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korean restaurant / Let’s meet sometime, there | Daejeon Chungnam Top Tourist Attractions – 179

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I have a first impression of both the destination and the destination. Also, the first impression of an unfamiliar tourist destination is usually determined by a few images. Here, the best tourist spots in Daejeon and Chungnam, which are less known as tourist destinations, were gathered. When I looked over the bookshelf as if I were careless, the moment I thought, “Where is it?” If there's a place you can check back on, take a peek at it. While enjoying that excitement with the thought of “I'll leave someday.”

Editor Park Eun-kyung

Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Daejeon

Gyeshuk Mountain Hwangtok Road

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On Gyejok Mountain, which rises on the east side of Daejeon, there is a red hwangtok path that goes back and forth along the hillside. People walk this path barefoot. It's not just an imitation experience course. The forest road (14.5 km), which starts at Jangdong Forest Beach and returns to its origin, was covered with soft red clay. Among them, the 1.5-kilometer Hwangtok Trail at the entrance is the most comfortable and nice to walk barefoot.

Hwangtok Road stretches gently uphill from the entrance. As soon as you take off your shoes and set the bottom of Minge's foot on the ground, moist red clay bursts through your toes. It feels slippery and soft to the touch, and the heart hardened on the asphalt bends like a peek.

After passing through the venue where a concert in the forest is held every weekend from April to October, a gentle flat area continues. As long as you don't climb Gyejoksan Castle, the path continues smoothly, and anyone can walk there comfortably. The way to take a break, such as a place to wash your feet in the middle, is also well-paved, so it's a great place to cool off your sweat and relax. Recently, a deck road has been set up from the entrance to the venue, so strollers and wheelchairs can climb as if they were taking a walk.

You can usually walk back and forth on Hwangtok Road in about five hours. However, there is no need to aim to finish a casual outing. Even if you walk as long as you want, it's enough to help you feel refreshed.

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If you have the strength or time to spare, I recommend going up to Gyejok Mountain. After walking along Hwangjok Road for about an hour, you'll see a guide sign for Gyejok Mountain. The road to the mountain castle is a bit steep, so it's a good idea to wear shoes. After walking up the mountain path for about 15 minutes, you'll see a mountain castle surrounded by folding screens along the ridge. Gyezoku Sanseong was built in Silla during the Three Kingdoms period, indicating that this area was strategically important at the time. 79-70, Sandi-ro, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon. Contact Gyejoksan Jangdong Forest Beach 042-623-9909

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Cheongyang 6 views

Chilgapsan Jangseung Park

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The most popular tourist attraction in Cheongyang, Chungcheongnam-do, is definitely Chilgapsan Mountain. This can be seen only by looking at the foot of Chilgapsan Mountain (Chilgapsan Mountain, Janggok Temple, Jangseung Park, Jicheon Gugok, Observatory, and Cheonjangho Swing Bridge) at the foot of Mt. Chilgapsan. Among them, Jangseung Park is an eye-catching tourist attraction with an unusual atmosphere. Cheongyang is a place with many origins and legends about Jangseung, and it has long been established as the best Jangseung cultural preservation area in Korea, including the Jangseung Festival.

Jangseung, built in Jangseung Park, has approximately 350 points. Jang Seung of various faces from home and abroad gathered together, including the nation's largest general in the world, with a height of 11.5 meters, and the underground female general.

1426490274610199 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

1426490281705200 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

Jang Seung, who lined up along the park and roadside, had a lot of fun looking at his facial expressions. Some things are humorous, sometimes dreadful, and after being infinitely sad, they are happy again. It was originally known that Jang Seung had a face full of people's emotions. This is why the fearsome Jang Seung appears when the country is in shambles, and the peaceful Jang Seung is often seen in Taipingseongdae.

On one side of the park, there is Jang Seung's tomb, where old Jang Seung's tomb was collected. Jangseung, which is usually made of wood, decays and dies after about 5 years. Jang Seung, who finished his work like this, did not throw it away and stacked it neatly in the tomb because he thought that if he carelessly treated Jang Seung, the patron god of the town, he would suffer a dongti (one of the disasters he receives when he makes a ghost angry). 119-17, Janggok-gil, Daechi-myeon, Cheongyang-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

Contact Cheongyang County Office Culture, Sports and Tourism Division 041-940-2192

1 view of Seocheon

Ma Yang-ri Camellia Forest and Sunrise

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Maryang-ri Camellia Forest is a famous attraction in Seocheon-gun, designated and managed in April 1965 as Natural Monument No. 169. This place is 500 years old

About 80 strange camellia trees form a colony, forming a red forest in early spring.

The camellia trees in this forest grow sideways rather than grow tall due to the strong sea breeze. Like other camellia forests

That's why you can't move freely between trees.

