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korean restaurant / Take bus 86 and see 8 views of Wonju’s original city center – 164

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I took bus 86 in front of the Korea Tourism Organization's new office building. After about ten bus stops, I entered the original city center and visited Wonju along the elliptical route leading from Pungmul Market to Wonju Station to Nambu Market.

Text, photo by Park Eun-gyeong

>> Departure from Korea Tourism Organization's new office

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1 Gyeonggi Folk Market and Early Morning Market

Bus stop name | Pungmul Market

On the day that ends on the 2nd and 7th of every month, the oil field opens and there is a lot of hustle and bustle. From spring herbs to fresh seafood, there's nothing missing. You can also buy bright blouses, flowers, and trees for spring. Jujube, soba noodles, pig's feet, and teokgalbi are also delicious.

Across the street, there is an early morning market at Wonjucheonbyeon. It's a demon market that sparkles every day from April to December from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., and then disappears. Farmers can buy fresh vegetables at a lower price than on the market because they directly trade agricultural products grown by farmers.

Inquiries Folk Market 033-746-9114, Early Morning Market 033-737-4145

View 2 Wonju Station Water Tower

Bus stop name | Lee Eun-chan's Soldier Park (Wonju Station)

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Wonju Station is the first station in Gangwon Province where all trains on the Jungang Line stop. There is a treasure trove of heritage here, and that is the water tower. The water tower, which looked like a white lighthouse, was located on the left side of Wonju Station. It was installed at the end of the period of Japanese domination and was responsible for supplying water to steam locomotives traveling to and from the Jungang Line. It is currently one of the 22 remaining water towers in Korea and was registered and managed as a modern cultural heritage in 2004.

3 Kyung, Pastor Kim Je-gak, Chung-yeol-bi

Bus stop name | Lee Eun-chan's Soldier Park (Wonju Station)

It is a monument honoring Pastor Kim Je-gak, who fought at Yeongyeongsan Castle during the Imjin War. Kim Je-gak faced the Imjin War the following year when she was appointed Wonju-sa as a tattoo from the middle of Joseon. Kim Je-gak led his soldiers and medics in a battle at Yeongyeongsan Castle, but ended up being killed, and even his son, who was in charge of the military, was killed. As a result, the wife Lee, who lost her husband and son, is known to have ended her own life. Chungnyeolbi is in front of Wonju Station.

4 Gyeonggi Central Citizens' Traditional Market, Central Market, Free Market

Bus stop name | Won-ro Central Market (Pyeongwon-ro Central Market)

1426214867813732 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

Meet traditional markets full of cheap and delicious food in Hanja-ri. First, the most famous restaurant in the Central Citizens' Traditional Market is “Wonju Kimchi Dumpling (033-745-3848).” For over 40 years, the three generations have been stubbornly managing it. The main menu is Kalmandu. Hand-picked kishimchi dumplings go well together. Fried dumplings are also a delicacy.

1426214883187733 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

The free market is a modern shopping district. The restaurants are located on the first basement floor. They mainly sell snacks such as tteokbokki and sundae. Koi Nee, Friendship House, etc. are known. If you order one serving of tteokbokki (3000 won), they will give you a rich mix of tempura and tteokbokki. The kamaboko that comes with it is a service.

The “Newlyweds (033-745-8037)” located in the aisle is also a famous food stall. I eat a lot of kimchi fried rice, chewy stir-fried rice, and pork cutlets. “A house that is hard to find no matter how many times you go (033- 745-0031)” went viral for its pork cutlet and rice ball set.

1426214895186734 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

There is a Korean beef alley in Jungang Market. When you enter Jungang Market through the Daewol Rice Cake Shop Alley in front of the Free Market, about 10 shabby restaurants gather and smell like grilling meat. It is very popular because you can enjoy special ingredients such as Korean beef tenderloin and fillets at reasonable prices. The first house (033-742-258) is well known.

