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korean restaurant / Jeonju Iksanjiap’, the original folk sundae town of Sillim-dong – 663

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If you think about Baekam Sundae, Byeongcheon Sundae, Sokcho Abai Sundae, and Jeonju Pisundae, there are many types of sundae from region to region.

In Seoul, when you think of sundae, the place that immediately comes to mind is Sillim-dong, but if you compare sundae from other regions before Sundae in other regions, it looks cheap with only vermicelli. There's nothing good about it, though. However, what sundae in Sillim-dong is famous for is not sundae itself, but stir-fried sundae.

Place plenty of sundae, finely chopped rice cake, offal, chewy noodles , cabbage, green onions, carrots, and sesame leaves on an iron plate and fry.

Since most sundae restaurants located in Sundae Town receive sundae from the same supplier, it is said that the quality of sundae is almost the same. However , there are differences in the amount of stir-fried ingredients, the style of the gochujang seasoning, and the owner's wife's personality.

I went up to the 3rd floor of Folk Sundae Town. As soon as you enter the entrance, the ladies' solicitation begins.

There are no regular restaurants I often go to, so I sat at Jeonju Iksan House No. 302, which caught my eye for the first time.

There are many local names in Jeolla-do, such as Jeonju Iksanjip. Because the owner is from Jeolla-do,

Also, I'm not from Jeolla-do, but there are many Jeolla-do people in Sillim-dong, so there's a perception that it tastes good when the name Jeolla-do is attached, so Jeolla-do It is said that there are various reasons why local trade names are used. The same is true now, but since Jeolla-do was marginalized from development during the industrialization period and was disadvantaged by regional discrimination from all sectors of society, the persistence of toxic trends towards people The fact that it exists is a well-known story.

Seeing the commercial name of Sundae Town and talking about the grim nature of regionalist politics that is prevalent in Korea is probably too ridiculous.

Key industries that have moved Korea since the military regime in the past, such as Pohang's steel industry, the Southeast Limhae Industrial Zone , Ulsan's oil refining, and Gumi's electronics It developed almost mainly in Gyeongsang-do. As industrialization took place, the share of agriculture in the Korean economy continued to decline, and Jeolla-do, an agricultural region, was marginalized and was unable to piggyback on industrialization. People flocked to Seoul from all over the country looking for jobs and food, but it is said that there were a lot of people from Jeolla-do. The areas around Shillim , Bongcheon, and Nangok traveled to Seoul in the 60s and forced people living in Panja-chon from the city center to the outskirts It's one of them .

The center of this area where common people gathered was Shillim Intersection, and there were 4 to 5 Sundae restaurants that operated at Shillim Market in the early 80s This is said to be the beginning of Sundae Town in Sillim-dong. Sundae stir-fried food, which used to fry various vegetables and sundae together on an iron plate, was a big hit, and people flocked in, and the number of sundae restaurants increased rapidly. It is the sundae stir-fry that is now called baeksundae without gochujang seasoning.

To make up for a boring liver, they started adding gochujang seasoning, and a spicy stir-fried menu with condiments was also introduced.

The red stir-fried ones are sundae giblets, and the ones that can be eaten with the sauce separately are baeksundae. It seems similar to the concept of book-pok-pok .

The current original folk town of Sundae was built due to local development, and 68 Sundae houses that received residency permits came in and opened in 1992 It is said to have opened it. It is said that Yangji Sundae Town, which is right next door, was renovated from the Yangji Hospital building and has Sundae houses on the 2nd to 5th floors.

Seeing that Jeonju Iksan House has been in business for over 25 years, it seems that they have been in business since the early days when Sundae Town was established. I don't watch TV very well, and I'm not sure what kind of program it is, but I even appeared in a professional called KBS2 Meal God. I don't know how they were selected from these many similar sundae restaurants in Sundae Town, but I think it's because there's something worthy of recognition .

Most of the Sundae restaurants I visited in Sundae Town offered drinks as a service, were kind, and generous. There was also a friendly boss at Jeonju Iksan House, who gave him pufferfish paste mixed with soju and sweet sake made by hand. Refreshing sweet sake was better than carbonated drinks because it felt good on the palate with a cup of soju. I think I'll find this house the next time I visit Sundae Town in Sillim-dong because of this sweet sake

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Jeonju Iksan House on the 3rd floor of Sundae Town, the original folk town of Sillim-dong.

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Menus and prices. The signature menu, sundae giblets and baeksundae, is 14,000 won for 2 servings.

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Baeksundae was first placed on an iron plate. There are plenty of things such as sundae , offal, mochi, cabbage, and chewy noodles.

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I also ordered sundae offal stir-fried with gochujang sauce. It is topped with plenty of sesame leaves and red pepper powder.

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Refreshing homemade sweet sake and pufferfish liquid that can be eaten in addition to soju.

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Baeksundae is prepared separately so that it can be dipped in gochujang sauce.

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Seasoned sundae giblets.

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Leek added as a service.

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Address: 302, 3rd Floor, Wonjo Folk Sundae Town, 1640-31, Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul

Tel: 02-888-8496/010-8760-0763

Reservations, delivery, and packaging are available.

Opening hours: 9 a.m. 2 a.m.



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