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korean restaurant / In search of Milan Gamjatang, Five Gamjatang – 392

Daehak-ro Gourmet Gogamjatang

(In search of the lost Gamjatang in Milan)

Milan, the city of international fashion

Various design events are held every year

Like a place, it presents a variety of charms

However, behind the reflection of the gorgeous look

Strangers with their own stories

Story clothes may be more colorful

When I went to study abroad believing only in my passion for cooking

I studied pasta as a specialty, but

I was also able to learn about pizza through work

In Italy, when foreigners study

I had to learn how to cook without pay

However, it was made with imminent and painstaking labor

I learned about pizza and panini by paying

For international students who need room or living expenses

Ssamjitdon was like an oasis in the desert

My body was exhausted by living in a remote country

Sometimes I feel bad when I get sick

Thoughts of family began to soar

Every time that happens, the food I'm looking for here

It was there, but my Italian grandmother

It was a minestrone that I made myself

Fresh tomatoes and melted cheese

The rich flavor that comes in as you boil

I emptied a few bowls because it was attractive

After coming back to the country I missed

When I worked as a chef, I was tired

The food I ate when I was studying in Italy

A corner of my heart filled with memories

This is because it used to get really sour

In a place that is now my second home

A story about food eaten while swallowing longing

It's time to unravel

Scroll stop

The story above is Daehakro <핏제리아오>

Chef Park In-kyu's story is my own

I tried it in an adaptation (What are you lol)

I studied in Italy and France

Served as the head chef <보나세라>

Until it succeeds <핏제리아오>

It's a check that you did a big part

This time, with the food I enjoyed when I was studying abroad

You <오감자탕> also contributed to the launch, right?

Well, rather than the lost “Minestrone”

It will become more known as “Milan Gamjatang”

It's rare to follow Bobby Chung there~^

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Today's menus

1438923909310395 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Daehakro Gourmet Ogamjatang…

Take Exit 1 of Hyehwa Station (Line 4)

If it's a 5 minute walk

Arrives quickly.

As I said before <핏제리아오>

Then at Daehakro <순대실록>

It's the third restaurant to launch

Because the previous two brands did well

I was also curious and found The Lab.

Visit Daehak-ro <핏제리아오>

1438923915177396 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Visit Daehak-ro <순대실록>

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1438923933597398 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Here's the menu

1438923942495399 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

They serve basic dishes first

1438923946044400 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

What's interesting is this tomato kimchi

I used cherry tomatoes

Juicy yet seasoned crab

Good for the taste of Korean people

I've always been a side dish at yakiniku restaurants

I said I'd like to do it, but…

A great item at a stylish yakiniku restaurant

Even in the form of Itaewon <중심별곡>

I think it's a good idea to refer to it

Visit Itaewon <중심별곡>

1438923953535401 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

1438923958993402 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

This guy will give you an amazing transformation…

1438923965546403 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Think of it as an appetizer, choice

I tried it because I wanted to eat it simply

1438923980645404 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

To make the most of the natural flavor of whole potatoes

It is said to be a soup made by mixing it on the spot

Something that is moist but also chewy

It's delicious, and above all, when it's warm

I recommend you try it 🙂

1438924668105428 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Milan Gamjatan (28,000)

If you spray it on a clean induction heater, place it

I chose a pig over a cow, but

They say beef is more delicious, huh

Anyway, I decided to try it next time…

1438924004240406 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Tomato and meat broth stewed for 3 hours

Minestrone-style gamjatang

I can see the octopus and the panne is in the same position

It's good that tomatoes, arugula, etc. are colorful

1438924010869407 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

We have to start the war

I'm going to eat Parmesan cheese

Oh great lol lol

1438924016438408 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

You have to let it melt very hard ><

1438924028247410 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Once it has boiled to a certain extent, add the cream sauce

As it softens, the flavor doubles

The aroma is good, and of course it has a refreshing taste

You don't have to put it in if you prefer

1438924035548411 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

The pork's backbone is strong

Where it comes from is important.

There are many things that have less fat on the bones

I have my own grievances these days

It's a problem with a gamjatang restaurant.

1438924051940412 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

It's different from traditional minestrone

Yo Bi-chum is definitely our gamjatang and

It looks similar, even the sauce

1438924060121413 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Parpeli seems to fly like a butterfly

Gamjatang must have potatoes after all JM

There are plenty of tomatoes and octopus

Certainly, the more you boil it, the more its value becomes apparent

If you think it's a little chewy, eat it

Nongyuk is in tomato and deep broth

I can feel the taste even in the spine

I dare recommend it, so come and enjoy it

Ah, when I heard the etymology of gamjatang

A potato is called a part called gamjatang

There were people who were talking or not

Once upon a time, you couldn't put beef in soup and eat it

Common people put pork backbone and potatoes

The food I made was called gamjatang

However, at the time, the stock ingredient was named as a food

I used to put it on a lot, but it was pork bone soup

It must have been ambiguous to sing, then

Naturally, it was called Gamjatang…

1438924076356415 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

It doesn't end here

No, I see the end

Koreans finish eating out

Said it must have an impact…

1438924919459436 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Once again, Cheeselight That

The thing I made so gently…

1438924089840417 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Lee, Jo, and Tooh

It's not a resort

Go to a resort for a vacation now

It's difficult to read, why…

I mean, my vacation is over lol

I was so sad that I burst into tears…

A risotto with a rich flavor

It's definitely different from the previous fried rice

Even if you just look at melted cheese, huh

I don't think about the cost of raw materials here

Can you beat me? hahahaha

Tangy with a rich, green flavor

Trying to improve the texture…

It's good that it also contains plenty of tomatoes

1438924098631418 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

They say it's been a while since it opened

I was sitting until I finished the deadline…

Packed with sincerity with good ingredients

A place that always cares about dining out classics

But what's really fun is the item

In a country with conservative tastes

As an item I'm still not familiar with

It was courage that knocked on the door to the market

I copied it and used it rather than the starter

There are many cases where latecomers succeed

If it didn't work, “I thought so” or

Even if it were, “Will that last a long time?” Doing

I mean, it's going to get a lot of attention

But a person who looks the same on Earth

I don't have one, but until when will it be the same configuration

Should we compete based on the same concept?

Where can I find an item that can't be used?

There must be a strategy that doesn't work, hehe

Anyton's Gamjatang 3.0 <오감자탕>

I personally cheer for you

I wonder how they will solve it in the future~

I'll just disappear and come back tomorrow

You should shout before you finish, what?

Conquering restaurants is my goal

Can't spread the wings of a false character

Five Gamjatang

Business hours:

Phone number: 02-743-0055

Address: 1-49 Dongsung-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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