Inquiries: Jungang Citizens' Traditional Market 033-732-6501, Jungang Market 033- 743-2570, Free Market 033-746-5037

View 5 Gangwon Gamyeong

Bus stop name | Gangwon Gamyeong

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Gangwon Gamyeong is a building where Gangwon-do observers worked during the Joseon Dynasty. Currently, the capital of Gangwon Province is Chuncheon, but even in the Joseon Dynasty, the center of Gangwon Province was Wonju.

Gangwon Gamyeong had about 40 buildings in Bondy, but most of them were damaged during the Lim Jin War and the Korean War, and now Pojeong Tower, Jungsammun Gate, Naesammun Gate, Seonhwa Hall, Naeah, and Haenggak have been restored. Notable buildings include Pojeong Tower and Seonhwadang. Pojeong-ro is a two-story pavilion with 3 compartments in front and 2 compartments on the sides, corresponding to the main gate, the outermost gate of Gangwon Gamyeong. Seonhwadang is the main building of Gangwon Gamyeong, where observers used to watch their work. The observer handled matters related to the administration, taxation, and complaints of Gangwon Province here.

Contact Kangwon Gamyeong 033-737-4767

6 Kyung Muyudang Memorial Hall

Bus stop name | Gangwon Gamyeong

The museum was opened in 2007 to commemorate Muwi-dang teacher Jang Il-sun. Dr. Jang Il-sun acted as an ideological supporter of the anti-dictatorship struggle from the 1970s, and launched a life thought movement advocating natural restoration in the 1980s. The memorial hall was located on the 4th floor of Yangeum Shinhyup in Culture Street across Gamyeong Road in Gangwon. Contact Muidang Memorial Hall 033-747-4579

7 Gyeonggyeong Wondong Cathedral

Bus stop name | KBS Broadcasting Station

1426214919582736 1 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

It was built as a Gothic cathedral in 1913, but the building burned down during the Korean War and was rebuilt as a cement brick building in 1954. It is a rectangular building with a bell tower in the center of the front and is characterized by being much longer than it is wide. In the 1970s, when Bishop Ji Hak-sun and the poet Kim Ji-ha waged an anti-dictatorship struggle centered around this place, it also emerged as the cradle of the Catholic Democracy Movement. Rock Cultural Heritage No. 139, including a modern cultural heritage.

Contact Wondong Cathedral 033-765-3350

1426214934028737 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

8th Kyung Overtake

Bus stop name | KBS Broadcasting Station

It was a place where poets and guests often climbed up to watch the moon rising from Chiak Mountain, and cheered up Siheung. If you walk up Daldongne Alley after Wondong Cathedral and next to Wonju Flower Garden, you'll see a monument that says “Akizukdae (Akizukdae).” On the back, the poem “On the Overtake” written by Lee Min Gu, an inspector of Gangwon-do Province, is engraved on the back. You can see Wonju city and the foot of Chiak Mountain.

9 Gyeongnam Market

Bus stop name | Wonro Nambu Market

1426214941961739 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

It is a commercial and apartment complex built in the 1970s and is said to be the largest in Wonju when it was built. A comfortable shopping space has been secured, such as building an underground parking lot as part of a facility modernization project. The main stores are general stores, clothing stores, and restaurants.

Near Nambu Market, along with Taejang-dong Ssangdong Chicken (033-742- 5896), there was Nambu Chicken (033-762-7144), one of Wonju Chicken's Yangdae Mountain Range. The menu includes fried chicken, marinated chicken, and soy sauce chicken. You can also order by mixing them in half, so you can choose according to your preferences.

Contact Nambu Market 033-764-0607

1426214951476740 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

If you are curious about Wonju's city bus routes, visit Wonju City Traffic Information Center website

You can go to Based on travel routes, service intervals, and real-time traffic information

Please kindly let me know the estimated time of arrival of a bus in an unfamiliar city

It helps a lot with travel.

â—†Wonju city bus fare: 1,300 won for the general public (1,200 won for credit cards), 1040 won for middle and high school students

(Card: 940 won), elementary school students: 650 won



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