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Daejeon Sanho Coffee Shop

Daeheung-dong, where the coral coffee shop is located, is the original city center of Daejeon. In 1997, when the Daejeon Government Complex was built in the new city center of Dunsan, the government office moved to the new city center. As a result, Daeheung-dong moved away from people's interest, and the commercial sector withered. The number of empty buildings increased one by one in the alley. Then, naturally, poor artists began to flock in. As young artists took their place, the neighborhood was revitalized. Thus, Daeheung-dong became a cultural center connecting past and present romances.

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Sanho Dabang is a living witness to these changes in Daeheung-dong. It has silently guarded Daeheung-dong for over 50 years and acted as a favorite place for poor artists and local people. The only thing that has changed noticeably is the exterior of the building. On the old exterior wall of the coral coffee shop, a shirt hanging on a hanger is depicted as a large mural. It was a painting that didn't originally exist, but it came to life as one of the original urban art projects carried out in 2012.

Although the exterior has changed slightly, the interior scenery is still there. When you open the door, there are about ten tables with a briquette stove in the middle. You can also see dusty public phones on the shelf near the entrance. Sake made by the owner himself is waiting in line by the window. Stained kettles and coffee cups await orders in the kitchen.

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There is no separate menu at Sanho Dabang. Most of our customers come here every day, so I don't really need it. The elderly usually eat coffee, and young people eat coffee or yuzu tea. Of course, there is also a memorable Ssanghwa tea made with egg yolk.

Among them, the menu that the owner confidently recommends is coffee and sanghwa tea. Coffee, in particular, is delicious, but the process of making it is fun. Boil water in a yellow tin teapot, pour the coffee once with a hand drip, then pour the coffee back into the teapot and brew the coffee one more time. The coral-style hand-drip coffee made in this way is as soft as barley tea and as savory as sunnyeom.

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Ssanghwa tea contains plenty of homemade roasted peanuts, sesame seeds, and shredded dates. If you add egg yolk to Ssanghwa tea, which is half full of water, the words “I ate well” come out loud. If you want to add egg yolk, just let us know in advance when ordering.

Address 29, Jungang-ro 112beon-gil, Jung-gu, Daejeon (5 minutes from exit 1 of Daejeon Subway Jung-gu Office Station) Telephone 042-256-8733 Hours of use: 8:00 to 19:00, closed on Sundays and holidays: Coffee: 2,000 won, Ssanghwa tea: 5,000 won (same price even if you add egg yolk), yuzu tea: 3000 won



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