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korean restaurant / The colder the weather outside, the more popular it is! ‘Mall Gourmet’ – 677

The colder the weather outside, the more popular it is! 'Mall Gourmet'

The recent cold wave in Siberia has been so intense that the phrase “
a warm winter that is not the same
as usual” is irrelevant
There are places that are popular as the weather gets colder these days when it's
not easy to step out of the futon due to the strong wind
a shopping complex that can handle both dining and shopping
. In the past, it was monotonous in the form of privately run food courts, but recently, complex malls where famous restaurants participate and “look at restaurants and choose shopping malls ” are popular. Today, the SNS Taste
Appraisal Group selected 5 complex malls that are loved by the public for their diverse flavors
. Let's take a look at the variety of flavors at the complex mall, which is fun to choose and eat according to your preferences.

1. Korea's first grocerant, Apgujeong 'Gomei 494'

Gourmet 494 was the first place in Korea to introduce the Grocerant (Grocerant)
concept, which
organically combines ingredients
(ingredients) and
(restaurants). It is leading 'gourmet shopping' by showcasing not only Seoul's best restaurants, such as “Rich Pizza,” “Brooklyn
The Burger Joint
,” “Jang Jin Woo Restaurant
” and
,” as well as famous restaurants from overseas
In the fall of last year, “Max Brenner,” which is said to be the first mecca for chocolate lovers in Korea , opened in the form of a pop-up store, making social media a hit. The service where you order food from the desired restaurant and only place the smart finder on the table and the staff brings
it directly is impressive

1454059142969793 Korean Food September 27th, 20231454059149900794 jpg Korean Food September 27th, 2023

â–²Business hours: 10:30 ~ 21:00
â–²Location: 494 Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

2. A true trend leader 'Hyundai Department Store Pangyo Store'

“Sarabeth,” a brunch cafe raved about by New Yorkers and praised by Oprah Winfrey , and “Magnolia,” famous all over the world for its red velvet cupcakes and banana pudding. Hyundai Department Store Pangyo, which caused a stir on social media just by entering these two stores, is
still popular under the concept of a “department store above a department store
In particular, EATALY (EATALY), famous as the world's first grocerant, offers over 350 types of pasta, fresh prosciutto and cheese, popular gelatas from New York and Milan, and of course an
Italian-style Korean menu
. The variety of flavors makes you feel like you're on a world trip in Korea .

1454059232121799 jpg Korean Food September 27th, 20231454059250791800 jpg Korean Food September 27th, 2023

â–²Business hours : 10:30 ~ 22:00
â–²Location: B1F,
20, Pangyoyeok-ro 146beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

3. Premium Gourmet & Shopping Space, Samsung
'Parna's Mall'

Parnasse Mall is a trendy shopping mall located in the basement of the Grand Intercontinental Hotel at Samseong Station. Premium restaurants are capturing the tastes of the public, including New York's
brunch restaurant
“Dean & Deluca,” the Hawaiian dining restaurant “Aloha Table” where you can feel the exotic
atmosphere of Hawaii, “Junior's New York,” a
famous cheesecake chain in New York, and “Gontransherie
,” which is popular on
social media as a croissant
Another advantage is that it
is directly connected to Samseong Station and COEX Mall, so transportation routes are very convenient

1454059332508803 Korean Food September 27th, 20231454059409495809 Korean Food September 27th, 2023

â–²Business hours : 10:00-22:00
â–²Location: B1F, 521 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

4. Korea's largest F&B zone, Hanyang University's
'Park Avenue Enter-Six'

Park Avenue Entersix worked hard to attract
diners to the extent that half of its brands were created as dining spaces
. There are stores such as “Fukuoka Hamburg
famous for its homemade Korean beef hamburger steak, “Marugame
Zemen,” a udon
restaurant that makes dough and noodles made directly at
the store, and “Billy Angel,” which makes homemade
At Fukuoka hamburger, you can grill the steak directly at the table, but if you use chopsticks to peel the
hamburger steak
and place it on a personal stone, it will quickly cook nicely. The menu starts at 9,900 won, so you can enjoy steak at a reasonable price.

1454059489797811 jpg Korean Food September 27th, 20231454059501211813 Korean Food September 27th, 2023

â–²Business hours: 10:00-22:00
: Seoul Forest The Shop, 241 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

5. Korea's largest shopping complex, Yeongdeungpo 'Time Square'

Yeongdeungpo Times Square is home to many famous bakeries, cafes, and restaurants as it is large. There are Mimi Tteokbokki, famous for its soup tteokbokki and shrimp tempura, Menya Sandaime, which recreates the taste of
Japanese ramen
, and “Sweet Bee,” a popular ice cream specialty store in Gyeongridan-gil.
Sweet Bee sells cute ice cream in the shape of
animals, and they
use jelly and cookies on top of soft ice cream to make the shape of a dog or
. The cup costs 4,800 won, and the cone costs 5,300 won, but it's a good idea to note that it
can be sold out quickly due to the popularity of taking certified shots in flower-shaped cones

1454059535526814 jpg Korean Food September 27th, 20231454059556919815 jpg Korean Food September 27th, 2023

â–²Business hours: 10:30 ~ 22:00
â–²Location: Times Square, 15 Yeongjung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul



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