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korean restaurant / Mers mullet! A restaurant that boosts immunity – 280

Nearly a month has passed since the first MERS case was reported in Korea.
Contrary to initial expectations, MERS continues to spread
. In order to prevent such MERS, it is important to develop thorough personal hygiene and immunity to
overcome the virus
. Immunity is a
system that protects our bodies from bacteria and viruses, and B vitamins
, lactic acid bacteria, and red ginseng are known to
help increase immunity.
However, in addition to these health foods, food
can also contribute to increasing immunity
Let's try to overcome difficult times by referring to “Restaurants with Immunity Enhancing Flavors” introduced by the SNS Taste Appraisal
Group today .

1. “Bukmakgol,” which contains the healthy flavor of garlic

Garlic is a typical
food that helps improve immunity by improving cellular capacity because it contains allicin and zinc
. It also acts as a licorice that removes fishy odors and enhances the flavor of food, making it
indispensable in Korean food.
If you don't like the spiciness, stir it thinly and fry it in oil before eating. You can enjoy this flavor even outside. This is Bukmakgol,
a restaurant located at the end of Bukchon
. Selected pork ribs are carefully boiled and then lightly roasted with garlic-based seasoning to make
a rich, juicy bosam
. A place where the fresh and deep flavor of roasted garlic is excellent. There may be waits on weekends, so it's a good idea to keep an eye out.

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1434518198847225 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

â–²Yoon Lee (Yoon Lee) review: Garlic bosam is really delicious!
Sugar-flavored garlic is savory, so it goes great with bosam

â–²Business hours : 11:00-21:30 â–²Price range: 28,000 won for garlic-roasted bosam, 38,000 won
: 30-2 Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

2. The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo, an authentic Neapolitan pizza topped with tomatoes

Egypt, located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, was founded in 2009 by Chef Salvatore Cuomo from Naples, Italy , and has
already gone viral in Korea as a place where you can eat authentic Neapolitan pizza. The most popular item on the DOC pizza menu is made with soft cheese made from buffalo milk and fresh tomatoes with a
tangy texture
. Tomatoes are of excellent quality, brought directly from near Soyang River Dam
Tomato is a food that helps prevent lung disease because the “lycopene” component reduces harmful oxygen in the body and suppresses lung damage. Since lycopene is eaten with oil to increase the absorption rate in the body, eating it as a pizza can have the
effect of eating two birds with one stone, which is both tasty and healthy.

3. Eat delicious curry and build a healthy body , Coco Ichibanya

Curry, which is commonly used as a basic condiment in Indian cuisine, contains
various spices that keep our body healthy by having anti-cancer and antioxidant effects.
Because of this, traditional Indian medicine “Ayurveda” has been using curry for a long time as a “medicine to relieve inflammation.” This anti-inflammatory effect has the function of protecting
our body from harmful substances.
Here are some places where you can enjoy healthy curries. Coco
Ichibanya, which first started in Japan in 1978
, is a curry specialty store introduced
in Korea in 2008 under the motto “Let's make the
best curry while having a
homely flavor.”
It is eaten with carefully selected spices and fresh vegetables in rich beef broth and topped with garnishes such as pork cutlet, yakiniku, and chicken using a seasoning that has been aged at low temperature for 4 days as a basic base. It's been over 8 years since it opened, but it's still loved by many people.

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1434518577479235 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

▲Lollipoli ♪ review: It was so delicious that I ate it all without leaving anything behind ♡ ▲Business hours: 11:00-22:00

â–²Price range: Curry 7,100 won to 10,900 won /omelette
8,900 won to 10,800 won
â–²Location: 1F, 619-4 Yeoksam-dong,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul

4. Combating MERS with sharp mackerel stew , Namdaemun 'Joy '

The “Seaweed Stew Alley ” located near the Namdaemun Police Station began to be formed in earnest in the late 1980s, and more than a dozen
stores are operating in one alley
. Among them, “Kiraku” has a history of around 50 years.
If you visit on the weekend, there are waits, but the turnover rate is high, so you just have to wait a bit. The
main dish is stewed skewer, but stewed mackerel also has a good flavor
. They serve side dishes and ingredients wrapped in plastic wrap in advance, and the rule of this place is to put a loaf of rice on the raw material and eat it with simmered sauce. Simmered mackerel is sold for 2 or more servings, and the amount that was simmered immediately after ordering is served in a pot. It contains
one mackerel and plenty of ripe, soft radish.
It has jelly paste and sour radish kimchi, and it has a
delicious flavor
. The savory mackerel blends well with the sharp sauce . Recently, studies have shown
that omega-3 fatty acids contained in mackerel
help prevent obstructive pulmonary disease,
and radish has warm properties
and plays a role in gently protecting damaged bronchi and lungs.

5. Barley barley makes you healthy ~ Gangnam Station rural vegetable miso

When chewed, barley has a chewy texture that gives you a pleasant pleasure. Barley contains more dietary fiber than
other grains, and this dietary fiber can be a food that boosts immunity
because it makes many good lactic acid bacteria grow in the intestines and helps activate cells responsible for immune function
Even at Gangnam Station, where something new is always pouring in, there is a barley rice restaurant that has remained in place for over 30 years. It's a restaurant with a plain sign that says “rural vegetable miso.” They sell barley rice and cheonggukjang, and when it's time to
eat, the smell of cooking cheonggukjang spreads strongly in the neighborhood
. It's a method of putting
vegetables in barley rice and grating it with gochujang, and you can enjoy a full meal with a hearty steamed egg as a side dish.



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