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korean restaurant / This place is popping up these days~ Maybe restaurants in Mangwon-dong – 564

The Hongdae commercial district, a symbol of youth, spread to Hapjeong and Yeonnam-dong. What's amazing is that even though the Hongdae commercial district is definitely influenced, they are developing while retaining their own unique colors. And now I've reached Mangwon-dong.

“Huh? What's there?” If you're surprised…

Um. It's OK, I need to know now. There are so many delicious foods here these days~

Honey information about Shikigami, who clung to a pugnwol that was hot, delicious, and that made you hear scabs on your ears!

Start with a map to Mangwon-dong, where the relaxation of the Han River blends with the vibrancy of traditional markets!

1448331518174079 Korean Food November 29th, 2023

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General Gyeryung

Charcoal-grilled dragon head steamed eel with oysters

Jeong Kwang-soo's Tonkatsu Shop

Pig foot ghost





Cove La Pasta Club

Coffee shop Tokyo

Unfinished table

Matyang price

Gyeonggi rice cake shop Jin Jin



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