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korean restaurant / Looking for a comma in my tired day, the taste of Paju Heyri – 251

A cool breeze with just the right temperature adds a refreshing feeling, and the bright sunshine warmly envelops the head in May. It's a waste of weather if you don't leave somewhere. Take a drive to a scenic spot with your loved one. If you're tired of the gray color of concrete, head to Heyri, Paju, which is full of vibrant green. It is also famous as a date spot for couples and is perfect for leaving precious memories. Grab a selfie stick and go on a trip that will be a comma to your tired day. Be sure to check out Paju Heyri's restaurants recommended by social media users.

1. Bread made with organic ingredients “Tree and Bakery” (link)

Namu Bakery is a small space where you bake and sell your own bread. Using naturally fermented varieties, they make bread that has a deeper and lighter flavor as you eat it. The simple menu, which consists only of ciabatta and white bread types, makes you guess the essence of this place. You can eat bread with a simple drink in a cute space, or you can take it out and enjoy it while watching Heyri. However, since no preservatives are used, it is best to consume it quickly when the weather is hot. Ciabatta filled with olives is a popular menu item. The price of bread ranges from 2,500 won to 3,000 won.

1431060477602141 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

1431060484243142 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

[Image source: Namiki Bakery's official blog]

▲Shikigami Coffee Coffee Room Review: Olive Ciabata-chan.. Endless eating lol ▲Business hours: 11:00-20:00 ▲Price range: 2,500 won to 3,000 won ▲Location: 1652-69, Beopheung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, Heyri Art Village, #102

2. “Heyri Coffee Factory 103” filled with love for coffee (link)

“Haili Coffee Factory 103” is a famous caffeine that anyone who likes coffee knows. The place that used to sell coffee from a small, vintage cafe became famous and moved to a much larger building. Drip coffee, which is sold by roasting various types of beans themselves, is famous, and you can see them roasting right in front of you. There are separate seating and table seats according to preferences, and the space between tables is spacious, so it's a great place to sit in front of a large window on the 3rd floor and enjoy the taste of coffee while basking in the sun. Depending on the type of beans, coffee costs 5,000 won to 8,000 won, and sweet and pleasant cookies can be enjoyed for 1,500 won.

3. Addictive garlic bread 'Ryu Jae-eun Bakery' (link)

The most famous bakery near Hayley Provence. They sell garlic bread famous for having received a patent. The first floor is a bakery and the second floor is operated as a cafe, so you can buy bread from the bakery and go up to the cafe to enjoy the bread with coffee. The garlic bread here is excellent because it is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside and has a unique garlic scent, but customers who are addicted to its flavor are constantly flocking in, and the staff are busy making bread without a break. In addition to garlic bread, the small bakery also offers dozens of types of bread, including cookies and cakes. In addition to stores in Provence, you can also enjoy the same bread at Lotte Outlets Paju and Icheon stores.

1431060666557143 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

1431060696868144 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

[Image source: Ryu Jae-eun Bakery's official website]

▲Shikigami Makoman review: The garlic bread runs out quickly, but it comes out as soon as you wait. I personally recommend eating it when it's cool ▲ Opening hours: 09:00 to 22:00 ▲Price range: Garlic bread 6,500 won ▲Location: 82-15 Seongdong-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

4. “Son Ga Kitchen”, a pottery workshop that serves rice (link)

A unique restaurant that uses Monday to Wednesday as a pottery workshop, and makes and sells food from Thursday to Sunday. The space, which has the atmosphere of a family home, is unique. When serving food, they all use pottery made by hand here. The signature menu is the seafood oden hot pot (25,000 won), which contains plenty of seafood such as crab, squid, and shrimp, along with various types of high-quality fish paste. The broth is made from bonito flakes and seafood without using MSG, and the refreshing and light flavor is excellent. The grilled meat, which is finely minced and marinated without broth, is not salty, so it's great to enjoy with hot pot. After a full meal, you can also buy pottery displayed on one side of the store.

5. Fun place “Farmer's Table” (link)

Farmer's Table is also known as a filming location for the drama Gentleman's Dignity. The first floor is a restaurant, and the second floor is decorated with a cafe and book outlet. The spacious and luxurious interior and the interior with glass windows with good lighting give a pleasant feeling. If you eat while basking in the sunshine pouring through the bright window, you can fully enjoy the energy of spring. You can enjoy Neapolitan-style pizza made in a traditional oven and pasta made with good ingredients. Popular items include arabiata shrimp (21,000 won), a spicy pasta made with rich shrimp, and caprese pizza topped with a fresh caprese salad on top of Formaggio pizza (26,000 won).

1431060769265145 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

1431060779113146 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

[Image source: Farmer's Table official website]

▲Shikigami Puri review: It's great to go out with the family. There are baby chairs and the staff are very kind ▲Opening hours: 11:30 to 20:20 (closed every Monday) ▲Price range: Pizza and pasta 19,000 won to 26,000 won ▲Location: 1st floor of Heyri Athinus, 1652-143, Beopheung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do



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