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korean restaurant / Hot tea when the wind blows, 5 traditional tea specialty stores – 498

After the welcome fall rain that soaked the dry autumn ground stopped, the temperature dropped so much that it felt chilly even during the day.

When the cool wind starts to blow through my collar, I think of warm coffee that will melt my cold hands rather than the cold iced drinks I drank in the summer. Coffee is good, but recently there have been a lot more people who enjoy various types of teas (teas) that have different charms from coffee in terms of aroma, flavor, and color. In particular, traditional tea specialty stores are visited by many Koreans and foreigners alike because they can enjoy a cozy and quiet atmosphere along with deep-scented tea.

Today, the SNS Taste Appraisal Group will introduce 5 traditional tea specialty stores that will add a deepening autumn atmosphere and protect health during the transit season.

1. Enjoy the scent of autumn with Gwangneung Arboretum at 'Thousand Years Teahouse'

It is a well-decorated garden during the day, and at night, it is a place that welcomes visitors by illuminating the night with colorful lanterns with the name of the teahouse written on it. This is a millennial teahouse located in Pocheon. Sennen Teahouse is a traditional tea specialty store that offers traditional teas such as Sennen tea (Ssanghwa tea), as well as real tea, and Schisandra tea. Tea is served with refreshments, and I didn't forget the sense of supporting the candle to keep the tea from cooling. The Thousand Year Tea House is only 5 minutes away by car from Gwangneung Arboretum, so I recommend visiting the two places together to enjoy autumn

1445220064023633 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

1445220069192635 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

â–²Shikigami Pink Rabbit Piggy Bank's review: I think a place like this is a real gourmet restaurant.

â–²Business hours: 11:00:30 â–²Location: 358-2, Jikdong-ri, Soheul-eup, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

â–²Price range: Thousand year tea 6,000 won/Chrysanthemum wine 7,000 won

2. A traditional teahouse with a rustic and cozy interior, “Moonbirds only think about the moon”

A traditional teahouse located in Insa-dong, “Moon Bird Thinks Only the Moon” takes its name from the title of the famous poet Ryu Si-hwan's collection of poems. Although it is located on Ssamzi-gil in Insa-dong, which is bustling with crowds, it is small in size and is located inside an alley, so it is cozy and quiet. It is known to many Japanese and Chinese tourists, and it is also a place that is constantly visited by foreign visitors. They offer traditional teas such as mugwort tea, jujube tea, and ginger tea, which are good for health during the transit season, and various fermented teas, and you can enjoy a very deep flavor and aroma by boiling the ingredients yourself for 3 hours or more.

3. A traditional hanok teahouse perfect for fall, 'Shin Kyo-teahouse'

What would it feel like to sit in a warm, old-fashioned traditional hanok and drink traditional tea on a cool, windy day? A new old teahouse that has kept Insadong Alley for a long time can answer this question. The new old teahouse has a very Korean atmosphere by adding old-fashioned interior accessories to a store that hasn't been greatly modified from traditional hanok. Traditional homemade teas such as schisandra tea and quince tea are also impressive, and traditional liquors such as raspberry liquor and radish wine are also on offer. In particular, Shinyoku Teahouse confidently recommends that you try jujube shaved in summer, and the moderate sweetness and savory flavor of the grains created by combining jujube, whole red beans, soybean flour, and daifuku are excellent.

1445220112908636 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

1445220116549637 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

▲Shikigin-eok-san's review: An old traditional tea shop that fits in with Insadong, where there are many cafés, but it has a nice atmosphere, so it's a great place to think. ▲Opening hours: 11:00-22:00 ▲Location: 164 Gwanhoon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul ▲Price range: Traditional tea 6,000 won

4. Jongmyo Stone Wall Sunra-gil Open Air Cafe, 'Yes Cafe'

Jongmyo Shrine is famous for its beautiful autumn leaves in Seoul. Since it is a shrine dedicated to the king and queen of the Joseon Dynasty, the architecture is majestic and the landscape is beautiful. Ye Café is located on Jongmyo Seosunra-gil, an impressive stone wall path that crosses Jongmyo mausoleum next to it. Basically, it is a coffee specialty store, but in order to introduce traditional Korean tea to foreign tourists visiting Jongmyo, they also sell traditional tea and red bean paste, and even have Moritz beer and panini. Since the cafe is small, there are outdoor tables, so you can enjoy tea under the clear autumn sky.

1445220144317638 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

1445220155778639 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

â–²Shikigami Intelwin's review: A place where you can enjoy a clear autumn sky and tea in the middle of the day!

â–²Opening hours: 08:30 ~ 20:30 â–²Location: 1st floor, 12-4, Bongik-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: 2,500 won for coffee, 5,000 won for traditional tea

5. Enjoy the flavors of autumn with Gugak, 'Traditional Dawon'

Traditional Dawon is a teahouse located in the Kyungin Museum of Art, which was renovated by Lee Geumhong in 1983 from Park Young-hyo's mansion, which was a blooming school in the Joseon Dynasty. In the spacious courtyard of 500 square meters, large and small trees surround the museum and Dawon, and Gugak is quietly flowing, making you feel as if you are inside Sansa Temple. They also sell coffee, ice cream, and mochi. In particular, assorted mochi is a popular menu that many people are looking for along with jujube tea, which is the signature dish of this place, because you can enjoy several types of mochi at once. We recommend enjoying the autumn atmosphere and exhibitions along with deep-scented traditional teas.

1445220197673643 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

1445220202233645 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

â–²Shikigami Catherine Ahn's review: Just stop the quiet atmosphere. A place that foreign friends will love. It's in the middle of downtown Seoul, but it doesn't seem like it's in the middle, and I can feel peaceful.

â–²Opening hours: 10:00-22:50 â–²Location: 11-4, Insadong 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (inside Kyungin Museum of Art)

â–²Price range: Jujube tea 8,000 won, assorted mochi 4,000 won (tea may vary depending on season and supply of ingredients)



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