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korean restaurant / There’s a park and a restaurant. Sangam-dong restaurant map – 592

At one time, when I thought of Sangam, I thought of Nanjido.

Speaking of people who spent their childhood in the neighborhood,

There really wasn't a place to eat here.

Then, at some point, a World Cup stadium opened and a park opened.

Nanjido became the name of the campground.

Then, at some point, various media companies came in, and the floating population increased.

Where there are a lot of people, there are good restaurants!

Now there are a lot of them. A place to eat!

The restaurants are so great that you even have to go and try them!

A gourmet restaurant in Sangam-dong, made with only the extract selected from among them , is also on sale!

I should take a walk in the park and go to restaurants before it gets colder ~ ♡

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12 octopus 6 shiitake squid

Wind-flavored pork

Hansang full king pot lid


TOGO 1518

Seodong Korean beef

Urban fisherman

Kim Young-seop sushi


Red Grill

Yangpyeong Makguksu & Charcoal-grilled Dak-galbi

June Izakaya

That's ridiculous




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