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korean restaurant / [Sungshin Women’s University] Burger Park – 760

If you're looking for the Korean In&Out hamburger, I recommend Sungshin Women's University Burger Park.

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I'm afraid it's raining outside. It almost dropped to the level of the rainy season after the spring beach.

Burger Park is a homemade burger restaurant in Banghak-dong where people line up to eat.

It is said that they moved to Sungshin Women's University Station, which is a little closer to central Seoul.

(Nevertheless, it took 1 hour and 40 minutes to go from my house ) It was

even raining a lot, but
I decided to eat a hamburger
I went on a long journey with passion.

Cheers to my craving for food

Burger Park is a small restaurant with 10 to 12 tables for 2 people. Make a prepayment along with your order at the checkout counter

I'm waiting for the vibrating bell. You can drink one cup of carbonated drinks per person and use them in unlimited quantities .

※ See the bottom of the post for menu and price information

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Delicious Gangwon potatoes in the deep mountains and clear water of Dumesanggol Tomatoes are also domestically produced

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I made a double of Burger Park's basic burger, Park Burger (5,200 won) and added 2,800 won to it and changed it to a set.

(French fries+drink refill) Even if you do this, it's 8,000 won.

It's quite a reasonable price considering that a single hamburger item usually costs over 8,000 won at a homemade burger shop.

When I go to a homemade burger shop, I always eat chili cheese fries as a side, but I was very disappointed that the burger park didn't have that menu.

There were cheese french fries and bacon cheese french fries instead, but they were temporarily sold out, so I passed.

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Burger King style thick french fries

nowadays hamburger shop fries are McDonald's style (basic), papais style (seasoning), and Burger King It seems to be divided by style (dotom). The second flavor is seasoning french fries. I don't like to eat french fries because of my skin, but I can't give up Mom's Touch or Papais fries Also, Burger Park is far away, so you should try it .

The characteristic of Burger Park's french fries is that they are very deep-fried, but they are cut thick, and the inside has the fluffy texture of the potato . The liver was just right, so I ate it deliciously.

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1459906873781336 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

great cheese

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Burger Park's patties use 100% Australian beef, and many other ingredients are domestically produced. The characteristic is that there are plenty of vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, etc.) and there is almost no flavor of the sauce, but likes and dislikes also diverge because of this. .

From the red tray to the style that makes use of the natural flavors of the ingredients, it is said to have a similar feel to an in-and-out burger.

(According to people who have been to the US…) It's a hamburger made from a recipe the boss studied locally in the US for 6 months, but maybe during those 6 months Maybe you worked part-time at Shook Shook Burger or In&Out? That's what I thought.

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In n Out Burger (in n out)/Shake Shack (Shake Shack) – Shook Shook Burger is preparing to launch in Korea at SPC.

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Although it was a hamburger, it was a really healthy flavor. So much so that you can feel the patty's peppery flavor is light

Burger Park competes on the compatibility of ingredients rather than sauce.

If you feel a little bored in the middle, you can eat it with ketchup .

If you prefer Burger King's Whopper over McDonald's, I recommend Burger Park.

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1459906913400345 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Burger Park ★★★★★

Address : 56 Dongsomun-ro 22-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul

Phone number : 02-955-3055

For me, who values value value value for money, Burger Park was a great place to eat.

So five stars! Is the location also Sungshin Women's University Rodeo Street? If you go straight along (Main Road), you can find it

Beginners can also easily get there .

I ate the Park Burger Double and was perfectly full, but for adult men, the amount may seem a little small .

So be sure to double it .

If it were somewhere around Hongdae, I would have bought and eaten very often. Sungshin Women's UniversityIt's too far..

Nevertheless, I plan to return for takeout soon.

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Sungshin Women's University Burger Park menu



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