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Every day, the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, and the air is as humid as if it had entered a sauna. Even if it's hot in the summer in Korea, it's too hot. I try to avoid the heat by listening to a parasol and trying to stretch myself, but if I just stay outside for a while, I often quickly get sweaty. In order to prevent energy from weakening due to excessive sweating in the summer, our ancestors created a custom called “Bok Dal Im.” Because of this custom of eating food that protects the body on sambok to replenish energy, the area in front of Samgyetang's house is always busy on lucky days. However, samgyetang is not the only food that replenishes energy. Today, the SNS Taste Appraisal Group will introduce bokdalim foods and restaurants highly recommended by social media users for the middle of summer.

1. Anglo-American duck soup that comes to mind when it comes to summer health food

An Anglo-American duck soup located in Gunja-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, where you can also enjoy the savory duck soup in Gwangjin-gu, Jeolla-do, in Seoul. When you enter the store, the walls are filled with pictures shown on TV and autographs left by celebrities who have visited this place. “Duck soup,” the signature dish of Anglo-American duck soup, is made with savory perilla seeds and boiled until thick and savory. If you eat one of these cutlery, it's a taste that anyone can admire. Another way to enjoy Anglo-American duck soup is to put fresh parsley in it, heat it slightly, then dip it in perilla paste. After eating all the duck soup, if you even eat fried rice full of perilla powder, it makes you feel like you've just finished getting well.

2. Falpalmin water eel, perfect as an aphrodisiac for the body

Eel not only enhances stamina, but is also a good health food for preventing high blood pressure, obesity, and night blindness. Palpalmin eel, located in Banpo-dong, is a place that gives customers confidence to eat with confidence by offering domestic eels raised in clean rock water and fresh vegetables brought from a farm directly managed by Gwangju. The large size of 330 square meters can accommodate a large number of people, making it a great place for dinners. It has 160 seats on a size of 330 square meters, and is perfect for large parking lots and meetings and dinners. Popular items include salt-grilled eel that is light and moist with domestic sea salt, and grilled eel grilled with sauce made for 24 hours using 40 kinds of ingredients.

1438912747782841 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1438912809723845 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

â–²Review by Kenta Koomdol, Shikigami: Halfway eel with pickled kimchi in half a bowl! The flavor of the plump eel is great! Pricey!

â–²Business hours: 11:00-22:00 â–²Location: Geumseong Building, 335 Sapyeong-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

â–²Price range: 200 grams of traditional eels (29,000 won), 250 grams of falcon eels (32,000 won), 600 grams of extra large eels (75,000 won), 800 grams of luxury eels (85,000 won)

3. National health food, croaker restaurant “Yudalsan”

Croaker, which is considered the best sashimi and has the meaning of the nation's fish, is an aphrodisiac that has been the most popular summer food since the Joseon Dynasty. Sashimi is generally not enjoyed in summer, but croaker is one of the few fish that is in season in summer. Digestion and absorption are fast, and it has the effect of quickly restoring health, making it an ideal food for anyone of all ages to take care of themselves. Yudalsan, located near Gyodae Station, has various types of croaker dishes, from sashimi to soup and steamed fish. I recommend croaker sashimi, which is well-aged and has a chewy texture.

Not only the main dish but also the side dishes are clean and well-prepared, making it a great place for a family meal.

4. All-you-can-eat eel refill, fresh sea eel

Fresh Sea Eel is an all-you-can-eat eel restaurant where you can eat an unlimited number of 100% domestic eels caught from Samcheonpo in Tongyeong. The advantage of aquariums that keep eels is that they use a seawater purification system and are not treated with chemicals, so they can be eaten with confidence. The store is large, making it a great place for group meetings and dinners. You can enjoy grilled eel in a variety of flavors, such as grilled eel with salt, grilled with soy sauce, and grilled with red pepper sauce. In addition to eel, there is also a set menu where you can enjoy not only beef, smoked duck, and eel soup all at once, so you can eat a variety of foods evenly.

1438913152040863 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1438913202548864 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

â–²Sik Shin Zenggu's review: You can eat an unlimited number of fresh, healthy, and expensive eels! Perfect. Satisfied. Satisfied.! â–²Business hours: 10:00-24:00 â–²Location: 375-35, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: one (29,000 won), two (32,000 won), three (35,000 won)

5. “Namsan Bok Jip”, a pufferfish restaurant with over 30 years of tradition

In traditional Chinese medicine, pufferfish is considered a very good food to relieve fever and make up for lost energy due to weakness in the body. Because of this, it's also perfect for bokudal work. Namsan Bokjip, located in Mugyo-dong, is a pufferfish restaurant that has a tradition of over 30 years, and is a place where people are constantly taking steps to take care of themselves. Bok bulgogi, which is eaten by marinating pufferfish in a sweet and spicy red sauce and grilling it on a grill, is popular. It's chewy yet has a soft texture that seems to melt away after a few chews. In addition to yakiniku, you can enjoy a variety of dishes such as beef, grilled with salt, steamed meat, and geori.



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