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korean restaurant / Lucky day food – 326

Benefit the world with food

A food party that awakens the DNA of sleeping food

My body is tired from the heat!

The tiger is full of energy! I'm going to grow up!!

Today's food!!

1436418392891943 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Representatives of Bok Dal Im loved by hot summer gourmets

Secretly strong, stronger, stronger !

1436419017640963 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Please lift me up, powerful eel!

Eels that are in season in summer (June-August), when the body is full of irresistible strength

A high-protein nutritional source that tastes good even if you just sprinkle salt on it and grill it

The area around Haengju-sanseong, where freshwater eel restaurants are located, and

Busan's Woljeon Eel Market (Busan), where you pick and buy eels yourself, is famous for its eel.

Q. Where is Pungcheon Eel?

There are many people who know Pungcheon as a place name, but in fact, Pungcheon is not a place name!

“Pungcheon” means an estuary where a river meets the sea !

Wind (wind wind) + river (my cloth) = wind river

The tidal flats are well formed! It is said to be the best place for eel breeding.

1436418932864961 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Only those who know eat the stronger croaker

What the hot summer guys always hid and ate

Croaker is an excellent ingredient that eats everything except its scales and fins!

1436419826993997 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

It's delicious even if you eat it as sashimi, it's delicious even if you serve it as a side dish, and the soup

Croaker has to be eaten fresh to taste good
Crocodiles have a quick temper and die quickly, so they lose blood
Let it mature well at a low temperature! It's good to eat!

1436420145893004 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Don't be afraid to say it's common!

The last runner is secretly a strong chicken

Tearing my flesh one by one

Starting with Samgyetang, synonymous with a lucky day that fills my body and takes all kinds of nutrients

1436420951820023 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Even Chogye-tang, a summer delicacy for gourmets that is sweet and sour!

Q. Year (soft, soft ) system? young ?

The reason why samgyetang became a summer health food is that when chicks that break eggs in spring grow 3 to 4 months old, that time is summer.

If you catch the chicken at that time, it will be tender and tasty. That's the connection!

It's commonly called a spirit world, but there's no such thing as a spirit world; it's a gentle chicken world ()! It is said that the connection is correct.

Now in earnest

I'll reveal the lucky day restaurants you should go to before closing the doors.

The first dining room

A classic of Samgyetang! Samgyetang with a clear soup!

Kang Won-jeong

1436422449658044 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, this house opened in 1978! It has been in business for 38 years in one place

1436422506647045 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

A clear, light-boiled soup made with various herbal ingredients,

The main menu is Samgyetang, a chicken filled with glutinous rice and ginseng.

1436422669181048 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Kangwon-jeong created by remodeling an old-fashioned hanok

The appearance of the rafters of the old house in their original shape makes you feel like the piano keys are talking.

1436422811017049 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Panchae Haebariki, who climbed on top of Samgyetang, is a unique feature of this house!

1436422870056051 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Cooked in an open pot in the yard, the meat has excellent chewiness and chewiness!

The texture that combines the chewiness and softness of the meat is fantastic.

1436423032738058 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Rice cooked for a long time that is soft and easy to eat as porridge!

1436423073244060 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Kangwon-jeong made soup using only chicken, angelica, and chicken feet

If you want to enjoy the natural taste of chicken, this is a must-see restaurant!

One-line review: A taste that is not irritating and has a subtle rural atmosphere


48-7 Wonhyo-ro 1-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul



Menu introduction

Samgyetang 12,000 won

Business hours

Lunch 11:30 ~ 14:30 Dinner 17:30 ~ 20:00

(Closed on the first and third Sundays)

Second dining room

Perilla samgyetang with a thick, savory flavor

Lake Samgyetang

1436424110953102 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Located in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, this house opened in 1990 and has been in business for 26 years over 2 generations

1436424182930112 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

1436424164179111 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

A place that serves perilla samgyetang made with perilla seeds and broth

1436424324732115 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

The fact that the whole block is Lake Samgyetang! A number of seats that would fit even 1000 people!

Due to the enormous size of Lake Samgyetang, even the MCs of the popular gourmet party were amazed “0”

No matter what time of day you go, Lake Samgyetang is always bustling with customers

It is said to be particularly popular among female customers.

1436424507204126 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

A savory and thick soup made by mixing perilla seed flour with peanut powder!

The soup is boiled separately and the chicken is boiled separately and served together in an earthenware pot. Samgyetang has the right balance of soup and chicken

The thick, savory flavor is excellent.

Han Joo-pyeong: A new perilla samgyetang worth trying at least once!


3423025, Singil 5-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul



Menu introduction

Samgyetang 13,000 won

Business hours

11:00-21:00 (closed on holidays)

The third dining room

Health food that appeals to the palate with its sweet and sour taste

Refreshing chogye-tang


1436425672789157 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

This house, located in Jeo-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, opened in 1950 for over 60 years and has been in operation for 3 generations.

Pyeongrae-ok, which was originally located in Pimaggol, closed in 2008 due to the development of Pimaggol

A famous restaurant with many regulars that reopened in 2010 due to the support of regular customers!

1436425936945160 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Chogye-tang, which has an excellent tangy flavor, and

1436425953517161 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

The spicy and sour chicken sauce is popular.

1436426045774164 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

It looks really spicy, but it's not as spicy as I thought

Pyeongraeok's chicken sauce has a nice pepper flavor and captivates the palate!

1436426168760169 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Chogye-tang with fresh visuals that seem to have all the crunchy vegetables gathered here

It contains vegetables and has a really nice texture, and underneath it! Leg fat

1436426397457174 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

There's a lot of soba noodles at the bottom

Pyeongrae-ok's soba noodles are made of 70% buckwheat, so it has a rich flavor and is said to be even better.

1436426517775180 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

One bite of chogye noodles and soba noodles together!

It is said that chicken sauce tastes great even when eaten with cold noodles.

1436426576835183 Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Pyeongraeok's chogye noodles are perfect as a summer health food!

Han Joo-pyeong: From chicken dishes to broth to chicken sauce! Very satisfying food for the price


18-1, Jeo-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul



Menu introduction

Chogye-tang 12,000 won (can be ordered from 2 servings)

Business hours

11:20 ~ 21:00/15:30 ~ 17:00 (break time)

Closed: Sunday



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