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korean restaurant / Star chef – 436

Let's benefit the world with food!

The appetite is strong and the taste is alive

Demand food party

Today is full of luck!

Demand Gourmet Party Episode 32

Star Chef Restaurant Special

1441256243349414 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

First, I'd like to introduce you to a very special 3 minute!

1441256310898419 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

20 years of cooking experience and over a thousand recipes that break the framework of common sense

Creative Italian professional chef

Crazy Chef Choi Hyun-seok is crazy about cooking !

1441256355660422 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Chef presenting New York-style French cuisine in Korea with 16 years of culinary experience

Investing generously not only in ingredients but also in cooking utensils in the kitchen

Oh Se-deuk , a man known as a tycoon chef

1441256392554429 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

22 years of cooking experience
Completed Le Cordon Bleu Paris, one of the top 3 culinary schools in the world
Spreading French food culture to the country!
Korea's first generation French owner-chef 'Jin Gyung-soo, '
At today's demand food party!
What is a star chef's restaurant like! Is it really tasty!
Probably because of the chef's popularity, there are so many customers!
Taste the most representative dinner course menu
An objective and clear evaluation of food
I'll show you honestly!

1441256745057467 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Egypt, located in Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

It opened in 2010 and has been in business for 6 years.

Elbon the Table, famous as an emerging powerhouse

Rumor has it that you have to make an unconditional reservation a month in advance.

1441256765721470 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

The kitchen and bar make up half of the restaurant

When you sit at the bar, you're perfectly under the direction of Chef Choi Hyun-seok

You can enjoy the busy moving kitchen.

A dinner show that will lift your spirits before tasting the food!

What does the food at Elbon the Table really taste like?

1441256830622480 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

First food, creamy risotto flavored with smoked eel and fresh kimchi

1441256943150490 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Grilled eels that are soft on the inside and crispy on the skin

1441257037401500 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

The combination of fresh kimchi is a unique creamy risotto.

1441257003214498 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

What was the taste of the steak that Chef Choi Hyun-seok was proud of during the broadcast?

A steak grilled on a charcoal grill to add a strong flavor

With a gas fire or fan, you can accurately set the timing for grilling, but

A charcoal grill is a method that makes it difficult to grill meat with a constant grilling method.

There was a feeling that it had been slightly overcooked.

1441256989234495 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

A lot of effort was made to apply a smoky scent

Elbon the Table's steak

1441257071118509 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

*Shrimp with tomato sauce, watermelon and bacon jelly

Appetizer of grilled shrimp with watermelon and bacon jelly

When the jelly melts in your mouth, chew the shrimp with your bottom and push it up

You can better enjoy the aroma of bacon jelly and the texture of shrimp without the need for any other sauce.

1441257122953520 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

* Blue crab salad covered with soy sauce jelly

After wrapping blue crab meat in jelly made from soy sauce

Appetizer with caviar and avocado sprinkled with gold furniture

What is Chef Choi Hyun-seok's food, who wants to cook something that goes against people's common sense

Each one stands out for their creativity.

Han Joo-pyeong: A place to watch Chef Choi Hyun-seok's amazing dinner show


Elbon the Table 2F, 530-5 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

phone number

02-547-4100/ 4102

Menu introduction

Noble dinner set 85,000 won

Elbon dinner set 110,000 won

Elbon Chef Tasting Set 150,000 won

Business hours

Monday-Saturday 12:00 ~ 23:00/Sunday 12:00 ~ 22:00

(Break time 15:00 ~ 18:00/no weekend break)

Second dining room

Chef Oh Se-deuk's


1441258594833610 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

This house, headed by Chef Oh Se-deuk, is located in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

This French restaurant opened in 2007 and has been in business for 9 years.

1441258608890611 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Luxurious interior that looks like a change from a local French restaurant

The music overpowers the atmosphere, and you can enjoy the sounds of people talking

I'm impressed by the restaurant's atmosphere, which looks like a scene from a French movie.

What does Julai's food really taste like?

1441258675061616 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Synonymous with French cuisine

Let's take a look at the taste of “foie gras” first.

*Foie gras with bread crumbs and apricot puree

Boil apricots in soft-grilled goose liver

Appetizer with thick sauce

1441258696460620 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

If you eat it with apricot sauce

It's nice that the unique aroma of foie gras is neutralized.

