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korean restaurant / Italian & French fusion cuisine meets Hanbok – 535

1446543957221527 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Halfway between Itaewon and Hangangjin Station, there is a restaurant that looks like a pretty house when you walk near Leeum Museum of Art.

This is In the Lab (In the Lab) run by Chef Jang Hee-young, who was Culinary Lab Chef in Cheongdam-dong.

If you walk comfortably into the quiet alley atmosphere and the exterior of the building where someone seems to greet you with a smile, “Then where do you go?” You may come back and forth along with your worries. Why? This is because this is a hot spot known to everyone who knows it, and there are many group reservations.

When I came earlier, I was trying to pretend to be careless outside the restaurant, but when I saw people who had made a reservation leisurely walk into the store, I felt a sense of envy and “cheat.” I feel like doing it.

Wait! There's nothing to be envious of! We can enjoy a party just for ourselves here. with the chef.

Sunday November 8th at 5 p.m. Here's a very special chef's party for just 20 people.

Do I need an invitation? Of course it is! When applying, only 20 people need to enter on a first-come, first-served basis.

Business is now closed! Party starts~~

1446543963264529 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

IN THE LAB (IN THE LAB) is a mix-and-match restaurant that offers a variety of recipes, including fusion cuisine based on Italian and French cuisine, in a renovated home that makes use of a unique and comfortable atmosphere.

If you come to the party on this day, you can meet and hang out with Chef Jang Hee-young in person.

What if I'm already worried about what to do to get along? Don't worry. Chef Zhang's delicious food and alcohol will pour out without any time to worry.

1446545455430601 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

On this day, Chef Jang Hee-young made wagyu bulgogi (top row), which combines flavor and special sauce.

Mango shrimp salad with wine and a special sauce that is easy to eat (third row).

Pecan shrimp in homemade bread and Mexican grilled beef (pictured in the center) will be presented.

(Wagyu fire-sushi will be shown at the party that they make themselves.)

What kind of liquor goes well with such good food? This is another surprise. Wine and Kooksundang's premier premium liquors, Lee Hwa-ju, and Cheonggamju are on sale. (My Love, Your Love, Ewha Joo ♡ As an Ewha Joo enthusiast… If you've never experienced it… I definitely recommend that you try the texture of Ewha Ju yogurt or pudding! By all means! By the way, this is a very expensive drink… haha, there's no additional charge if you eat a lot! )

1446543967989530 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

The most important thing at a home party is food! However, just as important as the food is the view of the house. Thanks to the remodeled structure of a two-story detached house (Women's Romance~~~), there is a staircase next to the table. This structure, where you can look down at the stairs from the table…!

The appearance of entering the party hall wearing a similarly pretty dress and a nice tuxedo! It's a great structure for walking in pretty clothes.

OK, if so, why don't we start a show too~~?

This time it's Shin Hanbok, a hot trend in the fashion world these days.

If you're struggling to get enough energy from eating a lot, choose a design that's both relaxing and beautiful. That's the beauty of hanbok.

(Tight is definitely not because it's burdensome. My line is beautiful even when I'm hungry.))

(Interstyle) dining is a culture that connects people (people), space (), fashion, and food, and is characterized by the combination of dining and fashion in a private space. (* View an introduction to the previous party )

1446543977539532 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

The hanbok designs that you can try on for yourself at Chef Jang Hee-young's In the Lab party are designed by Lord Hanbok Yen's designer Kim Ye-eun. They are pursuing a new hanbok that can be worn in everyday life by getting a motif from our hanbok, and pioneering a genre called road hanbok (road hanbok), which evokes Korean images and feelings the moment they see it.

Now let's pick one of our favorite new hanbok to try on and walk down the stairs gracefully.

A pretty smile and a proud gait are all perfect, but if you don't know where to put your hands when you've lost their place to go,

Don't panic; listen to this party's sub-fashion runway item, the ragacho bag.

1446544019866535 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

RAGAZZO (RAGAZZO) is a luxury handmade women's leather bag brand with unique designs and details.

The bags with a design that looked like books were big bags and were always carrying old books or files in their hands,

It reminds me of municipal administration for freshmen in college. (And I always remember walking into the house and bending my arms…)

If it's an item in a genre you're always interested in but hard to challenge,

As an excuse for being drunk with delicious food, premium alcohol, people and atmosphere in our space together,

Armed with hot fashion items, let's proudly and have fun taking certified shots.

Meanwhile, 20 new friends that people liked will have been added to your social media.

1446544044286536 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Interstyle Dining Season 2's sixth party.

In the Lab (IN THE LAB) dining party in Hannam-dong is the most pleasant Sunday evening to overcome Monday sickness.

Dining application (first 20 people)

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