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korean restaurant / “Haejang Gourmet” perfect for relieving hangovers – 661

From the year-end party last year to the New Year's party held for the new year, every year from the end of the year to the new year, a warlike drinking party
is held
. If you don't relieve your discomfort from frequent drinking parties right away, it is difficult to find a normal condition, and it often
affects your daily life
. For those who want to get rid of toxins accumulated in the body, the SNS Taste Appraisal Group will introduce restaurants famous for their Haejang menu. Here are five restaurants where you
can detox beyond Haejang, where your head clears up and your aches subside.

1. “Mugyo-dong Bun Fish Soup Restaurant” that serves broth for 24 hours

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The drumfish soup at this place, which only sells a single “drumfish soup” menu, has a deeper and softer flavor by adding Korean beef ribs in addition to the drumfish head and bones, and it
takes a whopping 24 hours
to extract
The drumfish used was dried
for about 8 days less than those sold on the market to make good use
of its soft, crunchy texture, and the savory flavor was enhanced by mixing hwangtae. If you put a lot
of soft tofu and eggs that maximize softness in your mouth instead of the shiny rice in the puff-white soup of pufferfish soup, the energy of the alcohol you ate the day before will disappear
without a trace

2. Jeonju 'Hyundai Ok', a bean sprout gukbap that's better than a hangover medicine

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There is even a poached egg to hug a weak stomach in a cool soup made with bean sprouts. If you're looking for
a refreshing taste that's hot, refreshing, and soothing, there's no place like this
. The day before, you can first eat the poached egg with the gukbap
soup to protect your stomach and eat the clear bean sprouts gukbap, but you can also enjoy the mild flavor by putting the poached egg in the
gukbap without eating it
separately, depending on your taste. The squid in gukbap with bean sprouts not only adds chewiness, but the taurine contained in the squid also helps you recover from fatigue, so it's
a good idea to eat it together the day after drinking
too much.

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â–²Sik Shin Joonhyung Kim review:
Personally, the best bean sprout gukbap restaurant in Jeonju. Each branch has a slightly different flavor, but the main
one is the best
I recommend a bean sprout gukbap dinner🙂 â–²Opening hours:
00:00 to 00:00 (24
hours a day, 7 days a week) â–²Location: 7-4, Hwasancheonbeon 2-gil, Wansan-gu,
Jeonju-si, Jeonbuk
â–²Price range: 6,000 won to 10,000 won

3. 'Goma Daegu Soup' in Busan, where you can relax after a busy day

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There are two types of cod soup in the “Koma-daegutang ” that comes in a pot full of sheep, a clear cod soup and a cool cod soup, so you can mix it up according to your own style
The cod soup warms the whole body, and after emptying a bowl, the hangover will go away on its own. Even though it's cooked with the skin of the cod, there's no fishy flavor at all, and you can enjoy the rich flavor because it's full of large cod meat. It's open 24 hours a day, so it's a good idea to check it out .

4. New Haejang Food Onban, Ilsan's 'Daedongguan'

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Onban is a traditional food from North Korea that is enjoyed in winter, and it is a type of janggukbab made by topping rice with water made from
orphans of pheasant or beef
. It is also characterized by putting Nok Dujeon as a garnish. The characteristic of Daedonggwan, located in Ilsan, is that the broth is clear using beef broth that removes fat, and it is good to soothe a bitter stomach by following Pyongyang without extra seasoning or seasoning. The soy sauce stew that comes with it can be seasoned by adding it to the gukbap, but if you eat it with jijimi on top of the rice, the flavor is also excellent. In addition to jijimi, it also has garnishes such as Pyongyang-style gyoza, boiled pork, and egg jidan,
so you can enjoy it to the fullest

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â–²Shikigami Eunae Ko's review: It's nice that the liver isn't strong. If you like chili powder and salty things, you won't like it
. The soba flavor of the noodles is just right! â–² Business hours: 11:00-21:30 â–² Location: 890-1 Janghang-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do â–² Price range: 10,000 to 30,000 won

5. 'Cheongjinok', which has a history of 80 years

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“Cheongjin-ok”'s Haejang soup, which is mainly made from soyang and seonji, is not a spicy soup, but a clear type of soup. In particular, the
freshness of seonji is good, so it fits the tastes of people who don't usually eat seonji, and
the broth made with seonji is strangely savory, yet it contains plenty of Chinese
cabbage, and you can also enjoy a refreshing taste.
Cheongjinok's beef bone soup, which is not very common, is not a bit greasy
because it soothes a hangover, but it
certainly has a charm that has attracted people for a long time. Note that if you go to Haejang, you might even shout for a bottle of soju.



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