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korean restaurant / Noryangjin’s plain rice noodles – 448

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In Search of Hyeja Gourmet Road Episode 1

Noryangjin's cheap 3,500 won rice noodles Miss.420

When you take the subway and arrive at Noryangjin Station for a transfer, a unique landscape unfolds. Transfers usually take place indoors, but Noryangjin Station doesn't have a transit path, so you have to go outside and walk a bit on a regular road. When it snows or rains, you can often see people running outside of subway stations, barely covering their heads with their bags.

The variety of foods located near Noryangjin Station used to lure transit passengers as if they were “cheese in a trap” to those who were pouring outdoors to transfer. These people quickly finished a meal within 30 minutes of the transit time, but Noryangjin's famous cup meal alley enjoyed a huge boom when these “30-minute diners” intertwined with high school students who needed to save on living expenses.

(It is said that the transit route will be completed before Chuseok in September, so it will be the last time to see this unique landscape!)

Noryangjin is famous for many delicious foods other than cup rice and street food! The fact that there are many “good” restaurants with cheaper prices compared to other areas is a nagging point. The weather is perfect for walking past your lips these days! Why don't you go on a great date in Noryangjin, the paradise of food? Looking for Hyeja Road, a hot spot for shikigami ~ Today I'm Noryangjin, a place where young people run with their dreams!

When I leave Noryangjin Station and head to the alley where the restaurant is located, students who seem to have finished their classes late even though it's not time to eat fill the small alley. The alley has a structure full of small restaurants, but it's not jagged, so it feels tidy. Hyeja Restaurant, which we'll meet today, is also in the middle of here.

Miss420 started selling rice noodles from a small stall and is now known as the “Noryangjin Legendary Rice Noodle Collection.”

1441869977651697 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Students walking through a restaurant alley for a meal

1441869985477698 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

I found it~ Today's Hyeja Gourmet Noryangjin Rice Noodle 'Miss420'

1441869988859699 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Place an order from an unmanned meal ticket vending machine.

1441869991853700 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Everything is Dascel.f.

1441869994912701 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Menu~ Huck! Is this really the price?

1441869997958702 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Customers who are constantly coming

Miss420 was such a famous street stall that anyone who “tried some street food” at Noryangjin Station didn't know. The beginning was a sausage shop. “Jeon Thi Mai,” who moved from Vietnam to Korea, opened a sausage stall with her husband and started a full-scale business.

Sausage stalls didn't make as much money as Maisie and his wife had anticipated. Was communication with Korean people who don't work well a big problem? It is said that there were many days of struggling to sell less than 20 to 30 pieces a day at Noryangjin, which sold a lot while making a small profit.

“In summer, the tent becomes like a sauna as it absorbs the sun. What's more, it's even harder to cook sausages continuously in front of the fire. In winter, my upper body heals quite well, but my legs completely freeze. It was also very difficult to move the stalls through the slippery ice. Among them, the most difficult one was the “stall” itself. Stalls were often confiscated by the ward office when I was away for a while. When it was so difficult, I used to imagine a cool and clean store, saying, “I wish I had my own store soon.” So if you look at it now, the air conditioner is running like this ^^”

One day after going through all kinds of trouble, the rice noodles my husband made when he said, “I'm from Vietnam, I want to make rice noodles,” began a reversal. From the moment my husband, who fell in love with the taste of rice noodles, added rice noodles to the street stall menu, sales increased by over 100 bowls a day, and sold 700 to 800 bowls, making it a “big hit.” Then, I finally have my dream store unique to MYC.
It was well past 3 o'clock in front of the store, but there were still people waiting in line for their seats. He said he couldn't eat a single meal today and hit a bowl of rice (?) Our team also waited in line to wait for their turn while barely calming the youngest one who was about to come. Fortunately, the turnover rate was good, and the order quickly came back.

When you enter the entrance, you'll see a “meal ticket vending machine” right next to it. It's a system where you place an order while entering. 2 people visited, but when they pressed the menu, their finger suddenly slipped and they ordered 3 menus… hehe, damn it ^^;;;

Yeong-dong ~ Yeong-dong ~ When a red number blinks on the number indicator light that can only be seen in supermarket food courts while making a pleasant sound, people of different ages and genders all turn their heads to check. When the menu you've been waiting for comes up, go to the burinake counter.

When I received the menu, I was amazed and impressed by the hearty menu than I had anticipated. Then they shouted together. “Is this 3,500 won?!”

1441870000886703 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Miss420's menu~

1441870003772704 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

3,500 won rice noodles! It's plentiful

1441870007558705 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Meat and yum yum

1441870011019706 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Fried rice is also 3,500 won!

1441870015897707 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

I want to try Vietnamese fried rice~

1441870019815709 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Pad Thai~ Just looking at the pictures makes you hungry, right?

They only sell three items on the menu: beef rice noodles, seafood fried noodles, and pineapple fried rice. All prices are 3,500 won! If you eat 2 menus and eat 1,500 won coffee sold nearby, it's a great price where two people can enjoy the meal and coffee for 10,000 won! (The coffee shops nearby are also really nice, huh?)

Let's start with the signature menu, rice noodles. For the rice noodles here, noodles that have been soaked in cold water for 5 hours or more are slightly boiled as soon as an order comes in, then the broth is wrapped and poured out. The three large bouillers in the kitchen begin to boil as soon as the door of the store opens, and since the broth bottle left over from digesting the ordered amount is just as strong, the seasoning of the broth is adjusted by mixing the broth from the next broth bin with the cooking dish. Aren't you curious about the taste of Maishi's rice noodles, who is confident that “you can tell the taste just by looking at the color”?

A typical rice noodle specialty store usually has a price range of 6,000 won to 7,000 won, but even though Miss.420 is half price, the taste is second to none. While the soup is rich, the meat has a rich flavor. When the bean sprouts placed under the bowl are cooked well in the hot soup, mix them together to make you feel good when the crisp, crispy rice noodles have a refreshing texture unique to them.

Pineapple fried rice is rice pre-mixed with stir-fried sauce and quickly stir-fried on a hot griddle with bean sprouts, seafood, and pineapples. When salty grains of rice are scattered in the mouth and mixed with fresh pineapples that are crunchy once in the middle, they have an exotic flavor.

Pad thai is stir-fried over high heat using a wide 5 mm side. Compared to the price, it also contains a reasonable amount of seafood such as shrimp and mussels. The depth of flavor of the sauce was a bit shallow, which was a bit disappointing for me personally, but the seasoning was just right and the amount was large. If I go on a free trip to Vietnam one day, I suddenly thought that the stir-fried rice noodles sold at street stalls would taste just like this. Satisfied, satisfied!

My Mr. says he works hard to make food for the family to eat. To enjoy the legendary rice noodle soup, where you can enjoy the taste of Vietnam as it is, pick up a 10,000 won piece… Shall we start?

* Store information

â‘  Address: 26, Noryangjin-ro 16-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul (89-2, Noryangjin-dong)

â‘¡ Menu: Beef rice noodles, seafood fried noodles, and pineapple fried rice are all 3,500 won

â‘¢ Business hours: 10:00 to 23:30 every day

â‘£ Shikigami's one-line review: I wish I had one in my neighborhood.

⑤ Hueja Index: Hueja Index 9 points!



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