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korean restaurant / Time to remember winter ② Samcheok – 118

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From Jeongseon through Samcheok to Pyeongchang

Time to remember winter â‘¡ Samcheok

Winter sea in Samcheok, fishermen fishing in winter

Being buried at the foot of a mountain in Jeongseon, I felt that the sea was very far away. I suddenly became curious about the sea in Samcheok, which I went to last summer. My curiosity soon became nostalgic, and I left for Samcheok without much trouble.

In Samcheok, large and small beaches and ports line a long 58.4 km coastline. Among them, Jangho Port, which I visited last time, is known as one of the most beautiful ports on the east coast.

Jangho Port in summer had amazingly clear waters. The saturated layers of the sea constantly flooded in, clearly showing the inside. It was cool to just look at the scenery where the waves hit strange rock formations and were carved white. There were also plenty of things to do, from snorkeling to transparent canoeing, so I never got bored.

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When I visited Jangho Port again in the winter, it was quiet and quiet. Only the grandmother who dries squid on a laundry line, the fisherman who cleans the net by setting a bonfire in the drum, and the cat snatching a fish hanging in the sky seemed busy with their work.

I wanted to relax and listen to the sound of the waves without thinking. I wanted to run a long way and enjoy the difficult winter sea all to myself. I climbed on a suitable rock and stood facing the sea. The light of the water was still clear, but the rustling sound that was only audible in the summer was somewhat disappointing. There was nothing like the feeling of being caught shooting and the waves sweeping across the beach.

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Before it was too late, I went to Mengbang Beach. This is where the main characters in the movie “Spring Day Goes Away” recorded the sound of the waves. A huge white sand beach with a total length of 4 km caught my eye. The opposite end stretched so long that I couldn't see it at a glance.

I began a leisurely walk along the long beach. The end of the white sand beach was surrounded by rocks and formed a half-moon shape. There was a pine forest in the back, so it looked great to enjoy a forest bath. I was the only person in the open sea. I felt sorry because I felt like I was alone in the beautiful winter sea. Like Eun-su from “Spring Day Goes,” she captured the winter waves by pressing the recording button on her phone. I gave a winter in Samcheok to some of my friends, and I also shared my desire to come with them next time.

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The sea breeze was so cold that I was about to stop going back, but Uncle Wen was walking towards the sea. He clasped the net tightly in one hand and went into the sea to take a seat. It looked too close to the beach to catch fish, but he soon threw a net.

Soon after, he put up his net and came out of the sea. There were about thirty bok bok (bok seom) about the size of an adult's palm hanging from the net. He told me that between December and April, places with waves and places where birds come and go are famous places. Also, they said that the shell of jawpak caught at Mengbang Beach is thick compared to others. When he finished cleaning the net, he walked back into the sea. After that, I went winter fishing for a long time.

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I rode the Millennium Coastal Road because I wanted to see more of the sea in Samcheok. The Millennium Coastal Road, which is 4.6 km off the coast from Samcheok Port to Samcheok Beach, is a luxury road selected as one of the '100 Beautiful Roads in Korea'. Every time a strangely shaped rock and a quiet coastal view appeared, I cut my speed by half and made sure to capture both eyes. Before I knew it, my mind was slowing down.

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