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korean restaurant / One cup of coffee is three servings of sweet and sour pork! ‘Honeydon’ – 545

One cup of pork is three servings of sweet and sour pork! Mangwon-dong 'Honeydon'

If you go, the autumn breeze will blow ~ ~ ~ ~… The winter wind is starting to blow these days. The fall clothes I had been waiting for to show off my vivacious fall girl's appearance had already begun to be overtaken by thick winter clothes. Also, what week is this week? My body and mind are cold! It's a VIP week that includes Pepero Day, which makes a single person feel excited (… don't get sick), and SAT Day, which shakes to the heart of the examinee's heart as much as the test taker's heart, as strangely enough on this day! Even Friday the 13th is a service! Doo, what do you need to get through these difficult days safely? My body is full of strength! That's right. A strong body and mind are essential in order to withstand the wind and waves of a world that is constantly rushing in like seaside waves. So what? Let's go eat meat. (Kisungjeon meat! (I am a hot spot for meat eaters~ Sharalalalala)

Yukne's world is vast. Now that you've grilled it and sliced it, why don't you try deep-frying it this time? As “Seoul's top three sweet and sour pork” spread through popular food parties, my salivary glands became crowded, and restaurants that were previously crowded began to get even more crowded… However, I'm afraid I'll have to give up on sweet and sour pork restaurants… but I can't do that! Who are we! Isn't it Hyeja Gourmet Road Team? So I found it again. A cheap and tasty sweet and sour pork food stall. Why is it a sweet and sour pork food restaurant instead of a Chinese restaurant? I'll figure that out gradually. At this place, sweet and sour pork is a whopping 3 servings for the price of a cup of coffee! Now tell your friend: “We look tired. Shall we have a cup of coffee later?” “No! I'm going to eat three plates of sweet and sour pork!!”

The place I visited this time was Mangwon-dong, which is rapidly emerging as a hot restaurant these days. From the name, the sweet honey “honeydon” is, ugh. Sweet and sour pork is only 1,500 won per serving! Shim boo. I'll never see sweet and sour pork at this price again in my life… (Hmm? Don't calculate your age..) As I was swept away by the Tsunami of Impression and Selem, half of my worries and half of my expectations actually bounced. It's such a cheap price, so I wonder if the flavor is cheap, or if they just give it something that knocks on the liver… (For example, daepae samgyeopsal. 1 serving is really cheap, but everyone has to eat at least 5 servings to get full, right?) But since it's our pig, I'll go. Honeydon is located at the entrance to Mangwon Market, so it's easy to get there. When you see Watsons next to Mangwon Station Exit 2, turn right. If you walk a little further, you'll find a three-pronged path, so don't panic at that time and turn left. Then you can see the yellow-yellow “Honeydon” next to 7-Eleven.

Now it's time to face the reality of the rumor!

1447218674464288 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Go to the alley right next to Watson's in front of Mangwon Station Exit 2.

1447218725391293 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

If you turn left at the first crossroads of the market, “Honeydon” will come out!

1447218734578296 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

If you see Lang No and “Honeydon,” don't hesitate to go in (!)

As soon as I walked in, I scanned the menu with a hawk's eye and asked carefully. “Sister, is it too much for two girls to eat one by one?” The owner's sister was perplexed for a moment. Then he smiled and said, “What… if you want to eat everything, eat it~” “Ah, really? Then please give it all~” Because this is an interview. (Now. I'm not going to start the game.) But the moment I wanted to do the math. Credit card payments are not accepted here. So I hurriedly went to collect money. There's a convenience store right next door, but if possible, please use the bank right next to Watson, because the reality is that the moment you pay the withdrawal fee at the convenience store, it's like one serving of sweet and sour pork disappears from the ATM! Sweet and sour pork, wasteful pork? (..)

The food will be served a short time after the order is placed. You have to go and get it yourself. The full tray is heavy, but the steps are so light. However, the main one hasn't appeared yet… Sweet and sour pork is deep-fried one more time as soon as you order it, so it takes some time. After all, the main character appears at the end. I think many people are curious about the amount of sweet and sour pork before the actual tasting, so I'll take a comparison shot with lipstick on the side. Oh, that's more subtle than I thought. Furthermore, even the inside “I am meat!!!” A visual that claims to be. What's even more satisfying is the fact that it's domestic pork! That's why pork doesn't have a bitter smell, so I think people who are sensitive to the taste and aroma of meat can enjoy it.

1447218751813297 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

The price range… Boob your eyes… A big hit!

1447218759923298 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

There's nothing left, so be sure to pay in cash. Stay long, Honeydon!

1447218771763299 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

It's before sweet and sour pork appeared, but the tray is already full.

1447218781326301 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Glittering sweet and sour pork!!! Not a small amount ♡

1447218795580302 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Do you see the thick meat? Stir-fried ham stir-fried ham>_<

