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korean restaurant / The completion of mixed drinks. 10 BEST SINGLE MALT WHISKEY BARS – 938

At the time of the Great Depression in 1929, SPEAK EASY (to put it mildly) bar was created to avoid crackdown on unauthorized bars and smugglers due to Prohibition. The entrance was hidden in a bookcase or made unrecognizable to avoid crackdowns, and is now a concept where you can enjoy a cocktail or whiskey in a quiet and atmospheric atmosphere . Unlike regular bars with a loud and open atmosphere, if you want to be completely comforted by yourself in a relaxed music and private atmosphere, pay attention to Eagle. On a long day, drinking a glass of rich whiskey at your own hideaway bar can sometimes be better than medicine.

1. 'Le Chamber' in Cheongdam, where the atmosphere, taste, and price are not missing

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'Le Chamber', located in Cheongdam, has a slightly unique way of entering a single malt bar created by the bartenders who are the winners of World Class Korea . The door leading to the bar (bar) opens only when you find a specific book on the bookcase in the secret room, and the English phrase on the bookcase is a hint. The spacious, colorful interior and overwhelming atmosphere of the bar that can be seen when the door opens are unique appeal points of Le Chamber. Le Chamber has a cover charge of 10,000 won per person and is provided with water (or carbonated water) and potato chips as standard. Since Le Chamber pays a lot of attention to the ingredients and conditions used in drinks, you can always enjoy the best cocktails, and they have a variety of cocktails, so they are popular among women. When you sit at the bar, you can get explanations and recommendations about cocktails from the bartender, so I recommend it to first-time visitors. Being able to watch cocktails being made is another advantage.

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â–²Location: 83-4 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: 19:00-03:00 every day, 19:00-02:00 on Sundays â–²Price: Cover charge 10,000 won , cocktails 23,000-30,000 â–²Review (Shikigami Bangyu): There's a bit of a price range, but it's a happy place where you can eat cocktails made by world-class bartenders he_he

2. Cheongdam 'Alice' in Wonderland

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Cheongdam 'Alice' has secret rooms all over the bar (bar) in a garden with no entrance to be found . It is also a place that was selected as one of the 50 best bars in Asia and the best bars in Korea in 2016 for its small and luxurious atmosphere . “Alice” comes only through a flower shop after passing through a place that looks like an ordinary garden in a family home. It exudes a completely different atmosphere from the space you have passed by as if you had entered a new world. You can enjoy cocktails made by bartenders who have won various competitions, and the point is that they are served in unique glasses . There are a lot of people visiting Alice on weekends, so if you're visiting in a group, it's a good idea to book a private room inside Alice.

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â–²Location: 84-20 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours : 19:00-03:00 every day â–²Price : Cover charge 10,000 won, cocktails starting at 18,000 won â–²Review (Sikshin (OH thumbs up ): My friend, who is a regular here, said that he was very nice and kept asking me to go with him, but it was bigger than I thought. It was great.

3. 'Charles H' in Jongno, a secret underground space in New York in the 1920s

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“Charles H” is located within the Four Seasons Hotel. There are no separate signs or arrows to guide you to the bar, so you have to follow the wall to find a hidden entrance. Go down the stairs on the left side of the lobby and the door you see on the left is the entrance. If you walk through a dark aisle and get guided at the reception, you'll find a bar with a glamorous yet classic atmosphere, just like a secret social club in a movie. “Charles H” was created after “Charles H. Baker,” an American writer and cocktail lover , and the continental cocktails he mentioned in his book can be found on the menu. Cocktails divided by country are the signature menu of this place. There is a cover charge, and welcome champagne, potato chips, and spicy-seasoned nuts are provided as standard. There are no separate reservations, so if you want to enjoy a leisurely time, I recommend going in time for the opening hours .

