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korean restaurant / Fresh noodles in a hollow~ #국수맛집 – 310

1. Mullae-dong
Yeongil Bunsik Kalbim Guksu
, where you can
feel the taste of mom's hand

Yeongil Bunsik is a long-time
favorite restaurant in Mullae-dong Iron Works Alley
. It's a simple shop built from a renovated house, but if you visit at lunchtime, you can often see people standing in line in
front of a low door.
The reason Yeongil Bunsik is so famous is because of its “Kalbi Bimguksu .”

Bibim-noodle soup is eaten by boiling noodles, topping them with sauce
, and topping them with vegetables such as lettuce and cucumber, and this place uses kishimsu noodles in a unique way. The wide side is filled with
spice, making the sweet and sour sauce taste even more
and the unique chewy texture unique to kishimasu is added, making one bowl
disappear as if it were hiding the crab's eye
. It's sweet and sour without being too spicy, so it's a flavor that people of all ages will love .

2. On a hot summer day, a bowl of food on Garosu-gil ! Mimi Menga
Momil Soba

A Japanese soba restaurant located near Shinsa Station. The blue signboard, which stands out from afar, simply says “Mimi Noodle House”, gives it a refreshing yet unique feeling. Like a
soba specialty store, they sell a variety of soba menus.
There are soba menus you can't enjoy anywhere else, such as regular cold soba, adding toppings made with deep-fried ingredients such as fish paste, eggplant, and shrimp, and
adding horse juice or conger
The broth, which is the basis of soba, is boiled for a long time
using high quality tuna without using chemical seasonings
. Popular menus include the “Sweet Prawn and Sea Urchin Cold Soba (13,000 won),” which contains shrimp and sea urchin, and the “Grilled Mackerel Onsoba (15,000 won),” which
drew attention from “Life

1435715316253642 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1435715326150643 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

â–² Review Heejin e: From cool
mobile soba to on-soba, hehe, the menu is so diverse, and everything I've eaten is delicious

â–²Business hours : 11:30 ~ (break time 14:30-17:00) ~ 21:00 â–²Location : 512-21 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

3 . From the inside to the soup, Hororok ~ Hororok
is a gourmet restaurant called Jin Guksu

If you walk along the alley from Sinchon Train Station towards the main gate of Idae, you can easily find Jin Guksu full of customers. It is famous for selling cheap and hearty noodles, so I often wait a bit on days when there are many customers. The signature menu is anchovy noodles (3,500 won), made by pouring hot soup with a strong anchovy flavor onto chewy noodles, and bibimguksu (4,000 won), which is eaten with a sweet and sour sauce. In summer, soybean noodles (6,000 won) made by grinding
seori tae
and hot radish noodles (4,000 won), which have a crunchy radish and
ice flavor that will blow the heart of the eater's heart out
, are also very good. It's in front of the Women's University, which is famous for its low amount of food, but the noodles here make you feel so hungry that you can't think about dessert.

4. Let's enjoy healthy food in a cool way ! Misari Millbit Chogye Guksu (Main Branch )

Misari wheat colored chogye noodles from Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, which boasts a refreshing taste. The main menu, chogye noodles, is a summer health food eaten by rolling chewy noodles in beef broth and topping it with chicken
seasoned with vinegar and mustard
. Since hot mustard and
chicken are used in cold food topped with ice, the ingredients go well together
. The special sauce contained in chogye noodles contains about a dozen kinds of herbal medicines and fruits, and has a
deep flavor for over ten hours
If you eat the savory and chewy acorn crackers together with the refreshing and sour noodles, you can enjoy the pleasure of two birds with one stone, which is both tasty and healthy.

1435715827086659 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1435715833519661 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

â–² Review Nilmori Dongdong : My family came to escape the
summer heat
~ Chogye noodles are sweet and sour and delicious ~

â–²Business hours: 09:00 to 21:30 on weekdays â–²Location: 38-3 Deokpung-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do â–²Price range: Chogye noodles (7,000 won), acorn crackers (10,000 won )

A refreshing taste to the heart's content
The number of East Americans killing Namyangju

Dongchimi Noodle Shop is a perfect place to stop by while driving around Seoul on a sunny day. Since it is located in Songcheon-ri, it is also called Songcheon Restaurant, but the somewhat harsh name “Killing
Dongchi American Water
” written on the signboard
is interesting. Just looking at the red soup with ice floats

It looks so cool that sweat drips in, and
the sour dongchimi soup brings
back the taste lost in summer

(Dongchi US: 6,000 won) If you pick up a large, moderately ripe noodle with chopsticks, slurp it in one bite , hold the
bowl with both hands, and take in the soup all the way, you even feel happy
. The
savory mung bean paste (12,000 won), which uses only domestic
mung beans
, goes great with dongchimi noodles.



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