Now let's start tasting them one by one? First of all, the name starts with “Honeydon.” That's how confident they are in sweet and sour pork ^^ It was definitely delicious! The tempura batter wasn't thin, but it was thick enough to go perfectly with the meat, and the sauce was moderately sweet and not sticky. Although the only vegetable in the sauce was onion, the flavor goes well with warm and crispy sweet and sour pork when deep-fried right away. Basically, the sauce is served as a butcher, but if you like dipping sauce, ask for the sauce separately~ (Please take care to pack it separately when packing. The boss's sense! Juicy like sweet and sour pork that costs about 20,000 won! Not until, but the price/quality ratio is very good!)
The reason I introduced it as a sweet and sour pork food stall, I'll unravel them one by one from now on. This is a place that mainly sells food such as tteokbokki, yaki-dumplings, and kibbap. That crazy wheat tteokbokki I used to buy and eat every day in front of elementary school! Yakigandu+kid gimbap that always followed me next to it! Rather than being a special flavor, it's so familiar that I sometimes think of it when I forget it. That's exactly what it tastes like, yeah. Dip yaki-dumplings into the slightly salty tteokbokki soup and enjoy a bite! There's really nothing to envy, and since gimbap and tteokbokki have always gone well together, don't miss it.
And to God… There are still two bowls of anchovy noodles and bibimguksu left! (Yay) Even the anchovy noodles here are only 1,000 won! It's cheaper than most convenience store prices, right? It's a cold windy day like these days. The hot soup you drink while holding a bowl is truly fantastic. The soup seems to be slightly mild but has a strong anchovy scent, and the anchovy noodles are appreciated! They even put up fresh kimchi, deep-fried tofu, and seaweed powder garnishes, so I understand why there are so many male customers who come alone. In fact, when I saw that most of the men who came, they had a bowl of noodles and went at the speed of light. If you eat deep-fried food and your mouth is slightly oily, I recommend refreshing bibimguksu. Sour kimchi mixed with sweet and spicy sauce! Not sweet and sour pork and jajangmyeon, but sweet and sour pork and bibimguk are a more impressive chemistry couple than I thought!! I recommend it~

1447218808797306 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Tteokbokki is mouth-watering just by looking at it

1447218827672307 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

& Crunchy fantasy thumbs. One bite of yakisoba!

1447218836398308 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

A bite you can't miss, kid gimbap

1447218850401309 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Feast of hot soup noodles Hororok~Horokurok~

1447218862359310 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Roll up the sweet and spicy bibimguksu!

Also, “Honeydon” also sells draft beer, and the price is 1,500 won! It's definitely a different class from a regular food stall, and it's worth going up to Hyeja Gourmet Road, right? So we wanted to have a light glass of beer~ ♡, but since we were doing the interview, we couldn't put it in our mouths for an objective sense of taste, so we replaced it with sweet sake. (Ul's dad said beer isn't alcohol…) The terrace in front of the store (?) I'm envious of the older sisters who sat down and enjoyed sweet and sour pork and beer in an elegant way… Mangwon Honeydon has an outdoor table right in front of the store, so I thought it would be great to have a light glass of beer while breathing in the air. Be sure to stop by before it gets colder soon! Like having a cup of tammak!

Alas, of course, when it gets cold, I go inside. (Don't drink) When you enter the store, there is a wooden bar-style table at the entrance, perfect for those who come alone. In fact, when we were there, there were about five new teams, and three of them came alone. If you go a little further inside, you'll see a larger space. There are about 4 tables here, so it's a great place for multiple people to sit together. We also took a seat at the back table, but the gray interior had a slightly different feel from the entrance. The interior and menu are clean without any clutter. The music in the store is A-yo~ HipHop!! Hehe, the boss seems to be a fan of Unpretty Rap Star and Show Me the Money. After all, young bosses are definitely different ~ Poocher Hansoo!

1447218892764311 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

The perfect outdoor seat for a beer on a nice day

1447218896179312 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

The perfect bar table for those who come alone

1447218899881313 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

The interior is equipped with group seats. (There is also another bar seat)

Wait here! If you have eaten deliciously, you must return the dishes yourself before you leave. You ate delicious food at a reasonable price, so you won't have any problems on your way out, right? (Excited by the sound of the package coming out like this, we almost left… When I turn around, I don't remember very well… Just Gruta? () There are many take-out customers for “Honeydon,” but takeout is available for 2 or more servings, so please check when packing~ By the way, we were two girls who carefully emptied 6 different menus. It's definitely not a small amount. It's just… there's a separate pear that originally contains deep-fried food, right? What's more, the original portion of a meal isn't “enough” for one person, right?

1447218916221314 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Ready sweet and sour pork! (The boss will cut it by hand and put it in for you~)

1447219048426320 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

So that you can continue to sell at a reasonable price~ Packaging starts for 2 people!

1447219051711321 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

The three servings of the sweet and sour pork you ordered came out~ (Eat like that and pack them again..)

*Tips on nearby restaurants! There is a shop selling crepes on the street between Mangwon Station and Honeydon! What a nutella crepe. hahaha. You can choose Nutella-based banana crepes, strawberry crepes, and banana & strawberry crepes. We chose strawberry crepes. (It's already an indescribable blend) The chewy crepes, devil's spread Nutella, fresh and sweet strawberries (domestic), and corn flakes that are responsible for the crunchy texture are truly perfect! Alas, he was a really good crepe. If you think of dessert after a meal, you can stop by. Because there's another dessert pear. (“3,000 won for one = 2 servings of 'Honeydon' sweet and sour pork” is…?)

1447219054708322 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

The Golden Box is located on the right side of the entrance to Mangwon Market.

1447219057728323 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Crepes just before completion!!! Heavy rain, good visuals. Wow! Add cereal~

[Store Information]
Address: 9, World Cup-ro 13-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Phone number: 010-7747-2625 (boss number)
Menu: Domestic homemade sweet and sour pork 1,500 won, tteokbokki 1,500 won, bibimguk 1,500 won, anchovy noodles 1,500 won, etc.
Business hours: 12:00 to 22:00
Shikigami's one-line evaluation: 15,000 won, the taste is as good as sweet and sour pork!!! It's even more delicious when eaten with sweet and sour bibimguk>. <
Hyeja Index: 9.5 points out of 10 (the fact that it's 8,500 won even if you eat all the menus ^^)

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