1441258781338636 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Julai says fish dishes are excellent

Actually, fish dishes are delicate and difficult to handle

What is Julai's grilled perch

You can feel the umami and flavor of raw meat.

1441258765621632 Korean Food September 14th, 2023


The outside is crispy and the inside is moist!

Chef Oh Se-deuk's food that makes full use of its original flavor without any distractions

1441258811328639 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

The next menu is Julai's signature menu

*Ancient sea urchin risotto

After boiling ancient rice, a native rice with the characteristics of wild rice,

Bisque sauce made with shellfish, cream, etc., and risotto made with sea urchin eggs

1441258822942641 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

The chewy texture of ancient rice with grains of rice!

1441261610366073 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

A julai steak that is a sirloin with a sirloin but soft enough to be cut with a butter knife

I ate it with a steak sauce with the rich flavor of cloves, which is also used as a herbal medicine

The flavor that melts in your mouth is excellent.

1441258911611652 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Excellent lamb ribs made from tender lean meat

Chef Oh Se-deuk is famous for sparing no expense on ingredients.

Julai uses lamb, which has no smell and is tender.

Shin Dong-yeol says he only eats lamb ribs when he goes to this place.

Chef Oh Se-deuk's delicate sensibility hidden in his rustic appearance was clearly revealed

Using good ingredients, Julai's food tastes even better!

Han Joo-pyeong: A man's delicate hand gesture that makes your sense of taste resonate!


1st floor, 577-20, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

phone number


Menu introduction

Wight's Dinner Course 85,000 won Premier Dinner Course 110,000 won

Chef tasting course 150,000 won (available if ordered one day in advance)

Business hours

Monday-Saturday 12:00 to 22:30 (break time 15:00 to 18:30)

Sunday 12:00 to 21:00 (break time 15:00 to 18:00)

1441259578445007 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

This house is located in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

To a place where Chef Jin Gyung-soo is the owner-chef

From Seorae Village to French restaurants

It's a house at the level of Lee Jang's house

1441259620735009 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

La Saboire overlooking Seorae Village from the bottom of a small terrace

Nice weather day! It's a great place to enjoy a romantic meal with your loved ones.

Revolutionizing the French culinary world in Korea

The first generation of Korean French owner-chef chef 'Jin Gyung-soo's

What does the restaurant food taste like?

La Savoie's menu changes every month using seasonal ingredients.

1441259677723012 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Samgyeopsal and blueberry chutney (chutney) served as welcome food in August

It's a very small amount

It is a food that allows me to enjoy the aroma with my whole body.

1441262638445101 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Another welcome food

*Raclette cheese

Welcome food made by putting bacon and pickles on cheese

When you chew pickles and bacon together while the cheesy scent pushes your back

A small but rich blend of sour and oily flavors!

1441262676134102 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

1441262704444104 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Next is a “croaker exhibition ” with chives and sesame herbs served as an appetizer .

A croaker exhibition that makes you feel better while your mouth feels warm

Once you try it, you won't forget the ultimate croaker!

To croaker meat that melts softly in the mouth as the gravy bursts

The fragrant scent of sesame and chives is added

You can enjoy the incredible balance of flavors made up of the ingredients!

1441263022560112 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Attractive lamb ribs with a subtle meat flavor and

1441263084478114 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

A French restaurant that is difficult to operate because it doesn't have popular dishes!

Because of that, Chef Jin Gyung-soo had a difficult time in his early days

It is said that even back then, they insisted only on good meat

Created by Chef Jin Gyung-soo's pride and longing

Le Savoy's sirloin steak

Maybe it's because the meat quality is good

The aroma and chewiness of the sirloin are excellent.

1441262941088110 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

It gave me the feeling that I had eaten a healthy meal

Berry salad and Greek yogurt

1441262933004109 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Enjoying the harmony of fresh berries and Greek yogurt

Finish the meal in a good mood!

Han Joo-pyeong: Chef Jin Gyung-soo's soul-stealing aesthetic sense


5th Floor, Dasom Building, 90-10 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

phone number


Menu introduction

Dinner w course 69,000 won This month's course (dinner) 85,000 won

Chef Signature Course 130000 won

Business hours

Monday-Sunday 11:30 ~ 22:30 (break time 15:30 ~ 17:30)

(Last order: Lunch 13:30 Dinner 20:40 /Sunday Dinner 20:00)



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