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korean restaurant / Samgyetang, synonymous with a lucky day that provides all kinds of nutrition – 337

A few days ago, the rainy season, which heralds summer, soaked the dry soil. The warm weather that came after the rain stopped, I was already out of breath. When I'm sweating a lot and my energy is low, there's nothing like an aphrodisiac to keep me energized. Among them, the health food most familiar to the public is samgyetang. Every year on Lucky Day, people line up in front of the Samgyetang house to prove its popularity. Never take it for granted that it's common! Samgyetang is synonymous with lucky day, with its hot, rich soup and immaculate flesh that provides all kinds of nutrition. Today, the SNS Taste Appraisal Group will introduce samgyetang restaurants recommended by Shikigin Hot Place users.

1. Gangwon-jeong, where you can enjoy authentic samgyetang

Along with ingredients such as ginseng, sticky rice, medicinal dates, native chestnuts, ginkgo nuts, pine nuts, black sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds, Kangwon Jeong creates a more delicious and deep flavor. The store, which was renovated from an old-fashioned hanok, has a clean and clean feel and further enhances the feeling of eating “healthy food.” All ingredients, such as chicken, kimchi, and rice, are domestically produced, and contain a variety of nuts, so they have a savory and light flavor. (However, they say they use Chinese sunflower seeds because domestic ones are not available.) The chicken softly boiled in a pot in the yard and the rich soup that enhances the taste with its savory smell make you unable to stop spooning.

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â–²Sik Shin Yung-dol's review: It's a hanok style, so I think the atmosphere is eating in lol â–²Business hours: 11:30 ~ 20:00 Break time 14:30 ~ 17:30 (closed on the first, third Sunday) â–²Location: 48-7 Wonhyo-ro 1-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: Samgyetang 12,000 won

2. Walking in Gyeongbokgung Palace, a bowl of samgyetang, local village

Everyone in the know knows the local village of Samgyetang restaurants near Gyeongbokgung Palace. It's a bit far to walk from Gyeongbokgung Palace, but if you walk slowly while focusing on chatting with friends on a stone wall, you'll be able to find a store before you know it. The hanok shop is crowded with many customers, including foreigners, but the turnover rate is high because highly skilled employees provide smooth service. The samgyetang soup made with various nuts is white and rich. The advantage is that there are a variety of types of samgyetang, such as samgyetang with wild ginseng root, osol-based samgyetang, and lacquer soup.

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â–²Shikigami Cool Kangwon's review: Chicken is yardy, glutinous rice is chewy, and the rich soup is really awesome! â–²Business hours: 10:00-22:00 â–²Location: 85-1 Chebu-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: Samgyetang 15,000 won

3. Lake Samgyetang with an impressive savory and thick soup

A samgyetang restaurant that is representative of Singil-dong where customers wait in line to eat, even though it can easily accommodate 1,000 people. There is only one item on the menu, samgyetang, which features a savory, thick style of soup made with perilla in chicken broth. At first glance, it has a porridge-like consistency. Because of this, it feels more filling than samgyetang, which is a typical light soup stock. Chicken is boiled for an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes, so it is soft enough to separate the bones and flesh easily without any effort.

â–²Comment from Kang Gong-gong Shikigami: When I saw it, there was a long line standing… but that house is rumored to be a delicious place! â–²Business hours: 11:00-21:30 Open all year round â–²Location: 342-25 Singil-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: Samgyetang 13,000 won

4. Incheon's signature samgyetang flavor, Inhyeon chicken samgyetang

Inhyeon Tongdak Samgyetang, which opened in 1972 and has been in operation for 43 years, is so famous that it is first called “samgyetang” in Incheon. The two-story store is spacious, but customers flock to it on hot summer days. When you sit down, they give you a cup of yellow ginseng liquor before you even serve the samgyetang. You can drink this ginseng liquor as it is, or you can pour it into the samgyetang broth and use it to catch the chicken's fishy smell. The soup is not very clear or thick, and has just the right amount of consistency. Electric grilled chicken, which removes fat from the side using an electric grill method, is also famous. It's not salted, so it's light, yet it has a slight smell unique to chicken. If you add it with ginseng wine, it captures this scent and goes well with it.

â–²Review by Yomiyomi Shikigami: If you want to eat a crispy whole chicken without the fat, this is the place! â–²Business hours: 10:30 ~ 22:00 â–²Location: 23 Inhyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon â–²Price range: Samgyetang 14,000 won

5. Goryeo Samgyetang, a global samgyetang restaurant that has captivated even foreign tastes

Famous as Korea's first samgyetang specialty store, Goryeo Samgyetang has been selling samgyetang for 55 years since 1660. There are so many visitors from abroad that customers who visit this place even before entering the store can hear a variety of foreign languages spoken from all sides. If there is a debate about “boook vs. dipping meat” when it comes to sweet and sour pork, the tastes of samgyetang are divided into two types: “clear soup” and “white, rich soup.” Goryeo Samgyetang is electronic. Add 7-week-old male chicks (male chicks), 4-year-old ginseng, and various herbal medicines, and simmer for a long time to flavor. Since it does not contain auxiliary ingredients such as chicken feet or seeds, you can enjoy the natural flavor of chicken broth, which is clear and light compared to other places.

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â–²Shikigami i-code's review: Samgyetang is a famous place. There are so many foreigners.

â–²Business hours: Weekdays 10:00 to 21:30 Closed on holidays â–²Location: 55-3 Seosomun-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: Goryeo Samgyetang 15,000 won



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