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korean restaurant / Romantic trip along the alley, Hongdae Polka Dot Street restaurants – 258

Poor college students gathered in Hongdae to sing about freedom and romance. As large companies and franchise businesses gradually came in, unfortunately, the unique feeling was diluted a lot. Some also moved their nests to nearby Yeonnam-dong and Yeonhui-dong. However, there is still one street where you can feel the old Hongdae. It's a polka dot street leading to Sinchon from the side street just across from the Sanulim Small Theater. It's called “Ding-Ding Street” or “Train Path” because trains passed by ringing a “twinkling” bell in the days when Gyeongui Line traveled. This week, I'm going to introduce 5 restaurants highly recommended by social media users in search of the taste of Polka Dot Street where you can enjoy memories with a youthful sensibility.

1. Enjoy yakitori in a comfortable space “Oshiriya”

Oshiriya is one of the oldest stores in Polka Dot Street. The name of the restaurant was named after using Oshiri, which means “sit with your hips attached and eat comfortably.” The delicious smell that comes from grilling skewers comes out from outside the restaurant. The interior has a comfortable interior with a focus on wood, and I am impressed by the funny sentences written in calligraphy typeface on the wooden boards attached throughout the store. This place sells charcoal-grilled chicken, beef, and seafood, and can be ordered separately or as a set menu. The skewers are second to none, and all have a high level of flavor.

1432806516031935 Korean Food | Korean Street Food September 23rd, 2023

1432806525585936 Korean Food | Korean Street Food September 23rd, 2023

[Image source: Oshiriya Polala Store's official blog]

â–²Shikigami Goes Spring Day review: A place that is more tasteful if you have a glass of sake on a rainy day… â–²Opening hours: â–²Price range: Skewers: 3,000 won to 8,000 won â–²Location: 186-22 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

2. 'Hongdae's original whole goldbe', a soup that warmly fills the heart

A place that has been popular for a long time because of its golbang. The interior walls are full of signs of celebrities who have visited this place. The interior consists of a round plastic table and chairs, so you can feel like you've come to a food stall. On one side, goldfish are continuously simmered in a large pot, scooped and served as orders come in. Depending on the size of the goldfish soup, which contains thick goldfish and mussels, costs 12,000 won to 20,000 won depending on the size, and they use a ball that is usually caught in the West Sea. Side dishes such as rolled eggs and feast noodles are also popular.

3. “I Am Burger,” a homemade burger shop admired by experts

Recently, this homemade burger restaurant was selected as a hamburger restaurant in a TV program and became even more popular. When you walk through the cafe-like exterior, the store is filled with customers eating burgers. I make patties every morning and bake my own bread. There are three types of bread: “original” sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds, “oatmeal” topped with light and chewy oats, and “black,” which is savory with squid ink. If you run out of ingredients, not being able to eat them is also a rarity. Their signature double American cheeseburger and onion shrimp burger with whole shrimp and onion rings without a patty are popular.

1432806570805937 Korean Food | Korean Street Food September 23rd, 2023

1432806579710938 Korean Food | Korean Street Food September 23rd, 2023

[Image source: I am Burger's official Facebook page]

â–²Shikigin Heejin e review: The onion shrimp burger is a big hit… it contains about 7 to 8 shrimp hehe â–²Business hours: 11:30 to 21:00 â–²Price range: 7,800 won to 9,200 won â–²Location: 1st floor, 5-78 Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

4. “Cheolgil King Ribs” is a great place to eat

If you've been to Hongdae for a while, it's such a representative restaurant in Polka Dot Street that even says, “If you don't know this place, you're a spy.” When Gyeonguisun went there, it was also called a yakiniku restaurant because I was able to see the train passing by from right next door while grilling meat and the like at this restaurant. You can choose between raw ribs and grilled beef tenderloin, but customers who have been here for a long time recommend marinated grilled beef. Cut the raw ribs into long slices and place them on a stainless steel rope. Miso jjigae, which contains large pieces of tofu and potatoes, has a cool and refreshing flavor, so many enthusiasts visit this place to eat miso jigae

5. Would you like to enjoy an English-style tea time? 'Merikate'

A place with a bright blue exterior and signboard that conveys a happy feeling. You can enjoy English-style scones, black tea, and cakes made by the boss who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. The compact interior, which consists only of a table and a bar, is as cozy as if you were at a friend's house. It was set up neatly using beautiful teacups and tableware, so I was quite satisfied because I felt treated. If you order a small fist-sized scone made from corn flour (2,500 won), they will put strawberry jam and clotted cream on a plate and serve it together. Delicious coffee and scones made with Libre beans. It's the perfect combination to have tea time after a fun meal.



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