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korean restaurant / Heukseok-dong handmade pork cutlet – 518

The hidden pearl in the market, not meat!

All-you-can-eat homemade pork cutlet set of 3

A very tiring day, the so-called “merry day”. We'll send you a message when it's close to lunchtime.

“Shall we eat meat for lunch today?” About half the chance “hahahahahahahahahaha”, or “seriously?” That's the answer.

Yes, I'm serious! Are there any meat-only foods when you're tired? If you have it, please come out!!!

(If I don't usually eat anything because I can't eat anything, it's proof that my stamina dropped that day when I praised meat. I need protein ah ah..)

In fact, “meat” was a food that the great leader of our history, King Sejong the Great loved very much. There is a story that they wouldn't eat a meal without meat at all. If you think about your health, even if you don't eat every meal like Daewang, your stomach will feel full and not only will you improve your physical strength, but you will also feel better. In fact, meat is rich in vitamin B12, which enhances immune function, stabilizes the nervous system, and helps cell regeneration. But when I regained my sense of reason, I was overwhelmed… I'm worried about the credit card price because I should have a quick meal this evening. Grilled yakiniku restaurants as well as homemade pork cutlets are easily over 10,000 won per serving. Meat, your food… (torr)

It was a tough and difficult way to greet Mr. Meat… though! Who are we? Isn't it Hyeja Gourmet Road? Here is a high-quality Hyeja restaurant that will bring joy to meat lovers with a round of joy. Chicken, pork, and beef that you can enjoy for only 7,000 won – a set of 3 homemade pork cutlets! Is it 7,000 won for one set? A, can you handle the Hyeja Gourmet title like that?

Here, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat homemade pork cutlets for 7,000 won per person!

Be sure to find the pearl or meat hidden in Heukseok-dong Market and set out to “Heukseok-dong handmade pork cutlet”!

1445935999481212 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

If you walk through the alley next to E-Mart in Heukseok-dong, you can clearly see the entrance to the alley market.

1445936003692213 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

If you go inside, there is a black sudon butcher shop at the intersection (?) is coming out.

1445936006712214 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

If you turn left from here, there is a handmade pork cutlet shop in Heukseok-dong right in front of you.

1445936010203215 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

I finally found it! “All-you-can-eat refill 7,000 won”!

At a handmade pork cutlet restaurant in Heukseok-dong, you can buy pork cutlets that haven't been deep-fried yet and grilled rice cake galbi separately. So at first glance, it wasn't a restaurant to eat inside; it looked like a takeout shop, so I wasn't sure if it was a restaurant until I went right in front of it. Even first-time visitors may be as perplexed as me because the location is slightly different from the map app, so be sure to remember to turn left at the market alley intersection~ (I lost my way 10 meters in front of the street and was stumped for a while… Thank you, Mrs. Yakult, for helping me.)
For takeout, five pieces of teokgalbi are sold for 10,000 won, and pork cutlets are weighed and sold with sauce.
There were as many people who bought it as there were people who came in to eat it.

1445936013619216 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Pork waits after getting ready to decorate the tempura cloth~

1445936017051217 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Tteokgalbi, which has been aged for two days, is also preparing for the competition with expert hands!

1445936872522244 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Tteokgalbi is turning into a whole, golden brown and tasty piece.

As the trade name “homemade pork cutlet” suggests, all of the pork cutlets and hamburger steaks here were handmade and made in front of the store for customers to see. In particular, hambak steak has a separate cellar, so it is said that after two days of aging, it is cooked and served when it is most delicious~ “~” just the sound of the aged tteokgalbi clinging to the hands…!! Ah, salivary gland sniper! I don't think I can do it~ I'll go in! Note that food prices are prepaid. The hawk-eyed aunt at the entrance of the store only lets customers who have paid enter. Credit cards and cash are all OK~

1445936878367245 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

A compact interior that can seat 32 people

1445936882884246 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Wow, a famous restaurant certification that has already been introduced a lot on the broadcast~!

1445936886405247 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Buffet-style self bar. All food and tools are self-service.

1445936890132248 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Clean chicken cutlet (back), pork cutlet (left front), teokgalbi (right front)

If there's a clean seat, it's so busy that there's no separate guide. Sit back, unpack your luggage, go straight to the vending machine inside the store, and you're ready to eat! Just like the phrase “buffet-style self,” the plates, bowls, spoons, forks, and knives all come with the food, so be sure to bring your own. Ah, of course, water and drinks are also on your own. The menu is very simple: 3 types of pork cutlets, soup, salad, dumplings, and rice. And kakuteki, pickled daikon, and pickles are all. (The store explains how to make and eat a tteokgalbi burger with these ingredients… not having bread is a trap lol) First, let's put each type on a plate one by one. My stomach was empty~ Well, as someone who has eaten it, I'd like to explain how to enjoy pork cutlets here a hundred times, first cut them into small pieces and then taste them first. Also, focus on pork cutlet that suits your taste~!!! I recommend it. (I only picked up the big ones… I wanted to eat more, but I could eat more… My stomach, more… haha)

