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korean restaurant / The philosophy of making with seasonal ingredients – 143

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Food is also a business.
customers must be treated rather than diners who eat food
, a “business” that is good at
service falls
into the requirements of a gourmet

A house that is good at doing business tends to guarantee the
taste due to the smooth supply and demand
of ingredients
and the energy of the customers.
if you quickly notice and are in a hurry to match your taste
, it
becomes a “gourmet restaurant” that quickly fades away

Jonggak is a place where
people can unwittingly
<육미> serve delicious food with
their own food philosophy

The reason
they say they don't notice
is that they are doing business simply by supplying plenty of fresh,
seasonal ingredients at reasonable
not to mention expedient methods where you can go back
and forth.

The fast cycle restaurant industry
has been offering these kinds of
food, starting with the
“I didn't notice”

service, Oden Tang.
Unlike places that serve
oden soup
at the level of thinly processed fish cakes, no one is missing
if it's broth or kamaboko if it's kamaboko
If you give them something like this as a service, it's embarrassing if you eat
oden soup elsewhere
, so the
didn't notice” is boasting of the amount and flavor that Jang Jeong 4

will eat, even if you do the middle one.

The plentifully sliced sashimi is prepared
entertaining rather than
being eaten
, and the cabbage mixed
with soy sauce is savory
and fresh, so it
goes very well
with make-sashimi.

Oysters are no different.
At a price of 10,000 won, it gives a heartwarming sense
of joy with unparalleled volume and freshness
I feel once again that eating oysters of
this level at this price in a country
called Korea
a blessing.

“Saury” is served as a service, and there
is a warm feeling “without noticing.”
When it comes to service like a barley sack that has been changed, there is a sense of sincerity
when you see a saury like
this rather than a saury that is difficult to eat

I don't
that the whole food goes against the times, and the
service feels like being treated
properly in a humane way
rather than being

Han Joo-pyeong: A bar that will go back in time and become a classic

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

1425278892563392 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

[Source] <육미/을지로: 시대를 거슬러 고전이 될 술집 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ > | Author Food Detective



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