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korean restaurant / Memorable shaved ice – 465

Memorable shaved ice at a great price! Espresso Inn New York

It's a paralyzed season when the sky is high and horses get fat! It became so cool that I was horrified when the fresh autumn breeze touched my forearms in the morning and evening. I remember being sweaty like broth just a while ago.

Lee Yeol Chi-yeol! Cold cold cold! Wouldn't it be? When I eat shaved ice in cool weather, my head flutters to the bottom of my heart! You can feel it being pierced. Therefore, the menu selected by Hyeja Road today is “shaved water.”

When I was a kid, the shaved ice in my memories was a simple form of shaved ice where you chose the syrup you wanted from chocolate or strawberry syrup and sprinkled it as much as you wanted on top of it, and it was the best flavor when you put red beans, jelly, and mochi on top of it. In comparison, unlike shaved ice in the past, shaved ice has evolved into various forms where milk is ground into fine particles and topped with various fruits and desserts, but the price has become much more expensive, and the amount is often not enough.

So today, Hyeja Road is visiting the “Shaved Water from Memories That Satisfied Me” house. “Espresso in New York” is a place more famous for “Bulgwang-dong Hyeja Shaved Ice” than the name of the store!

1442898616034134 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

It's a small shop but bustling with customers

1442898835842142 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Ice cream models at the entrance. Wow, is it really going to come out like this?

1442898839215144 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Other menus! The waffles are also really expensive!

1442898842281145 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Shaved ice came out~

The price of shaved ice here is 4,000 won for 2 people, which is a very reasonable price, and the amount is huge, so customers keep walking even on early fall evenings that feel a bit chilly after midsummer. Outside the store, models are displayed so that you can visually experience the taste of shaved water first. Will there really be so many? I went in with a sense of anticipation and half worry!
Other than shaved ice, the menu also has the same menu as any other cafe, such as coffee, dessert, and fresh fruit juice. Espresso in New York is a cafe, but as shaved ice became more and more famous, it became like a “shaved ice shop.” I also recommend that you try the waffles where the boss has aged the dough for at least 12 hours, or the yogurt ice cream that uses Italian yogurt.
It's a small shop, but it is said that 4 people are working together because of the crowds of customers. They were busy moving forward as they each took on their roles. The fun and nostalgic feeling of being working together as a family was conveyed to our team, who came as a customer.
Like the current atmosphere of the store, it may have been full of good things, but it is said that it was a very difficult time for 5 years after opening the cafe for the first time. There were times when I was heartbroken and I swallowed tears when I saw the ingredients I had prepared every day thrown away in the trash because there were no customers. Then a photo of shaved ice posted by a customer on social media went viral, and the number of customers gradually increased, and it is said that now during the summer shaved season, people have to wait 30 to 40 minutes. If so, that famous shaved ice! Let's try eating properly from now on, shall we?

1442898906625147 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

The majesty of 4,000 won shaved water

1442898912679149 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

There are definitely a lot of sides ++

1442898917904150 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

First, take a bite of the Oreo confectionary on the top~

1442898921279151 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Even if you transfer it to a large bowl, it may spill, so be careful! Be careful!

Most of the regular customers here are young middle and high school students, so when shaved ice comes out, the boss shouts in a friendly manner, “Guys, shaved ice is out!” Wow, shaved ice came out!
Today, Hyeja Road Team ordered Oreo shaved ice. Shaved ice cream, cereal, oreo sweets, and chocolate syrup are sprinkled on top of milk ice cream, and a majestic force. There were so many red beans that it was difficult to rub, so I decided to transfer them to a large bowl prepared separately and rub them. Even if you transfer it to a large bowl, it will overflow if you're not careful, so be careful when mixing.

If you crush the confectionary, mix the rest of the ingredients evenly, put all the ingredients in one spoon as much as possible, and put them in your mouth, the sweet flavor spreads in your mouth. Ice doesn't have fine particles like snowflake shavings that come out these days; it's rough and thick like shaved ice in the olden days, and I really liked the crunchy texture. If you pick up the cutlery once or twice, you'll eat all the ice cream that was like an iceberg. The taste is the same as commercially available shaved water, but the price is half price! No, I'm very satisfied with the fact that it's about 1/3 cheaper! Also, since there were many customers, the ingredients were rotated quickly, so it was even better that fresh fruit and milk were used. At the table where many people came to the table, they also gave them paper cups so that they could eat comfortably, and the kindness was added.

[Tips for enjoying shaved water at Espresso Inn New York]

– Choose your favorite shaved ice. When shaved ice comes out, adzuki beans are served separately, so if you don't like adzuki beans, you can ask for the adzuki beans to be removed, and if you want to eat more adzuki beans, you can ask for more. You can give as much as you want without any additional charge.

-They give me a big bowl, but if you put everything in the bowl and rub it, it's likely to overflow. If you divide it into two bowls and rub it, you can mix and eat it reliably!

Espresso Inn New York has kept its place for 10 years due to friendship and consideration with customers! Just as the boss said that it makes me feel refreshed when I see customers who are still friends and student customers like parents and children, I want to continue to hold this position firmly and sell delicious sweets at reasonable prices to many people. Like sweet shaved ice, it's a place that makes you want to take another step back!

Store info

â‘  Address: 8th Floor, NC Department Store, 20, Bulgwang-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul (240 Daejeong-dong)

â‘¡ Menu: Fresh fruit shaved ice cream 4,000 won, vanilla ice cream waffle 1,000 won

â‘¢ Business hours: 10:30 ~ 22:00 (7 days a week)

â‘£ One-line evaluation of Shikigami: Shaved water filled with heart

⑤ Hyeja Index: 9 points!



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