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â–²Location: 97 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: Sunday to Wednesday 18:00-01:00, Thursday to Saturday 18:00-02:30 â–²Price: Cover charge 10,000 won, cocktails starting at 20,000 won â–²Review (Shikigin Lake): Dare to praise the best place in Seoul

4. Two major accidents in my life, 'Carlo & Diego' in Itaewon

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“Carlo & Diego” in Itaewon was completed by paying homage to the blue house of female artist Frida Kahlo and Mexican folk mural master Diego Rivera. The first floor is Café Diego, and the second floor is run by Pub Carlo . These cute interior accessories have a unique atmosphere and are particularly popular among women. A variety of alcoholic beverages are available , including wine, cocktails, and whiskey, and the most popular menu item is “007 James Bond Earl Grey Martini.” The card served with the cocktail and the sensible plating of the olives stand out . If you don't have a cocktail with the flavor you want, you can ask the bartender to make a cocktail based on your own preferences. The interior is larger than what you see from the outside, so it's great for birthday parties and gatherings.

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â–²Location: 25, Hoenam-ro 13ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: 20:00-03:00 every day â–²Price range : 007 James Bond Earl Grey Martini 20,000 won â–²Review (Rainbow Chu, Shikigami) : My first cocktail was here, and when I talked about the flavor I wanted, the bartender made it right away. Thanks to that, I fell in love with the taste of the cocktail.

5. Cheongdam 'Vault+82', a single malt bar that reminds me of Kingsman

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Stylish Cheongdam' Volt+ 82' with an antique vibe . The first basement floor is operated as a single malt whiskey & cocktail bar, the first floor is a brunch cafe, and the second floor is a steakhouse selling dry-aged steaks. Steakhouses that grill steaks using top-quality prime beef and brunch cafes with delicious homemade burgers are just as popular as bars (bars). The bar on the first basement floor has a classic and luxurious atmosphere with dark wood and soft sofas. It has a strong feeling that it is a space for men, and is characterized by its high cocktail content and strong personality compared to other bars. It also has a very large collection of single malt whiskeys and is known as a place frequented by whiskey lovers. Unique services such as a “shoe care ” service for cleaning shoes and liver detoxification and the sale of cleansing juice for those who are concerned about their health are also very eye-catching . There is a private space inside the cocktail bar, and celebrities often visit it.

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â–²Location: 2nd floor, 653-94, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu â–²Business hours: 19:00-04:00 every day, 19:00-02:00 on Sundays â–²Price range : 10,000 won cover charge, Porterhouse steak, 28,000 won â–²Review (Alarmmon 1313, Shikigami) : The wine bar and restaurant are separate here, so each has a different atmosphere. It's great to come for a drink or have a relaxing meal! It's a place where you can feel two different charms.

6. 'Waint' in Hannam-dong, a space just for me

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“Wainat” is a whiskey bar in Hannam-dong with a relaxed and cozy atmosphere that you can easily find when you think of a drink. You can get a glimpse of Wynat's consideration in the table layout that divides the area and rules prohibiting sharing, booking, and other table calculations so that guests don't feel uncomfortable when it comes to private conversations. Wainat has a special system called “Weekly” where you can enjoy up to 3 glasses of whiskey per person at a reasonable price of 5,000 won per week. Thanks to this, an atmosphere has been created so that single malt whiskey, which can feel heavy, can be enjoyed comfortably and lightly, making it less burdensome for women. Also note that you can adjust the strength and flavor of the cocktail according to your own preferences. Outside the 2nd floor, you can see the night view of Hannam-dong, and it is open until 6 a.m., so you can feel free to visit alone late at night.

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â–²Location: 2nd floor, 657-160, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul â–²Business hours: 20:00-06:00 every day, 20:00-03:00 on Sundays â–²Price range : Weekly whiskey 5,000 won, McKellan 12 year old (1 cup) 14,000 won â–²Review ( (Shikigami wnstjr123): I do it late in the morning and almost until the morning.

7. Following Scotland, the home of whiskey, Busan 'Pavox'

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Located in Haeundae, Busan, 'Pabox' is a branch of Seoul Shinsa Parvox . The point of a parvox bar (bar) is the appearance of whiskeys displayed on a wall with a map of Scotland, the region where the most skis are produced. At Parvox, homemade dried fruit is served as a standard, and each one conveys a different flavor when combined with strong whiskey. If you slowly chew a dried fruit with a strong sweet flavor and then drink whiskey, the aroma of that fruit spreads throughout your mouth and adds to the flavor of the whiskey. Another popular menu item, “Mojito,” is characterized by a sweet flavor mixed with the aroma of rum and fresh mint, yet it falls off cleanly at the end. Since you can see the process of making it right in front of your eyes, you can immediately reflect your own taste. There are a variety of easy-to-eat snacks, and the “seasonal fruit,” which is served plentifully, is very popular.