1426490304259202 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

Dongbaekjeong (Dongbaekjeong) is located on the hillside of the forest. It is known that it was built in 1965 by moving timber from Gwana, Hansan-gun, on the side of the front 3 squares

It is a two-compartment middle floor pavilion. If you climb Camellia Jeong, the beautiful scenery of the West Sea, like the Sea of Japan, will fill your eyes with your eyes. Once upon a time, longevity crossed the sea

A jingyeong landscape painting is drawn by combining Orikido, which says that it became an island after missing a pair of shoes, and a yakiniku boat going back and forth in front of it. In particular, the sea quality

The sunset scenery that comes through the pillars of Dongbaekjeong is well known for being the best sunset on the West Coast.

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Maryangpogu is also famous as a place where you can see the sunrise and sunset at the same time, which is rare in the West Sea. It popped out into the sea and stretched north to south

This is due to topographic characteristics. The sunrise can only be seen for a limited time around 50 days after the winter solstice. 103, Seoin-ro 235beon-gil, Seo-myeon, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

Contact Dongbaekjeong Administration Office 041-952-7999

View of Hongseong


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Yongbongsan is a mountain straddling Hongbuk-myeon in Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, and Deoksan-myeon and Sapgyo-eup in Yesan-gun. At 381 meters above sea level, it is not very big or steep, but there are many beautiful strange rock formations in each valley, so it is nicknamed the second Mount Gumgang.

It is said that the name Yongbongsan comes from the image of a phoenix placed on a dragon's body. It's not unusual to have only one of the two, but when the dragon and the phoenix meet each other, the eyes are doubly gorgeous. Instead, there is a lot of misunderstanding that they might have had an “evil” mountain range. However, it's a popular hiking course for couples and families because you can easily climb and enjoy hiking without getting bored once you set foot in.

1426490329764206 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

Departure is usually done at the ticket office in Kowloon University. Take the Jongju Course where you go through the highest peak of Yongbongsa Temple, the highest peak of Agguibong Peak, Nojeokbong Peak, through General Choi Yeong Beach, and descend to Yongbongsan Natural Recreation Forest, or go down from the highest peak through Tuseokbong Peak to Yongbong Elementary School. Of course it doesn't matter if you go backwards. No matter which course you choose, the scenery from Nojeokbong to Akguibong is often the first choice. The distance is only about 300 meters, but it's hard to take your eyes off this section because strange rock formations are so concentrated in this section that it's called the chief exhibition hall.

Along with this, it's fun to find interesting shaped rocks scattered all over the mountain. If you look up from the bottom, you'll never get bored with Toad Rock climbing up Mt. Toad Rock, which is named because the rock spreads out like a wide canvas, and Toad Rock hidden behind Nojeokbong, and Sodae Rock stretching out into the sky without getting bored.

1426490336607208 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

It would be a pity if you missed the statue of Yongbongsa Temple and Ma Ae Nyorai. Yongbong Temple is a 1,000-year-old temple built in the Goryeo period, and houses the Yeongsan Hoega Buddha (Treasure No. 1262) made during the Joseon Sookjong period. Tang-hwa, which represents the late Joseon period, is open to the public in April every year in April. The statue of Ma Ae Nyorai (Treasure No. 355) is a Buddha statue from Goryeo period carved on the front of a rock. 87 Yongbongsan 2-gil, Hongbuk-myeon, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do Contact Yongbongsan Natural Recreation Forest Management Office 041-630-1785

Nonsan 1 view


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Gwanchoksa Temple is a famous attraction in Nonsan. Among them, Eunjin Mihutsu is considered one of the most outstanding treasures of Guanchoksa Temple. The official name is Seokjomi Slayer Statue (Treasure No. 218), but it is usually called Eunjin Mihutsu. This is said to have originated from the Gwanchok-dong area once belonged to Eunjin-myeon.

Eunjin Mihutsu, known as the Buddha statue in Goryeo, is 18 meters tall and is the tallest stone Buddha in Korea. The appearance is also very different from Yesha Buddha, but the right head is too big compared to the body, and falls short of the fourth body. On top of her head, she wore a lampshade that looked like a bachelor's mother upside down. One of the beak's eyes was torn to the side, the nose was wide, and the ears were droopy. Also, it's hard to find a gentle smile that is the symbol of Buddha on firm lips.

1426490354737210 1 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

What's strange, however, is that the more I look at this ridiculous figure, the more majestic I feel. Also, if you look at it in a way, you look like a child full of playfulness, and in a way, you feel as if you were freed from everything. I feel like I'm watching a folktale that is humorous, friendly, and definitely not light.

Compared to Eunjin Mihutsu, Kwanchoksa Temple is relatively small. The precincts include a stone lantern (Treasure No. 232), a stupa, Kannon Temple, and the stone Haittal Gate.

The stone lantern placed in front of Eunjin Mireuk was also made during Goryeo and is 5 meters high. 25, Gwancheok-ro 1beon-gil, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Contact agency 041-736-5700

Budget around 8


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Chusagotak, located in Sinam-myeon, Yesan-gun, is the place where Chusa Kim Jeong-hee, a practitioner, calligrapher, and gold scholar of the post-Joseon period, was born and raised. Kim Chung-hee's great-grandfather, Kim Han-shin, became the son-in-law of King Yeong-jo the Great and was given a mansion by Yesan and Seoul. This old house in Yesan has 53 rooms.

