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korean restaurant / Gongdeok Station Gongdeok Station Gongdeok Station Gongsihuangguk, between familiarity and awkwardness, and Bukut Guk – 625

Gongdeok Station Gongdeok Station Restaurant Jinshi Hwangbok Fish Soup

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Today's menus

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Gongdeok Station Gongdeok Station's Gongdeok Station restaurant, Jinshi Hwangbok Fish Soup…

From exits 4 and 5 of Gongdeok Station (Line 5 and 6)

If you go to a distance of less than 5 minutes on foot

The question of whether they eat breakfast well

It will look like this 🙂

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father! Tell me the correct answer to Bukut Guk!

The copy that caught my eye as I walked in

It is in line with the management philosophy

The boss is really with my father

Because they are people of similar age

A story made with facts

Simple yet powerful

If I start a restaurant later

Start with a blog and go to a magazine

Tell me the story of preparing for a restaurant business

I thought I wanted to talk, but…

It really touches my heart even more

But dad… I'm eating well

I'll try to get more into the house ^^

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The value of Qin Shihuang and the menu

Ah, that's right, the meaning of “Qin Shihuang”?

It means a really cool Hwangtaebuk soup

I wonder if it also means eating like Qin Shihuang…

Anyway, it turns out that it becomes a stock ingredient

Hwangtae bought it with care

In Korea, there are as many catches as before

It's not a lot, but domestic production is difficult

Pull out the entrails of the pufferfish and hang it

Because it was dried in the sea breeze

In cold weather during the drying process

The freezing and thawing process must be repeated

Good quality people are formed, right?

(Where you dry it is important)

After all, the best part of the region is the mountainous region

A good quality guy from Yongdae-ri, Gangwon-do

It will be a place where you can bring

At the end of the day, it's said that the ingredients in this house are good.

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While I'm getting serious, I'm hungry

Even if I run right after work

I'm on the same schedule as the deadline

I have an acquaintance with the boss

I contacted you in advance and it was a bowl

They arranged it separately

Before he comes out, the guy who will fill up is BB

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You can eat as many boiled eggs as you like

If you do something wrong and strengthen your butt, it's embarrassing…

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Pufferfish (7,000)

In fact, the standard language is Bukut Guk correct

But dumpling soup or pork wok

People rather than writing as written

Writing languages that are used more

I think it's better in terms of marketing

Anyway, a bowl came out blink of an eye

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If you look forward to the season when radishes are delicious

There are still a lot of disappointing places…

I like the basic dish bb

In particular, pickles are very tasty

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To sell a collection of sashimi noodles made by Hwangtae

The boss has been preparing for a long time

Think about the size and choose Bukot Ngok!

It's a symbolic food

It's a menu with a niche market

I'm cheering for Mapo to become a Haejang attraction

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The soup is not only served with hwangtae

It is said that beef bones are also produced

Jinguk because it takes a long time to cook

What's more, a refreshing hwangtae flavor was added

The soup is really good

Tastes that are popular

I think you caught it well, it's delicious

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Even when I went <무교동 북어국집>

What I felt was the quality of tofu

The same goes for cooking miso stew

The same goes for Buk Wat Guk

Definitely good tofu for customers

The idea of being able to make a big appeal ^^

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Hwang Tae, who is full of energy, raises his head

Relax your poor self

I can give you a massage, but there's nothing like this, right?

Actually, I'm good at interpreting what I feel

I just want to swim in Bukut Guk today


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I also had a bowl of rice

It would be better if I went during the day

They say night is just as attractive as night 🙂

All history takes place at night… right?

This place is also not too far from the history of Gongdeok


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Cheorwon Odaemi

Oho rice is delicious

There are delicate points

The place where I ate delicious rice a while ago

It used to be a rice bowl restaurant, but there

They said they used Shindongjin rice

This is Cheorwon-oh's “Daemi”

Decorate “Daimi” with well-made rice

For limes like this, even “demi” glasses

If you give it to me, it's red “demi” like lime

I mean, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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The sheep that eat pork gukbap also put in chives

The regrettable thing was the size of the bowl

My personal preference is a big bowl

If you use it, the amount seems small

The feeling was strong, so when I rolled the rice

A bowl the size that's full

I prefer it a little more

Because something with a sense of volume looks plentiful

There's quite a bit of volume here too

I wonder if it will be buried in a big bowl…

In the yard where the navel is covered by belly fat

It's ridiculous to worry about the bowl lol

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If you treat a stubborn guy softly

It will become “I like kids, inside of me.”

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Tasty tofu watching again ^^

An item that was definitely familiar in the past

It wasn't, but it's really nice now

It's hard to star in Bukut Guk

It's one of the menus, but the size is the choice

I thought it was good, and later

The journey to Hwangtae Kalguksu

Wouldn't that be a pleasant start

I dare to think about it

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It's also great as a snack for drinks

Since I met the deadline

In the farm where you exchange and receive from the boss

There is also rice cake

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Because you have a similar taste of alcohol to me

I drank makgeolli and drank beer

But if there's another thing they have in common

It fits in the mouth but doesn't get it from the body…

After all, I think I was born for wine


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With a boss who looks like a father

Being able to share a drink like this

A few years ago, I couldn't have imagined it

I'm pretty used to it now 🙂

I learned a lot and heard a lot

The restaurant had the advantage of drying hwangtae

May it be a blessing for Mapo who was born and raised

To be a hindrance to the restaurant industry, too

I promise to leave my problems here

The feeling of posting after a long time

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to post beef

I'll shout again and disappear

Shout as always before you finish

Conquering restaurants is my goal

I can't spread the wings of a false character

Qin Shihuang drumfish soup

Opening hours: 07:00am – 07:00pm (Monday-Friday)

AM 07:00 – PM 03:00 (Saturday)

(Closed on Sundays, public holidays, closed every other Saturday)

Phone number: 010-5442-5970

Address: 256-13, Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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