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korean restaurant / Hot ice cream festival among social media users – 19

In summer, when humid air and strong sunlight seem to be penetrating the skin, there are times when I envy even the scene where Mo Pro pours ice as a penalty. It’s nice, but when it’s really hot, I really think of a bowl of shaved ice floated with adzuki beans on ice. When I was a student, the shaved ice in my memory was ice made with a rough shaved water machine, canned red beans, chewy mochi, a few slices of jelly, and condensed milk, and served in a colorful plastic cup. At the end, the lady said, âShall I pour chocolate syrup? Shall I pour strawberry syrup on it?â I was always deeply troubled when asked. Compared to the past, shaved water has evolved a lot these days. There are various types of shaved ice, and there are different shapes of ice as well as fruit shaved ice. If you want to find the perfect shaved ice for your taste, pay attention to this article. Here are some shaved ice restaurants that have received rave reviews from social media users.

1. Red beans carefully cooked in a cauldron <ê²½ì±í¥ì§ ì¥ë£¨ëª½ (íëì ) > (link)

If you want to taste shaved ice at Kyungsung Red Bean Shop Okurumong, famous for its traditional cauldron shaved ice in Hongdae, you have to endure a huge wait, similar to waiting for a ride. Waiting outside on a sunny summer day isn’t that difficult, but the shaved ice flavor you enjoy after waiting is definitely excellent. Okurumon’s shaved ice cream is sweet, savory, and refreshingly flavored, filled like muck rice in a brass bowl, and topped with light-flavored adzuki beans and 2 daifuku. The fact that adzuki beans are cooked directly in a cauldron on one side of the store makes me even more believable. The traditional shaved ice of the cauldron (8,000 won) and green tea shaved ice (9,000 won) are famous.

1416881517776688 Korean Food September 16th, 2023

1416881522663689 Korean Food September 16th, 2023

Image source: Shikigami user review

â² GOOD: Rich and savory milk ice cream and unsweetened red beans~~!! (Mr. Jang Mae-ri, the god of food)

â² BAD: The amount is a little small compared to the price.. (Mr. Suda Shikigami)

2. It boasts a 31-year history. <ë°í (본ì ) >( Shortcut)

Miltop, which began with the opening of the main branch of Hyundai Department Store in 1985, is a powerful shaved ice specialty store that created a trend not by âcoming to a department store and eating shaved ice,â but by âcoming to a department store to eat shaved water and then shopping.â At the beginning of the opening, they sold fresh fruit drinks, but one day, milk shaved ice, which was sold by chance, became a huge hit, and the business completely changed. Milk shaved ice (8,000 won), which has an excellent combination of soft ice like a snowflake mixed with milk and condensed milk and sweet red beans, is the most famous. Miltop plans to open its first overseas store in San Francisco next month, July, for the first time in Korea. If you haven’t tried Miltop’s shaved bean paste, which is now a popular dessert in the world, be sure to try it this summer

1416881541067693 Korean Food September 16th, 2023

1416881549360695 Korean Food September 16th, 2023

Image source: Shikigami user review

â² GOOD: Shaved ice that tastes good from the olden days, not shaved ice that contains fruit or chocolate, it’s so good~ (Mr. Shikigin Pigeon)

â² BAD: It’s only been a few weeks since I arrived, but the price of shaved ice went up~ (Mr. Shikigami Pikoku)

3. Simple yet basic flavors <ëë¹ê³ > (link)

Dongbingo, which is known as one of the top three shaved ice restaurants in Seoul along with Okurumong and Miltop, is a small ice cream shop located in Ichon-dong. Ice made from finely ground milk is popular, but Dongbingo’s ice has retained the old method of being large. The red bean paste, which is carefully made every day using good domestic adzuki beans, is full of its suppleness. The shop is a bit cramped, so there are always waits, but there are chairs outside the store where you can sit and wait. Famous shaved ice (6,500 won) and royal milk tea shaved water (7,000 won), which is full of the rich and aromatic scent of black tea.