The old house consists of Sarangchae, Main House, Mungan-chae, and Sadangchae. The simple appearance without any clutter reminds me of Chusa's noble personality in the olden days.

A heap of long-standing peonies is planted in the front yard of Sarangchae, and a square stone pillar about 1 meter high stands in front of it. This is a sundial “stone year (stone year)” that calculates time by the length of a shadow, and it is said that Chusa made it herself.

1426490372147213 1 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

What stands out above all else in Chu Go-taek is Ju Lian (). An ornament is a plate with pictures or letters written on a pillar, and Chu So-taek is a master calligrapher with many juritsu hanging hesitantly on it. Although they are reproductions, they all steal the hearts of viewers with their jewel-like sentences. A small explanation with a translation of each word is attached below, so even if you're not familiar with Chinese, you can get a rough idea of its meaning.

Among them, what you should pay particular attention to is Dalian, an example called “Dapang Tofu Chigangchae, Gaohui Buddha (Dapang Tofu, Melon, Ginger, and Gaohui)”, which hangs on a pillar in front of the main house. Interpretation means “A good side dish is tofu, cucumber, and ginger herbs, and a great meeting is a meeting of a couple, son, daughter, and grandchildren.” This is a work that Chusa probably wrote two or three months before she turned her back on the world at the age of 71, and it makes me feel the simple philosophy of life.

1426490384950215 1 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

Surrounding the Chusa Memorial Hall is the Chusa Memorial Hall, the tomb of Chusa's great-grandfather Kim Han-shin and her great-grandmother Hwasun Yongju, and the Hwasun Yongju Hongmun, which honors the sincerity of Hwasun Yongju. Baeksong (Natural Monument No. 106), which is about 500 meters away from the old house, is also deeply related to Chusa. It is said that Kim Chung-hee followed her father Kim No-gyeong to Yeongyeong in the Qing Dynasty in 1809 (9th year of Joseon Sunjo), then put white pine seeds in a pencil case and planted them in front of her great-grandfather Kim Heung-gyeong's tomb.

1426490399034217 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

A five-minute drive from Baeksong is Hwaam Temple, which is known to have been built by Chusa's great-grandfather Kim Han-shin. If you go back to the back of Daewoongjeon after passing through Yosachae, the letters “Si-gyeong (),” which means “a beautiful landscape that gives rise to Siheung,” and the letters of Chusa called “the house of the Buddha”, which means “the house of the Buddha,” are embedded deep in the rock and hit a traveler. 261, Chusgotaek-ro, Sinam-myeon, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do. Contact Chusago Family Management Office 041-339-8242

+ Chusa's meal, Chusa limited meal monthly meal

What kind of food did Chusa Kim Chung-hee enjoy? If you think of his upright personality and works from his later years, it seems that he mainly ate rough and simple food, but in reality, Chusa is said to have been a great foodie. This is also evident in the dozens of letters he sent to his wife from Jeju Yubaji, and the content was so specific that it made me laugh.

“Every day I feel embarrassed because all the flavors that come down from Seoul are covered with salt and I can't help but feel bad. (Short note) If you have a way to buy Jinjang (a good place from staying here for a long time) in Seoul, please let me send it to them at least. There is no point in getting an unaltered truth and sending it.”

“Please buy a soft and dull croaker and have them send it away. There's no way to eat anything that comes down because the flesh is rotten. There will be some tasty mustard, so get plenty of it and send it away.”

– A letter from Chusa to her wife when she was in exile in Jeju

1426490412318218 1 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

'Chusa Hanjeongsik Woljeong', located in Sapgyo-eup, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, offers a meal of Chusa, who enjoyed a sweet yet relaxed, gluttonous, and restrained natural health food. The monthly chusa meal is prepared more carefully than on the outside. There's no way to whip up even a small side dish. Extraordinary sincerity and a strong sense of basic energy are embedded in the end. Chusa's favorite meat, fish, and water side dishes are on the top of the prize. Most of them are made from ingredients grown and harvested by hand and carefully soaked and shredded soy sauce. Of course, it doesn't use any condiments.

Monthly subscriptions are by advance reservation only. This is because every dish is made to order as a bar. Even so, they don't accept customers at all on days when the ingredients aren't right. Chusa, who even had the taste of water, won't be scolded even if she tasted it; it was an honest and healthy meal.

Address 242, Hyorim Songseok-gil, Sapgyo-eup, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Menu: Monthly limited meal: 20,000 won per person, Chu Sa-han meal: 35,000 won per person, budget limited meal: 50,000 won per person. The main door is only available for 4 people. If there are fewer than 4 people, you can enjoy it at a slightly lower price except for a few dishes, so please inquire before visiting. Reservations are required for all menus. Inquiry 041-338-1120



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