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korean restaurant / Time to remember winter ③ Pyeongchang – 119

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From Jeongseon through Samcheok to Pyeongchang

Time to remember winter â‘¢ Pyeongchang

Pyeongchang's old winter fun

After petting the coast, she said a sad farewell to the sea, and stood back on the road. I was as excited as when I first set out. The destination is Pyeongchang. There was a game I definitely wanted to try this winter.

One day, I saw in a book that people used to wear in the middle of winter. Sulfi said it was a type of slipper made to prevent falling into the snow or slipping in the mountainous area of Gangwon-do, where a lot of snow accumulates in winter. Snow shoes, which were mainly made of wood, are now difficult to find since snowshoes were produced. However, when I went to Snow Village in Daikwan-ryeong, Pyeongchang-gun, I got fascinating information about a traditional recipe.

Snow Flower Village, famous for its heavy snowfall, was a small mountain village experience village located at the bottom of Mount Hwangbyeong. It was nicknamed the town of snowflakes because the snow just piled up without melting. There had already been several heavy snowfalls this winter, and the road leading to the town had turned white all over.

When I arrived at the village, I first looked for Sulfi. I wanted to quickly tie my shoelaces and run down the snowy hills.

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I got help from my grandfather in the village and put on Sulfi. My grandfather told me that the back should be tight and the front should be tied loosely to prevent foot pain later.

I put on Sulphi and went up the hill in the village. I felt like I was just walking on soft snow. It was an ascent full of snow except for the footsteps of my grandfather who came ahead, but strangely enough, it felt overwhelming. The snowflake village seen from the summit looked like a simple neighborhood depicted on a Christmas card.

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As I tried to go down the hill, my grandfather handed me two wooden boards. It was said to be a traditional sled made by cutting wood. Traditional sledding, which looked similar to skiing, had a similar way of riding. Instead of holding a pole with both hands, putting on a long iron sole like a pole was a little different. The trick was to keep the center of the body behind, bend your knees as much as possible, and slide over a snowy field. Contrary to what I thought, my body didn't listen. While struggling in such an awkward position, my grandfather hurriedly went down the hill.

After skiing down the hill about three more times, I broke up with my grandfather after talking about old times. A few decades ago, I heard that villagers carried snowflakes and traditional sledges to hunt wild boars. My grandfather even wanted to stop by Hwangtaedeokjang when he had time. As it turned out, I missed the time on my last trip, so unfortunately I didn't see it. At that time, I thought of feeling disappointed and ran for a month.

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Pollock was hanging on a tree and getting through the winter with his whole body. I was sad to see myself hit by the mountain breeze and the blizzard with my body without a single trapezoid on. However, I felt at ease knowing that on the day of spring, it would be a golden prince. As I looked around Deokjang, I felt a cold smell from my throat and chest. I didn't hate what happened. On the contrary, I thought something good would happen on my spring day. I was looking forward to spring. The journey I began to remember the winter came to an end.

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