â² GOOD: Milk tea shaved water that gently blends bananas and nuts is really delicious (Mr. Serendiff, the god of food)

â² BAD: The store is narrow and the line is always long, but the packaging seems better (Mr. Nasan Kim, Shikigami)

4. Snowflake shavings with fine ice quality <í¸ë°ë°­ (ì ì´) > (link)

Since shaved water became luxurious, finely ground ice became a standard for shaved ice flavor, and ice from rye fields truly boasts the highest level of fine ice quality in Korea. When you order shaved ice, the clean and clean ice that comes out as if it were filled with a shovel of snow makes you feel really excited. Adzuki beans and daifuku are served separately from shaved water so that they can be eaten while adjusting the amount of red beans. The ice itself has a sweet flavor, so adzuki beans aren’t really necessary. Famous for its savory and sweet milk-flavored milk shaved water (5,500 won), and green tea shaved ice (6,500 won), which has a fresh and rich matcha flavor.

1416881582076697 jpg Korean Food September 16th, 2023

Image source: Shikigami user review

â² GOOD: The adzuki beans come separately, so you can eat whatever you like~ Soft and tasty shaved ice (Mr. Kripika the god of eating)

â² BAD: The ice of milk shaved water is soft, but it’s too sweet for my taste. (Mr. Shikigami Bundle)

5. Taiwan shaved ice with unique taste and texture <í¸ë¯¸ë¹> (link)

Homibing, which means âice with good taste,â is a Taiwanese ice cream collection recently opened by comedian Yoo Sang-mu. This place, where you eat a variety of menus and toppings on ice shaved water with a unique texture, opened just a short time ago, but it’s always full of people because of its unique flavor of shaved ice. The white container box passes through the clean exterior and looks small and cool, and many people are sitting all over the place enjoying shaved ice. The names of shaved ice are also interesting, such as Gungye Ilhak (mango shaved ice. 10,000 won), Mooreungdowon (milk tea shaved water. 9,000 won), and Kyungguk Jisak (taro shaved ice. 9,000 won). The ice cream, which has a unique texture like a thin layer of paper, and various toppings are both pleasing to the eye and easy to eat. Mango shavings are the most popular because they are topped with a whole raw mango.

â² GOOD: Shaved ice isn’t cheap, but it’s unusual and delicious hehe (Shikigami Yuka)

â² BAD: Reminiscent of eating mango shaved ice in Taiwan, I went there, but it fell a little bit (Mr. Yatta, the god of food)

6. Popular these days! Sulbing with savory Injeolmi (Myeongdong branch) (Link)

Seolbing, which began as a small ice cream shop in Namcheon-dong, Busan, is an ice cream shop that has now chain stores in every popular place in Seoul after evaluating Busan by its flavor alone. As expected, when I was standing while accepting the wait, I noticed the shaved ice menu hanging all over the store. The store is big and has lots of tables, so you can chat with friends who have visited with you for a while, and when you pick what to eat, your turn comes right back. Injeolmisulbing (7,000 won), which contains plenty of Injeolmi powder and small Injeolmi mochi on finely ground ice cream made from frozen milk, and Cheese Seolbing (9,000 won), which is topped with thick slices of cheese, nuts, and vanilla ice cream.

â² GOOD: Injeolmi powder is so delicious~ It’s my favorite ice cream shop!! (Dear Honey Jam, Shikigami)

â² BAD: The table is so cramped and noisy, but it’s so famous that I can’t help it! (Dear Shikigami Sarangbi!)

7. Double the pleasure with the taste! Bing Bing Bing (Hongdae Branch ) (Link)

Hongdae Bing Bing Bing is located inside âCha Woong Ga,â which opened its doors after remodeling a 90-year-old hanok. When you walk through the main gate of the hanok, you’ll see a small courtyard with an open sky, where you can place an order and take a seat at the cafe. The interior is decorated in a cute way with jangdokdae and flowers all over the place, making it so cute. This place is famous for its soft milk shaved water (5,500 won) and classic shaved ice (7,700 won). The ice milk ice, which is finely ground like sleet, makes you feel refreshed, as if you were eating it with your eyes open. It melts in the mouth without being chewed.

1416881603222699 Korean Food September 16th, 2023

1416881607452700 Korean Food September 16th, 2023

Image source: Shikigami user review

â² GOOD: If you bring snow to make shaved water, would it taste like this? The best shaved ice ever! (Shikigami June28th)

â² BAD: Lemon shaved water~ Less refreshing than I thought, it tastes like aid (Makoman Shikigin)



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