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korean restaurant / Pasta taught me by an Italian grandmother – 135

Itaewon Haebangchon Gourmet Ragu

(Pasta taught to me by an Italian grandmother)

Itaewon was a military district after liberation

To the place where the US military base was stationed

Construction of foreign diplomatic missions and military apartments in the 60s

Coupled with the boom in the textile industry in the 70s

It established itself as a developed bonded item

After going through the 88th Olympics, people from around the world in '97

It has been designated as a special tourist zone and has a diverse culture

It was transformed into a special place mixed together

The main commercial area in the center of the Hamilton Hotel

From a few years ago, to Hannam-dong and Gyeongridan-gil

As it stretched out, the commercial area reached Haebangchon

It is showing an expanded flow

Among them, Haebangchon was due to the Korean War

It was an area where Vietnamese people lived

Once known as the most underdeveloped neighborhood

Is this place for internal organs <자코비버거>

Destroying and promoting Haebangchon

He asked to act as a pioneer

, <보니스피자> <캠핑컴퍼니>

etc. It's pretty funny <홀리스모크>

There are many restaurants, which are very eye-catching

Today's pasta with a unique name

There is a steak at a good price

It will be like this, so let's go <라구>

Scroll stop

I visited Haebangchon a long time ago

I went there occasionally because my intestines were about to be destroyed

It's a place, but I've known someone after a long time

I went there because they recommended it~^

As always, let's go along with Bobby!

1424680589985189 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Today's menus

1424680597082191 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

It's called Haebangchon Gourmet in Itaewon…

Neighborhood located across Gyeongridan-gil

Enter Haebangchon and walk for 10 minutes

You can see the gray exterior

If you want it, it's Ragu right away ^^

1424680603605192 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Whether it's a cafe or a restaurant these days

They express it like this

1424680608616193 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Here's the menu

The part that comes in from day to day is different

I'm going out for today's steak

1424680613870194 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

A steak that becomes a signature dish

The amount for the price seems to be considerable

1424680619801195 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

What I liked the most today was pasta

There's only one type of pasta

They seem to have paid quite a bit of attention to choice and focus

1424680625236197 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

I can see places to drink

1424680631284200 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Edelweiss Snow Fresh (8,000)

It's an Austrian beer, but it's wheat beer

A guy who is gentle and good at jumping

Among imported beers, for the public

Wheat beer is highly favored

This guy is worth recommending

The herb scent has an orange scent

But I recommend it to women

1424680636429201 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

For those who visit this place

I like house wine the most

After all, beer fits my taste

1424680644166202 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Grandma Ragu Pasta (16,000)

After taking a sip, my mouth felt refreshed

The pasta came out quickly 🙂

The menu naming was fun, so I asked

When the chef studies in Italy

I learned it from my Italian grandmother

If you say you're Italian, pasta

I don't think I'm good at everything, but apparently

There's a good chance they'll do better, right? ^^

Ah, I'm good at wearing hanbok hehe

1424680650613203 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

When I think about it, in Lagusos

Did you name the business name Ragu?

Grandma Ragu's pasta is also in Ragu

I'm using bolognese sauce

1424680681979210 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

What is a normal meat sauce like bolognese

They say it goes well with flat surfaces…

Slurp on spaghetti today

1424680691842212 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

A sauce that also goes well with lasagna

I really liked this guy

The sauce was much better than noodles

1424680703620213 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Among tomato-based sauces

I definitely like meat sauce

It's a stock that makes you feel the umami

There may be an impact, but for a long time

After boiling, a rich flavor was added

I like pasta here

If there's one regret, there's no bread.

Satisfaction would have increased if you gave it to me…

1424680709998215 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Wolf steak (330g 27,000)

With pasta from Grandma Ragu

This one is considered one of the signature dishes

There aren't many types, so it's easy…

1424680715394217 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Thick pork ribs and neck cuts are popular

This one is also a little thick, haha

The part is called supple skin

1424680720875219 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Mashed potatoes can also be seen underneath

Did Ronaldo hit the mesh lately?

Can't mesh now? No, this guy

It's a mash potato lol

1424680726692226 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

I like the natural taste of meat

It's a pity that the sweet and sour sauce is a bit excessive

1424680731968228 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

What's more, fat is low in fat

It's a pity that it felt a bit heavy haha

This is probably why the sauce is strong

1424680739806229 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

One good thing you can't capture in a picture

I played a lot of music for lunch on Saturday

The jazz that came out when I visited

It just seems to catch the rhythm of the day…

There aren't many items on the menu, but

A young chef in a limited space

A nice place where people enjoy their work

Pasta with Bolognese sauce

It was a delicious Haebangchon story

I'm going to Seorae Village tomorrow

The one that became the center of power there

It's a new dining restaurant created by the chef

It's a place I found with anticipation

Let's shout before they disappear. What are you saying?

Conquering restaurants is my goal

I can't spread my false wings

Waiting time : I haven't even waited yet, so let's not wait

Flavor: I'll recommend pasta

Price: This is a huge price for 330 grams of steak

Kindness level: Good service

Mood: Satisfied with the song that comes out

Location and parking space: Parking space is scarce, so you can walk here..


Opening hours: 05:00 – 10:00 p.m. (weekdays)

Noon – 10:00 p.m. (weekends)

Closed every Monday

Phone number: 02-796-8777

Address: 45-4, Yongsan-dong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

1424680754207231 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023



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