1445936894039249 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

There are two types of sauces: regular sauce and spicy sauce

1445936898616251 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Glazed Tteokgalbi and crispy pork cutlet

1445936902955252 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Externally indistinguishable pork cutlet (front) and chicken cutlet (middle)

1445936907379253 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Pork cutlet with salad sauce. I was surprised that it was so delicious~

There are two types of sauces: regular sauce and spicy sauce, so if you like spiciness, you may be a little disappointed. It wasn't very spicy~ Just slightly spicy? Even those who don't like spicy food can feel free to try it out. I mixed the two sauces. It was sweet and spicy, so it was delicious~ The other one was regular, one was spicy sauce, and the other was sprinkled with salad sauce, but oh! The freshness of the salad sauce went surprisingly well with the pork cutlet. (In fact, they mistook it for cream sauce and sprayed it)

1445936911391254 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Shall we try it now? Gently sliced pork cutlet!

1445936915266255 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Regular pork cutlet. The batter is thinner than I thought! Crispy & moist

1445936919612256 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Soft chicken gas.

1445936924020257 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Juicy paulowtail tteokgalbi

Often, there are “king tonkatsu” restaurants one by one in the university district. When I went to school, there was a very famous pork cutlet restaurant, and half of the thickness of the pork cutlet was tempura batter. It was also slightly soggy… Actually, I thought it would be similar if it were an all-you-can-refill, but nono!
I apologize to the homemade pork cutlet in Heukseok-dong. The strengths of this place are the thin, crispy tempura batter and the moist texture of the meat! Just one basket (?) Fry just before the portion runs out. That's why you can enjoy crispy and hot pork cutlets even at lunchtime when there are lots of people. The outside is crispy and the inside is moist, pork for pork, chicken for chicken, and teokgalbi for teokgalbi. Since each meat has its own texture and contains a lot of juice, the juice splashes on the clothes when cutting the teokgalbi… haha (I'm glad it's black), it's OK to splash! This is a real gourmet restaurant! Hooray for the meat~~
The side dish, the red pepper dumpling, has a pepper flavor, but strangely, it's not spicy. These dumplings are also made directly from here! They don't make them; they buy gyoza made from other places every day~ In my opinion, I recommend focusing on pork cutlets rather than side menus such as soup or gyoza. As soon as I was disappointed to be able to eat only one type of pork cutlet, a banner inside the store caught my eye. One sheet of pork cutlet is 150 grams, and one sheet of teokgalbi is 170 grams. In other words, after eating three pieces, we ate 470 grams, which is close to 1.5 servings of pork belly! That's enough… well, it was okay to eat, right?
The secret to being able to refill such delicious, high-quality homemade pork cutlets for only 7,000 won? I asked the boss. There are times when they make little profit, but that's because they are directly connected to the butcher shop. All of the meat sold at Heukseok-dong's handmade pork cutlet is brought from the Heuksudon butcher shop at the intersection of the market. That's why we can supply fresh and tasty meat at a reasonable price. When I stopped by the butcher shop for a while on the way by, the boss who was preparing the meat smiled brightly and told me. “Yes! I make all the pork cutlets and rice cake galbi here and take them home.”

1445936928270258 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

The home of pork cutlets and teokgalbi, a butcher shop of black pork cutlets.

Oh, by the way, if you leave anything here, you'll be fined 2,000 won (environmental deductible). “If you leave food behind, everything becomes garbage, and Junjang is extremely damaging. The phrase “Please cooperate so that we can get to 7,000 won like this” is also written, but it's an affectionate sentence, but I'm afraid that the price will rise because there are a lot of customers left behind… am I the only one?

There are a lot of customers, but the turnover rate is fast, so even if you go at mealtime, you won't have to wait long. If you're still worried, nearby office workers visit between 12:00 and 1:00, so if you go at other times, you can enjoy a more relaxed meal. If you miss meat on a day without energy, I highly recommend the homemade pork cutlet in Heukseok-dong (I think you should stop by and buy some teokgalbi that you fell in love with the juicy~)

[Store Information]

① Address: 13, Seodal-ro 12-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul (97-40 Heukseok-dong)

② Menu: Adults 7,000 won, children 3,000 won to 5,000 won

③ Business hours: 10:30 ~ 20:30

④ Shikigami's one-line review: The side menu is fine… but the 3 types of pork cutlets, especially the Tteokgalbi, are the best value for money! I highly recommend it~ ♡

⑤ Hyeja Index: 9 points!



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