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korean restaurant / Top 50 Best Restaurants in Seoul You Must Visit Before You Die – 673

On the
day of the legal holiday of the Year of the Dead, it's full of restaurants!

On the 66th holiday in 2016, I'll have to go on a food

Kookmin Gourmet Shikishin unveils 'Top 50 Best Restaurants You Must Visit in Seoul in 2016'

n Selected as one of the 50 most popular restaurants in 2015

n Let's go find a restaurant every 66 public holidays in 2016

n Providing highly accurate information through big data analysis for users of Kookmin Gourmet Food Service

It's already been a month since the New Year of the Bye (Year of the
Bishun) dawned
. When I received the first calendar of the new year, I was excited to check the 66 statutory holidays in 2016. Of these, January
1 has already passed, so there are 65 days left for
the holiday
. If watching gourmet programs on various TV channels and media every day made
mouth water, take advantage of this year's holidays.

“Shikigami,” which is popular as a national food service, revealed the 50 restaurants that were most loved by the public during 2015. They were selected after review by an expert evaluation team based on usage statistics such as reviews and favorites from 2.5 million food service users.

50 diverse restaurants loved by the public were named in the 2016
Top 50
Best Restaurants in Seoul, from “Swaniye” located in Banpo to “JS Garden” located in
Among them, Mingles, Rabbit's, and Melting Shop proved their
high popularity by making a name
for themselves in the top 10 just over a year after opening the store. There were also places where restaurants that had been loved for a long time, such as Dawn Restaurant, Choma, and
affiliated companies, received higher
attention when they appeared on TV programs such as the Demand Gourmet

What's interesting is that you can check out Korea's changing food trends through selected restaurants. In general, the dividing line that could be divided into Korean , Chinese, French, and Italian food is becoming increasingly blurred. Most of the top restaurants, such as Swaniye,
, Jeongjang
Diner, and Lunique, focus on the “chef ” itself rather than the “nationality of the food” and introduce their own unique flavors that can never be tasted
anywhere else.

In particular, Swaniye, which took first place, is a restaurant created
by chefs such as Lee Joon, Lee Young-woon
, Na In-gyeong, Kim Ho-yoon, and Yoon Dae-hyeon. It is a contemporary Seoul cuisine that uses various recipes based on seasonal ingredients to
create special meals unique to Swaniye
In line with the
store's philosophy of “communication between people through cooking,” it is
also famous for having customers sit at
tables with the kitchen in the center of the hall, just like a

Chef Kang Min-goo's “Mingles” ranked
Chef Kang Min-gu is famous for his history as the youngest executive chef at the world-famous fusion Japanese restaurant “Nobu,” and has been praised for making perfect use of the current interface between Korean and Western cuisine by making good use of his know-how at this time. They boldly use traditional soy sauce and fermented herbs as seasonal ingredients, but
the techniques for food that go well with nature are unusual.

A traditional restaurant serving modern and original Korean cuisine based in Seoul and New York came in
place. This place, headed by Chef Lim Jeong-sik, is a place that is constantly working to globalize Korean food. The New York branch “Official” also received 2 Michelin stars. The official restaurant is famous for its main dish, but “Dolharbang,” a dessert that seems
to be a copy of Jeju
's Dolharbang, has garnered a lot of social media.

The fourth place was taken by Chef Ryu Tae-hwan's Ryu Nik. Ryu Nik, a compound word of “Ryu Tae-hwan ” and “unique,” is a restaurant that creates a point of contact between Japanese and French by adding molecular cuisine to Korean
. He is also famous as the main character of “Michelin Star,” a
webtoon based on cooking

Unlike the 4 restaurants above, Bunkijeong at Gangnam Station is a popular restaurant with the concept of “fusion Japanese home-style.” All menus cost
between 6,500 won and 15,000 won. Cream curry udon, which has cream wrapped in a circle on top of the curry udon, has
hit social media with its beautiful
appearance and has received absolute support from women in their 20s.

In addition, the pig's foot restaurant “Reebok Jip”, which has been loved by the public for a long time in Yeongdong Market in Nonhyeon , is in 6th place, the popular restaurant “Melting Shop” created by members of the tasting room is in
7th place, “Mrs. Kong,” famous for enjoying meals in a relaxed atmosphere, and the gourmet garden “Tok Tok” by Chef Kim Dae-cheon, and Korea's Kalguksu No.1
“Myeongdong Gyoza” ranked 8th, 9th, and 10th respectively.

CEO Ahn Byeong-ik of Cion Co., Ltd., which operates Shikishin, said, “I hope that Shikishin's
Top 50 Best Restaurants in Seoul
will be the 2016 Gourmet
Guidebook, just as I always refer to guidebooks when searching for travel destinations and
.” He said, “We will continue to be
reborn as a restaurant service loved by the public through rich and good information
. ”

In addition to the information published this time, Shikishin is also providing various information such as a map of restaurants in each region, including a map of Jeju restaurants, restaurants by theme, and restaurants selected by bloggers. It can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play Store or
available on the

1453888835126384 Korean Food September 24th, 2023

[Reference image 1] 2016 Top 50 Best Restaurants in Seoul

[2016 Seoul's Best 50 Restaurants]

1 Swaniye 2 Mingles 3. Restaurant 4 Lunique 5 rabbit boat 6 Rebook collection
7 Melting shop 8 Mrs. Kong 9 TOK TOK 10 Myeongdong gyoza 11 Eulmildae 12 Miz container
13 Rich Man Pizza 14 Frank 15 BOVER LOUNGE 16 Fashion5 17 Daido Restaurant 18 Melting Monkey
19 Yun's Private Room 20 Local village 21 Bong Pi-yang 22 Sunhee Nebin Dae Mochi 23 Jang Jin Woo Restaurant 24 Dawn House
25 Hadonggwan 26 Pyongyang Myeonok 27 seconds 28 mura 29 Mokpo House 30 Soi Yeonnam
31 Magnolia 32 Tuk-tuk noodle thai 33 Castle Rock 34 affiliates 35 Pil-dong Myeon-ok 36 eight lines
37 Pearl House 38 Sushi jo 39 Delicatessen 40 Gongpyeong-dong eel 41 goo steak 528 42 Sushi Hyo
43 Zahason dumplings 44 Pierre Garnier 45 Kyungcheon Aein2237 46 Palais de Gaumont 47 Kwon Sook Soo 48 Yeonnam-seo Restaurant
49 rap 24 50 JS Garden



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