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korean restaurant / Fun fire show, meat, and pork stew at Jihaeng Station – 430

Hi guys:)

Everyone likes today

meat! I brought a meat post.

Specializing in meat for a few years

The number of franchises has increased,

Following Hanam Pork House, it's Yukko-jip:)

Please refer to the link for the Hanam Pork House post.


1440990659008169 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1440990663819170 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1440990666789171 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1440990670364172 Korean Food March 5th, 2024

There are various menus, but

We have 2 servings of whole sirloin steak and

1 serving of luxury three-ply rice, 1 portion of cooked rice,

I ordered 1 serving of fried rice and 1 seafood ramen:)

Two girls and one child ^^;

Because the baby didn't eat much

Two girls said they ate it all

I think I can do it hahaha

1440990673294173 Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1440990675997174 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

There are a total of 6 side menus

But among them, we have Buttercorn and

I chose kimchi stew.

Other side menus are above

Please refer to the picture on the menu

I hope ^^

1440990678705175 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Buttercorn is something kids will love

They said they were the same, so together

My friend's daughter also ate very well:)

I'm very suing

What goes well with cheese and corn

It's a pair ^^

Kimchi stew contains fresh kimchi

That's why it was sour. But Kal Kal

It was nice that it was cool.

1440990681447176 Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1440990684617177 Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Once the meat is first cut like this

It's coming out:)

ah! What are the characteristics of yakkotsu

The fire board was really big.

That's why the table itself is so big!

It was easy to eat:)

Also, the place where the side is placed and

Each grilling plate has separate gas

So when all the meat is cooked, the grill

Turn off the light and keep the side on

You can do it!

1440990687470178 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1440990713511179 Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Then cheese, eggs, and onions

The employee took it and made it pretty

You made a heart ^^

The heart was so cute~

1440990716680180 Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1440990719583181 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1440990723511182 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Set it up like this

An employee brought a torch

They put on a fire show.

Wow, that was so cool ^^

It was fun to watch!

1440990729446183 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

1440990734118184 Korean Food March 5th, 2024

By the time the meat is golden brown

Bean sprout sauce seasoned with gochujang

You uploaded it ^^

Kimchi is an all-you-can-refill, but

Yo bean sprout sauce is an all-you-can-eat refill

It's not, so please take a look.

1440990737740185 Korean Food March 5th, 2024

There are three sources.

Samjang, salt, teriyaki sauce

Don't give them samjang all over

Because it's given on an individual basis like this

It was nice to be able to eat cleanly~

Even if you dip it in teriyaki sauce

It has a different charm.

At another meat shop

I've never seen teriyaki sauce:)

But personally, salt

It's better to eat it with a slight dip

It was delicious.

1440990741224186 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

The meat was soft and delicious~

It was cut into bite-size pieces

The liver was also in good condition.

Employees at Hanam Pig House have employees from the beginning

Whereas they bake until the end, yakitori

Just do it for the first time, we do the rest

I took care of it.

Both have advantages and disadvantages

It's the same ^^ from beginning to end

It's easy to bake, but the conversation continues

There was an inconvenience in quitting

At the end of the yakkotsu stew, you have to bake it yourself

It was less comfortable because I did it, but

I was able to have a comfortable conversation.

1440990745023187 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Even if you eat it with green onions

It's sour and refreshing, so it's delicious~

If you eat too much, it's salty

Adjust the amount appropriately

I recommend you try it:)

1440990748535188 Korean Food March 5th, 2024

The fried rice was really delicious here!

In some places, sharpness comes instead

There's a savory fried rice

This place contains just the right amount of kimchi

It was delicious when it was sharp.

Cut the meat left over there into small pieces

We put it in and stir-fried it together

It was even more delicious!

I wasn't able to take a picture of the seafood ramen, but

It was a bit disappointing. With a sharp knife

The soup had a champon flavor, but it was artificial

I felt quite a bit of flavor ^^;

There was a lot of smell from seafood.

Rather, the kimchi stew that came out on the side

It was even more delicious. personal

It's a favorite, so please check it out.


Taste: The meat is tender and very tasty.

I don't just eat meat, so for me

The amount was appropriate, but for an adult male, the amount

I think it might be a little less. Fried rice

It was delicious and I don't recommend seafood ramen ^^;

Atmosphere: The table and plate are big, so me and my friend's

The distance felt quite far. That's why I said

Even so, I couldn't hear it very well, so my voice got louder and louder.

It's not as quiet as a regular meat shop. With meat

Is it good to have a drink?

Kindness: To the daughter of a friend the boss went with

You gave me candy haha it's not a big deal

I like this little service ^^

Accessibility: Located in a restaurant area near Jihaeng Station

It's there. The public parking lot is located right next door

There is also an underground parking lot within the building

It's there.

Address: 110-9, Jungang-ro, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Phone number: 031-866-1236

1440990761563190 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024



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