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korean restaurant / New Year’s Eve Seoul Rice Cake Shop & Mochi Dumpling Soup Restaurant Map – 633

1451525099924775 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Goodbye 2015! Hello 2016!

It's a new year. New year. I ate one year more. As always, I feel discouraged when I get older, so I should eat a bowl of rice cake soup.

Now is the era of rice cake gukuk and rice cake restaurants all over the country! why?

I collected information on rice cake soup and rice cake shops that are famous for their delicious shikugin~ I made a map of mochi restaurants!

You can eat soup with gyoza, eat only mochi, or enjoy New Year's mochi as an elegant dessert. This mochi restaurant map includes mochi dumpling soup restaurants, rice cake shops, and mochi dessert shops that are rumored to have been eaten well in the Seoul area.

Mochi soup & mochi. Instead of a place that sells a temporary New Year's menu, let's find a delicious place to eat.

Eat a chewy and tasty rice cake soup and feel good Happy New Year~

1451525917258796 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

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Mochi soup/rice cake dumpling soup

Bukchon hand dumplings

Zahason dumplings

Hwangsaenggakal noodles



Myeongdong gyoza

Kaesong House



Dumpling shop

Myeonggawon Seolnongtang

Gangnam gyoza

Rice cake shop

Gyeonggi rice cake shop


The semantics of mochi

Biwon Rice Cake Shop

Nakwon Rice Cake Shop


Gongju Rice Cake Shop

Yulgo Tteokbang

Cloud rice cake shop


Mochi dessert

Dango house

Mochi Ijoa

Mochi Monogatari


Cafe Zaiso

Chrysanthemums next to the fence





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