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â–²Location: 817-10 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: 19:30-03:00 every day â–²Price range: Mojito 17,000 won, seasonal fruit 35,000 won â–²Review (Honey Lip Balm… ☆): I liked the freshness of the fruit snacks that were huddled together! I usually don't eat fruit snacks anywhere… OK!

8. When I go back to FULL MOON (FULL MOON), Daegu's “Half Moon”

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“HALF MOON (HALF MOON)”, located near Suseong Pond in Daegu, is a whiskey sea created from the hope that guests who visited in an unfinished state would return to a full moon state filled with sweet memories of their time at Half Moon . The large space of nearly 200 square meters and the whiskeys displayed in the cupboards add to the luxurious atmosphere of Half Moon. It features parties with various concepts, such as open parties, caricatures, and OLD MOON parties. Parties where you can enjoy networking and interact with various people in a clean and organized atmosphere are announced on various social media, and you can enjoy them more privately if you make a reservation in advance. The VIP room hidden inside the store is equipped with a specialized server and you can also enjoy signature cocktails, so it's recommended for private gatherings.

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â–²Location: B1F, 23, Suseong-mot 2-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu â–²Opening hours: 19:00-03:00 every day â–²Price range : Jintonica 18,000 won, whiskey (one drink) starting at 13,000 won â–²Review (Shikigin Mukmyeon, Alcoholic King): I booked a room on my parents' wedding anniversary and sent it to you! I'm so proud to see the two of them like it

9. Looking for a red public phone box, Jeju 'The Booz'

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Jeju's 'The Booz' is a secret bar (bar) that doesn't reveal its exact location. You can only find the entrance to The Booz by going through a red public phone box located somewhere. There is no separate signboard, and posting an accurate address on social media is prohibited. People under the age of 30 are not allowed to enter, so they can only enter with people over the age of 30, groups of 5 or more people are prohibited, business meetings are prohibited, and reservations are not possible if you are not a member of the Speakeasy Sea. As strict as the regulations are, the standards for cocktails and vodka are strict, and ice is brought in from Seoul and high-quality cocktails that reflect customer needs as much as possible are provided, so the return rate of those who have visited once is high.

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â–²Location: Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do â–²Opening hours: 20:00-02:00 every day, closed on Sundays â–²Price range: Table charge (per person) 10,000 won â–²Review (Shikigami Toribamtori): A place only visited by people you know ~ Look for the red phone box.

10. 'Old Fashioned' in Yeonnam-dong, a forgotten classic cocktail

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'Old Fashioned' in Yeonnam-dong has bartender Lee Han-byul, who studied the history and traditions of cocktails. It is a place where you can experience cocktails from the days before the Prohibition Act, which was little known in Japan, and is visited by many cocktail lovers and bartenders. The signature menu of this place, which revives cocktail recipes and flavors that were popular in the 19th and 20th century, is an “old fashioned” cocktail. Made from a combination of American whiskey, bitters, orange or lemon peel, maraschino cherries, water, and sugar, it has a rich body and flavor. Nevertheless, it maintains a good balance, so many people are looking for it. Note that it takes about 5 minutes because it sticks to the traditional manufacturing method. Even if the cocktails aren't on the menu, they make craft cocktails that reflect the customer's tastes, and provide explanations and tips on them, so even first-time users can enjoy them casually. Snacks are not provided separately, but you can bring in snacks that are light enough to not harm other hands.

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â–²Location: 3rd floor, 385-1 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours : 20:00-05:00 every day â–²Price range : New Orleans Restaurants. Sazerac 1840. 18,000 won, cocktails starting at 18,000 won â–² Review (Shikigin Kim Hwa Lee) : When the boss asked me a question about cocktails, she really answered. It's like listening to a piece of Ingang. When I explained my favorite feeling, I liked it all at once.

Now let's make some homemade sake.

“ARK PUB”, the new standard for beer

A snack that goes great with craft beer to my house!

Free bacon & garlic mac and cheese for 2 weeks on orders of 20,000 won or more


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What if it's in Gangnam or Seocho?! Go to order now



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