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korean restaurant / [Hapjeong-dong] Ray Restaurant – 744

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I went to Raiki Diner ,

Seogyo-dong Rei Restaurant
, a restaurant that brings joy. It's a restaurant that is famous among blog neighbors and is also widely known through social media such as Instagram. There are so many people looking for it, so you have to wait while you go to this restaurant. The area name is displayed as “Hongdae/ Hapjeong,” but the nearest station is Mangwon Station (Line 6), which is about a 10-15 minute walk from Hapjeong Station. Please check the bottom of the post for menu and price information .

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< Ray Restaurant Business Hours >

Lunch 11:30 ~ 15:00

Break Time 15:00 ~ 17:30

Dinner 17:30 ~

Phone Number: 02-3 26-0090

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On the last day of January, I visited Ray Restaurant around 12:30 on Sunday. Again, the restaurant was full, and I waited for 2 to 30 minutes. Chairs for waiting guests.

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I really like restaurants and cafes with flowers on the table.

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Korean Beef Marbled Yakiniku Pasta (14,000)

Homemade Hamburg Steak Set Meal (13,000)

Butagakuni (simmered in sauce)
Steamed pork belly) Set meal (13,000)

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Butagakuni set meal (13,000)

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The main dish is pork belly simmered in soy sauce, and is served with bok choy, oyster mushrooms, and poached egg.

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The menu I ordered was a Japanese home-cooked meal called butagakuni. I had eaten all the other menus, so I ordered a set meal with the strangest name. Putting poached eggs on the plate was impressive. Even cooking poached eggs at home is burdensome, and it's hard to find them in restaurants. Of all the dishes using eggs, I think this is the menu that requires the most care .

The steamed pork belly served as the main dish was a bit disappointing. I think you can think of the taste of pork stew that you can easily eat at home. However, unlike soy sauce stew, it is characterized by being very soft. When I was disappointed, the mustard on the other side caught my eye. I dipped it slightly into the meat and it was much more delicious. If you eat butagakuni, be sure to dip it in mustard ,

but if you don't mind, I recommend ordering a different menu.

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The salad that comes with it. I'm not particularly looking for corn corn, but sometimes I think it's delicious when eaten on a salad.

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1458544971782788 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

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A companion ordered “Korean beef marbled yakiniku pasta. ” Actually , it was a menu I wanted to eat, but for some reason, if I went to a restaurant that sells a one-person menu, I would have to try something different I feel the same way. That way we can enjoy each other little by little. So I gave way to my friend and it was delicious. I thought I'd just let them do it I'm going to eat this

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Korean beef marbled yakiniku (grilled beef) pasta is pasta made with marbled Korean beef, chives , garlic chips, and poached egg. When I bought pasta outside, I always felt that the amount was very insufficient , but Rei Diner is very friendly. I was moved by the pasta that filled the plate with no empty space, and I was impressed once again by the taste .

Rei Restaurant is said to have a popular Japanese pasta menu. Our marbled Korean beef yakiniku pasta, including mentaiko cream pasta, and toppa topped with grilled chicken thighs (long..) It is said to be the best menu.

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Homemade hamburger steak set meal. Instead of a poached egg, a fried egg is added to the hamburger set meal. A thick hamburger steak is hidden under the fried egg. I tasted it a little bit, but the meat of the hambak steak itself is well soaked in flavor. I think it might be a bit salty for those who are tired of eating it. (Because I did) It's as tasty as a restaurant specializing in hambak steak. If rice is more appealing than pasta, I recommend this menu.

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Mini Korean beef marbled yakiniku pasta. They also hand out small side plates one by one so that they can be shared nicely with each other. Ray Restaurant's sense of bringing it to you even if you don't ask for it! I like it.

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Ray Restaurant menu and price information

Drip coffee or organic herbal tea is served after the meal. There were so many customers waiting, so I wasn't in the mood to slowly enjoy tea time. I was planning to go to the cafe separately anyway, so I went out lightly .

The staff were also very kind, and it was nice that the atmosphere in the store was warm. The food was also clean and delicious. In particular, the marbled yakiniku pasta with Korean beef was a hit with taste. My friends didn't have many reactions, so I didn't have any special comments .

The atmosphere is good, the taste is good and friendly. It seems like they have all the trifecta of restaurants. That's probably why there are so many customers who visit Ray Restaurant two or three times .

Rei Diner brings joy. It's fine




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