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Eating out is always fun, but sometimes I think of my mother's well-prepared meal as if it were clunky. At some point , when I want to eat a warm and friendly home-cooked meal instead of a burdensome price or irritating food, I naturally go to a white rice shop I will do it. When you receive a meal where you can feel the taste of mom's hands, your heart will be filled with warmth. Today, I'm going to introduce a white rice restaurant recommended by social media users.

1. 'Rotary Restaurant' in Yeosu , a cheap and hearty white rice restaurant

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“Rotary Restaurant”, located across from Yeosu Seo Market, is an old restaurant loved by native Yeoju people, not tourists, and has been the same for over 30 years They are defending their seats in plain sight. There are always a lot of people waiting, so I cover the table with 10 or more plastic covers for quick rotation. The image of white rice appearing on white vinyl is the fullness of Namdo itself. Seafood from Yeosu's blue crab miso in a large bowl of kishimasu, stir-fried meat broth, seasoned crab mixed with spicy sauce, and soy sauce crab You can enjoy a fantastic blend of meat. The low price of only 6,000 won adds to satisfaction.

2. “Japanese and American Restaurant ” , a warm meal for office workers

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The first good restaurant. When you enter the “Japanese American Restaurant” located in Nakwon Shopping District in Jongno, the first thing you see is the four rice cookers, which will serve freshly cooked white rice to customers It contains the will of the owner's wife. If you add savory cheonggukjang to hot rice and grate it, the flavor is excellent. Since cheonggukjang is made using domestic soybeans, you may feel a little bored, but soon you fall in love with the rich flavor of soybeans. The spicy stir-fried biological squid is also a popular menu that stimulates the salivary glands. The sharp seasoning is not thick and refreshing, so it's delicious even if you just eat it, but you can also mix it with rice.

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â–²Shikigami Joseph Chung review: The rice is so delicious. â–²Business hours: 11:30 ~ 21:00 â–²Location: #148, Nakwon Shopping Street B1, 284-6, Nakwon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: 16,000 won (2 people)

3. All-you-can-eat side dishes , “Tonkatsu white rice ”

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The menu at this place is “pork cutlet white rice,” and if you sit down, you can enjoy rice, soup, and side dishes as many people as you like without having to order I'll bring it to you. It seems like a hearty meal is possible with just a basic menu, but the main side dish here is pork cutlet. A lot of non-irritating sauce is poured into the crispy deep-fried pork cutlet, and the sauce contains finely sliced tofu, making it a lighter and softer flavor I can feel it. Also, the healthy, white and savory miso stew is not salty, so I often get tired of it. It's a good idea to note that all side dishes, including pork cutlets, are all-you-can-eat.

4. 'Taehyeon Restaurant' in Haenam, a famous restaurant at the end of the earth

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The white rice meal of “Taehyeon Restaurant”, which is famous among taxi drivers in Haenam, offers a generous prize of 7,000 won per person. A variety of side dishes are prepared, such as steamed mackerel simmered in a pot, stir-fried pork, savory miso soup, chapchae, and raw oyster sauce. All the side dishes and kimchi are made by the owner's wife herself, so you can really enjoy the taste of mom's hands. I recommend this place if you want to enjoy the same meal the whole family used to eat at the same table early in the morning. Also, the rockfish jiritang made from dried rockfish brought from Heuksando can be enjoyed as a delicacy with a cup of soju.

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â–²Shikigami Airmen's review: There were plenty of side dishes, and they were all delicious, so I ate them very well! LOL â–²Business hours: 06:00 ~ Varies depending on the situation â–²Location: 85-8, Godori, Haenam-eup, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do â–²Price range: 7,000 won

5. Enjoy Jinsu Feast for 6,000 won , Seocheon 'Geumgang Restaurant'

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“Geumgang Restaurant” is a Korean restaurant located near a reed field in Shinseong-ri, Seocheon National Ecological Park. White rice with 21 side dishes is offered for 6,000 won. It is a true local restaurant loved by nearby residents for its refreshing and hearty taste. Pork and miso stew are not special flavors, but they captivate the palate with the familiar flavors you've always thought of. Side dishes with an overall non-irritating flavor are served little by little to avoid reuse, so you can refill if you run out of them. I recommend it if you want to receive a rich, authentic feast.



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