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korean restaurant / Top 7 must-see temples in Gyeongju – 271

Top 7 must-see temples in Gyeongju, which has a 1,000-year history

Family Month starts with Children's Day, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, and Buddha's birthday in May, and continues until Memorial Day in June, making lots of plans for outings and spending meaningful days.

For that reason, if you are planning to visit Gyeongju, which has a thousand years of history, we have prepared the top 7 must-see temples. Even if the religion is not Buddhism, it will be very helpful for those who have an atmosphere and want to be healed of their mind, so let's go see it together.

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1) Bulguksa

The headquarters of the 11th Diocese of the Jogye sect of Korean Buddhism, Bulguksa Temple is a representative temple of Korean Buddhism and Gyeongju, and is a World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO. There are many national cultural assets and treasure cultural assets, including the Seokga Pagoda and Dabo Pagoda, and millions of domestic and foreign visitors visit Bulguksa Temple every year. As a cultural exhibition hall representing Korean Buddhist culture, it plays a role in promoting the excellence of Korean Buddhist culture to the world

It's there.

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2) Golgulsa

It is a temple with a long history located at the foot of Hamwolsan Mountain in Yangbuk-myeon, about 20 km from the east coast of Gyeongju. The fan oyster on the rocky mountain looks like a skeleton, so it was named “Gull.” Grotto temples are rare in Korea, where most of them are made of hard stone granite, but at Golgulsa Temple, there are twelve grottoes left on a huge rock wall tens of meters high. It is also famous for its art gallery and training, and recently it is a temple stay that is very popular as a temple stay where you can experience Sunmudō, which combines “Impossible traditional martial arts with Zen.”

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3) Kirinji

It is a temple from the Silla period located in Hamwolsan, Yangbuk-myeon, Gyeongju-si, and has 16 buildings, making it the second largest after Bulguksa Temple. Kirin Temple is well known for its five flavors of water, including the statue of Gunchil Bodhisattva and the three-story pagoda of Kirin Temple. Oh Jong-su means nectar water, which has the best flavor when you brew tea; Hwajeong-su, which makes you feel comfortable even if you just drink it; Jang Gunsu, whose bones become grandiose; Myung Ansu, who clears eyes; and Oh Tak Soo, who is pecked by crows because the water shines so much. If you want to heal your mind and body, why not go to Kirin Temple, which has clean water and air?

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4) Okryongam

If you go up a little way along Baeban-dong Village Road in Gyeongju-si, you'll find a small hermitage called Okryongam. This is a temple site from the Unified Silla period, and is also called Tapgok (Tapgok) because it has a three-story pagoda on the south side. Okryongam is a small and compact temple, but it is one of the most tasteful temples because the water in the valley is clean and there are pine trees next to the temple. Also, right behind Okryongam is Gyeongju Namsan Tapgok Maae Buddha County, designated as Treasure No. 201, so if you're looking for a temple that's easy to stop by, I also recommend Okryongam!

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5) Bunshangsa

Bunhwangsa Temple, located in Guhwang-dong, Gyeongju-si, is a temple where Silla's high-ranking official, stayed. Won Hyo-dae is the most talked about figure in Korean Buddhism for his great achievements, such as popularizing Buddhism centered on aristocrats at the time and presenting the idea of peace, which is a theory for the integration of Buddhism. Also, in the front yard of Bunhwangsa Temple, there is a Mojeon-seok Pagoda that is hard to see from other temples, and it is well known as a place you can't miss when exploring Gyeongju city.

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6) Hyunkwang Temple
The Buddhist temple was founded with the power of the monk Dong Kwang to properly promote the Buddha's laws.
It actually belongs to Yeonhwa Jong and is located at the end of Namsan Mountain in Gyeongju. When you step into the bridge, the seven-story pagoda that enshrines 12 of the Buddha's Jinshin Sari shines brightly in the sun, and behind it is the court hall where the Myoho-Yeon Hwa Kyung is enshrined as the original Buddha. Hyeongwangsa Temple in Gyeongju runs a separate memorial hall for the world of law, and it is known that it is different from other temples, and it is said that many people visit it.

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7) Mangwolsa Temple

The Namsan district, which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has many temples and cultural heritage sites.

If you walk along the path to Samneung from the parking lot leading to the hiking trail on the Namsan side, there is a temple with the doors wide open, Namsan Mangwolsa Temple (Mangwolsa Temple) in Gyeongju. Mochizuki () is a word for looking at the moon or full moon, which reminds me of a tasteful full moon night in the name of a temple.

Mangwolsa Temple in Gyeongju belongs to Won Hyo-jong and is also a temple with a history of being the headquarters of Won Hyo-jong.

Also, inside Mangwolsa Temple, there are Daewoongjeon and a three-story pagoda, and the pagoda standing in the middle of the pond is beautiful, making it a recommended temple for Gyeongju Namsan Course. It's a small temple that can't be compared to big and old temples like Bulguksa Temple, but it's a perfect fit for Namsan Mountain, which is full of Buddhist cultural assets.

Like Gyeongju, a city with a thousand years of history in Silla, many temples are hidden in every corner. How about taking this opportunity to visit a Buddhist temple where you can enjoy a quiet and quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?



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