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korean restaurant / [Gyeongridan-gil] Ssangtie-Comte – 929

Restaurants in Gyeongridan-gil Sentierconte (Sentierconte): A hideaway

On this day, I went to a new place called Ssangtié-Comte on Gyeongridan-gil with my older sister-brother and older brother, who was sarang.

It's a great place to visit as a hideaway .

I went to Ssangtié-Comte, a restaurant in Gyeongridan-gil, a place that has all the elements that girls would love Gun down the story

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1477016338973092 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Why was the picture taken like this After all, the black entrance you can see on the side is the entrance to the double belt .
It's located on the 2nd floor, feels like a cafe during the day, and I know it operates as a small bistro in the evening.

The interior is small, modern, and decorated with cute accessories, and it's a very feminine space. There were several people at one table when they had already entered They are enjoying the wine , and

my field of view doesn
't capture the interior, so the interior photo is a pass.

1477016352479093 Korean Food September 25th, 2023

The menu and monastery beer are also set up, and in addition to coffee and tea types, menus such as sandwiches, macaroons, and simple snacks are organized It's there .

It would be nice to have a cup of tea or coffee with a sandwich during the day and wine or beer with food in the evening .

1477016361078093 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

First, let's start today's meeting with champagne. We've been drinking soju, but the second one is people who drink champagne with dignity .
're people who write (and just eat. It is read as…)

1477016368787094 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023


As it turned out, the owner of 'Etoile', famous for its brunch and macaroon cafe in Ulsan, opened a new store in Seoul.

It's nice to see macaroons with such fine colors after a while, and champagne and macaroons are so feminine in the world.

1477016373678095 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

A mixture of yellow and green is a seed mustard macaroon with cheddar cheese and whole-grain mustard; pink is a balsamic macaroon with fruit and balsamic, a

sky blue and white color
Oriental macaroons with miso, sesame seeds, and white chocolate are the
yellow ones with sesame herbs, and the yellow-green ones are plum macaroons containing Hadong
green plums.

When the boss first explained it to me, I was really surprised to see the ingredients in the macaroons: miso, sesame seeds, and plums.

1477016379801094 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Personally, I like all sweet desserts, but I don't like macaroons because they're too sweet for my taste, but

the macaroons here have a nice chewy flavor, but However, the amount was not too excessive, so it was a great fit for the mouth .

In particular, I was very surprised that oriental macaroons containing miso can also have this kind of flavor with miso.

1477016386665096 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Rochefort Ten

The beer in the monastery is really deliciousIt suits my taste very well, but I think Rocheforten is the one I drink quite often these days.

I've tasted it at The Cask , but if any place I go to these days has this beer, I definitely drink it .

I tried to stop drinking beer, but the reason I couldn't stop was because of these monastery beers Haa..

1477016391253095 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Balsamic rib ribs and mashed potatoes

I like beer more than wine, so now that my sake came out, I ordered meat meat and meat because I should eat it in earnest. Meat is love, isn't it ?

The boss here said that they catered a lot for home parties and big parties, and did a lot of demonstrations, but

again, the food was served
It's so pretty .

1477016396059097 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

The sauce is well drained, and the ribs are ripe, so the bones and flesh are well separated (?) Being able to do it is good too .

It's especially nice that the meshed potato underneath goes really well with the sauce.

1477016401241096 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Sun-dried tomato octopus pasta

When I was drinking alcohol, I was hungry for grains, so I ordered a type of pasta

1477016407292098 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

A nice pasta that also contains plenty of chewy octopus and has a mild flavor from sun-dried tomatoes.

It's even better to eat it after a long time. The portion was plentiful, so it was great for a group of people to eat ,

1477016412717097 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Tripel Carmeliets

Tripel carmeliette has a lighter and more aromatic scent than Rochefort .

My personal preference is that Rochefort Ten fits my taste better, but my brother sitting next to me says it fits my taste better .

This kind of masculine style suits me well , men too, right ?

1477016418713098 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Salmon carpaccio

The stunning visual is the salmon carpaccio .

1477016423978099 Korean Food September 25th, 2023

You can sprinkle the sauce that came with it on top and eat it together , but the

fresh flavor is a sniper menu for women, making it easy to eat when you're hungry I thought it would be nice to drink wine or beer even with just one Yogo .

1477016429871099 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Deep-fried chicken wings with yuzu sauce

After drinking beer, I also ordered deep-fried chicken wings with yuzu sauce because they thought chicken wouldn't be good .

I added grapefruit and green grapes and my plating was really refreshing; I ordered deep-fried chicken wings, but I think it was Izert plating LOL

1477016434949100 Korean Food September 25th, 2023

The sweet and sour yuzu sauce went better with chicken wings than I thought .

Personally , I prefer deep-fried chicken wings that are slightly sour and rich, so I think it's a version of chicken wings that is feminine from Yogon.

1477016439959101 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Beef scalloppine

Scalloppine is an Italian dish called thin meat with a small amount of meat cut from the leg of a veal.

1477016446897101 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

The visuals are topped with mushrooms and cheese , and I recommend eating the meat together with plenty of sauce.

The chewy feel is stronger than the soft one, so plenty of cheese and sauce.

1477016453300102 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

This is how we get drunk at night .

Located on Gyeongridan-gil, Ssangtie-Comte is a place run by the owner-chef who came from Ulsan.

The small but tasteful interior is nice, and the cute accessories are also nice .

The food and macaroons made by the owner-chef themselves are also very attractive places .

In particular, it seemed like a great place for women to spend a hideout and chat over a glass of wine, so female comrades, Gyeongridan-gil If you go, go gossip ?

1477016478862103 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

Company name: Saint-Thié-Comte

Address: 325-6 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (2F, 33 Noksapyeong-daero 46-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday 12:30 ~ 23:00/
Friday to Sunday 11:30 to 01:00 (Sunday is 23:00)

Holidays: Monday

Phone number: 02-794-4340

Parking: Not available

1477016491593104 Korean Food September 25th, 2023



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