukjegeumyung-ro 6-gil. 02-780-6108

6. Ju Shin-jeong

Now, in my memory, it's a restaurant specializing in raw meat run by mid-career talent Kim Jong-yeol. The entrance was filled with promotional articles from daily newspapers and magazines, and was frequently featured as a regular collection of certain celebrities. However, it's not a restaurant that uses celebrities, the star of 'Sok Bin Gangjeong'. Kim Jong-yeol always guarded the counter to greet customers. For lunch, the kimchi hot pot set meal (12,000 won), which contains a large portion of raw pork ribs, is popular. On weekday evenings, Yeouido office workers line up for dinner, and on weekend evenings, family diners from Yeouido people line up. The beef is tender using raw meat sent directly from Gwangju and Hampyeong in Jeolla-do. The sour taste of slow-cooked kimchi, which comes as a basic side dish, removes the fat from the beef and removes the feeling. A 400g grilled Korean beef platter costs 59,000 won for 2 people. 1st basement floor of Daeyoung Building, 11 Gukjegeumyung-ro 8-gil. 02-784-6662

7. Olvan

1425885364563657 jpg Korean BBQ | Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

The first branch of 'Olban', a Korean buffet brand developed by SHINSEGAE FOOD with Korean cuisine researcher Park Jong-sook. When the store opened in October of last year, it was fearfully crowded with customers, and it was rumored that “queuing for 1 hour is basic.” Rice is prepared directly from Cheorwon Odae brown rice from the store, and over 100 kinds of Korean food, including fresh wrapped vegetables and low-salt pickles, are carefully prepared. Among them, “grilled pork belly” and “grilled chicken liver” baked in a volcanic stone kiln are popular. “Tofu,” which is made by grinding paju soybeans at the store, has also received good reviews.

Other chefs and restaurant owners also visit many menus that they haven't heard of before, such as octopus soup, radish salad, etc. As a dessert, “old-fashioned full bread,” which is baked directly at the store with a taiyaki machine, is not only delicious but also a feast for the eyes. Weekday lunches are 14,900 won, weekday dinners and weekends are 202,900 won. 1st basement floor of Allianz Tower, 147 Capitol Boulevard. 02-761-2213

8. Hanoi morning

1425885381875658 jpg Korean BBQ | Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

A Vietnamese restaurant with rice noodles. It is a place that claims to make their own broth. It's a place that women like because of its clean atmosphere, but middle-aged men who have seen the rich and light flavor of Vietnamese rice noodles have the effect of relieving hangovers are also a favorite. You can add lemon juice, cheongyang pepper, hot sauce, and pickled onions to rice noodles made with beef broth to suit your preferences. Fresh spring rolls, which are eaten by wrapping pork, shrimp, egg custard, and various vegetables in rice paper, have a flavor that changes depending on the ingredients in them, and there is a flavor that is wrapped around them. Rice noodles start at 10,450 won, and fresh spring rolls at 34,100 won. There is also a Hongwoo branch (02-782-5320) located on the 2nd floor of the Hongwoo Building near the KBS annex. 1st basement floor, Geumhoricencia, 213, Yeouidong-ro. 02-784-5320



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